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Don't forget 3D (if you own 3D Vision). The 3D profile needs some polish but ME2 was lovely in 3D ;)

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yeah, I was like "WTF" when I saw the limited graphics options. Obviously, the full version will have more

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which resulted into Develop-Online editing their article. A friendly banter wouldn't have that result, would it? ;)

It also depends on everyone's perspective. Some might think it's friendly banter while others might not.

All in all, it was needless from Cliffy commenting on something like that, especially when he wasn't talking and joking with Markus in the last weeks or so.

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I bet this is how PC gamers feel right now:

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My guess is that next-gen consoles will come with 1080p-only games. Now if this is true, we are talking about a triple jump (keep in mind that most console games are sub-HD already) for current-gen games. If the games run at 60fps, then it will be four-times better that today's console games and that's without even featuring better textures, effects, etc. IMO, this is what we'll get with next-gen consoles.

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I was reffering to L.A. Noire DX11. Not DX11 in general ;)

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Only offers better performance

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Did IGN break the embargo? There is an online review embargo in place, which will be lifted on February 16 2012 at 5pm CET

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yeap. It's definitely a plus since the FOV in The Darkness II is really low

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You could say that. Or like Voxelman said an advanced clone of Interstate

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It's something unique and for that price, I can't see why someone would hesitate in getting it

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Although I dislike Origin, I really don't mind after its latest upgrades. EA has fixed most of its issues (and that 'sending data' thing is not happening anymore). Plus it's now starting fine on my PC (whereas the previous version needed almost 5 minutes to start)

This doesn't mean that approve the Origin requirement for every triple-A game of theirs though

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And after both BF3 and ME3, here comes Syndicate that will require it. Oh boy...

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ironic isn't it? DICE patches = fix 5 things, break 10 other. It's been like that since BF2, lol

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Can't wait for the next-gen consoles. It will be interesting to see what they'll bring on the table

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Same here, can't believe how the F'ed up the second part. Here is hoping for a better game without those idiotic, unlimited respawns

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same here. Really interested to see what Nvidia has in store for us and let's hope that they'll showcase PhysX 3.0 that has proper multi-core support

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The obvious problem is with MK's brutality. IMHO, this could be resolved with two versions. SF vs MK could be without brutality (blood, fatalities, etc), developed according to Capcom's terms.

MK vs SF on the other hand could be a brutal version with fatalities and such.

By doing this, everyone will be happy. Naturally, some might hate one version (for example, MK fans hating the non-violent version) but they'll have the other version to play, so...

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MK9 will be included in EVO 2012, so this should prove that its latest part is respected to fighting game pros ;)

Full list for EVO 2012:

Super Street Fighter IV: AE 2012 Edition
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Soulcalibur V
Mortal Kombat
King of Fighters XIII
Street Fighter X Tekken

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Lol. My bad then :)

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