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It had a big discount that boosted its sales ;)

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If you really think that Uncharted, Killzone, etc are better on PS3 due to the Blu-Ray, then you have no idea at all of what you're talking about :P. Blu-Ray is mainly used as the storage device. Even if you put one hell of high-res assets to it, PS3's GPU will be a major bottleneck (especially when it comes to vRAM). This comes as no surprise, especially if you think all those low-res textures in the games you mentioned.

There is a BIG difference between what can be ...

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Actually, it's not. A blu-ray game could be easily split into DVD's (I mean, even FF7 came with multiple CD's back in the days) so no, it's not a limitation.

Now you may ask why the companies are not doing it. Well the answer is simple: it will cost them more money. It doesn't have anything to do with a limitation though. It's just an economic decision

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Yeah, Project CARS is in a good road. Man, GTR 3, Assetto Corsa, and Project CARS in the same year. I'm drooling all over the place :D

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And improved jets. In BF2 jets were turning quicker, so I really hope that DICE will further tweak them a little bit

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I'd love a Dino pack. However, I think that most of us will be disappointed with the end result as we'd expect something mind-blowing

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truth be told, heavily modded Doom 3 looks amazing. However the modder's influence for this map was that specific game.

I'd love to see a Doom map in CryEngine 3, however it would take a lot of time to actually recreate one. There is currently a Quake 1 map and it has been in development for quite some months though, so here is hoping that some modder will actually make our wish come true.

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Oh boy, that KoF movie was awful. Kyo didn't even cast flames. He was more like Shingo to be honest (even his outfit was with Shingo's colors)

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be warned though, this texture pack is kind demanding (so use the lite version if you don't have a high-end PC) ;)

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True.dat. CryEngine 3 has SOOOOOO much potential.

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A bit ironic that the game works great with CrossFire without any issues but has lots of artifacts with SLI. If it was an engine problem, CrossFire would obviously be affected by it too, right?

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Definitely not a dupe. It contains more information not found in that link ;). Plus the video was added as a bonus, the post is not about the video itself but the information that the article contains

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Yeah... at least in Fifa you can watch some hilarious videos thanks to the new engine for the collisions.

PS: Don't get me wrong, I love Fifa12 and it's waaaaaaaay better than the abomination called PES2012 (oh how the might has fallen). But the collision bugs are hilarious :D

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awesome interview by Joystiq. Lots of answers to a lot of questions. Can't wait :D

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I really hope that Bethesda will pay attention and implement these in an official patch. However, I don't think that it will happen.

As Voxelman said, that's why you buy this kind of games (that offer mod support) on the PC

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Activision will if MS pays them enough. Strictly business decisions I guess

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um, because it's something new to a lot of people?

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Same here. Guild Wars 2 looks mind-blowing

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@zlad: yeap, awesome matches with a friend of mine in the special edition of MK1&2. Two players using one keyboard. Man, that was intense

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It's not a fact that it was pirated 4.5 million times. It's mere speculation. Marcin Iwinski said that he was observing the download ratio of a torrent file, that he saw 20k downloaders and that the average download speed was around 6 hours. After doing the maths with wrong data, Marcin gave that number.

I'm sure you can see how wrong he can be, given the fact that if seeders are very few (especially at the beginning) they'd be quite few downloads. Moreover, I...

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