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Indeed. These guys have done an incredible job

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I doubt we'll see a working emulator any time soon, so this is good news (especially for the emulation scene)

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Yeap, it does look good even with the lowest graphical settings

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Haven't tried yet Win 8.1, so unfortunately can't comment on it. Still, sometimes NVIDIA Experience brings more problems and issues

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Yeap. It appears every story in N4G currently suffers from it.

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At least there is no tessellation patch promised this time around, lol

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The problem here is that he did not reveal the mods he's been using. Apart from that, here is GTA IV modded in action ->

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Really disappointed with KOEI's PC port. Especially for such an old title

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well at least we have rounded mountains, lol

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Indeed. Great news for the emulation scene, though don't expect to run triple-A games with it any time soon

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It's really too late, its community is not that active from what I've seen

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Definitely. Here is hoping it will be as good as Burnout

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Definitely great news. Though it still hurts that we'll have to wait almost until 2017 for it

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Yeah, they are doing an incredible work

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Indeed. Now let's see when NVIDIA will release the driver that will address/improve Async Compute

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Well, at least they do try to improve its lighting. Altough I'm not so sure about some of these presets

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Remains to be seen I guess.

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Indeed. However I'd love to see more mods for GTA V (and apart from a number of projects, we've not received as many or as good as those in GTA IV)

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I'm pretty sure Rockstar will also ban all the other MP mods. It's just that FiveM was the most well known thus far

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Indeed, although I believe you could use the 25% discount of GMG to get it at even a lower price (prior to this special discount campaign)

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