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And that's why developers should not state things they are not certain about

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Perhaps it's due to its "alpha" nature, but hopefully the beta and the final build will lower that RAM requirement to 4GB

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That line will never get old

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Let's hope that this won't be the case

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Yeap, we need more games that support both APIs (DX11 and DX12) in order to see whether there are actual performance benefits

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It's really a disappointment, especially after playing Dirt Rally

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It would be cool if they could overhaul their engine for multi-core CPUs, but I guess that's only going to happen if Bohemia starts working on Arma 4

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Indeed it is. Wonder whether Capcom will try and stop this mod from spreading

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Well that's not the final list, so it will get bigger

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Indeed. These guys have done an incredible job

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I doubt we'll see a working emulator any time soon, so this is good news (especially for the emulation scene)

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Yeap, it does look good even with the lowest graphical settings

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Haven't tried yet Win 8.1, so unfortunately can't comment on it. Still, sometimes NVIDIA Experience brings more problems and issues

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Yeap. It appears every story in N4G currently suffers from it.

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At least there is no tessellation patch promised this time around, lol

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The problem here is that he did not reveal the mods he's been using. Apart from that, here is GTA IV modded in action ->

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Really disappointed with KOEI's PC port. Especially for such an old title

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well at least we have rounded mountains, lol

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Indeed. Great news for the emulation scene, though don't expect to run triple-A games with it any time soon

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It's really too late, its community is not that active from what I've seen

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