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They didn't specify but if Rise of the Tomb Raider is anything to go by, then it's for 1080p/60fps (a GTX970 is unable to offer constant 60fps in ROTTR with max settings at 1080p)

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Well, in this case the recommended RAM is 16GB, lol.

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Yeap, this is perhaps one of the biggest changelog I've ever seen (alongside of course that huge patch for The Witcher 3).

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Indeed it does. The Division is easily one of the best looking games.

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The most disappointing thing is that GI has been greatly reduced or even completely removed. This is why the lighting feels so flat (compared to the earlier E3 demos)

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Well it remains to be seen whether these represent the PC version or are mere bullshots

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Yeah, at this point I don't think we should expect any performance improvements at all. It's just adding new DLC, fixing minor issues, and such.

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It looks spectacular indeed

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Basically you're getting a 522 error for N4G (just tried it myself and saw it). There should be a "Retry Live" button on the up right corner. Hit it and the site will load fine.

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Yeah, it was to be expected TBH. Still, kind of sad that Mad Max did not sell well (perhaps its huge Winter Sale discount will give it a boost)

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The power of mods. This is why more games should be open to mods

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Indeed. Some screenshots look phenomenal.

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The game ran with more than 30fps, however its physics engine was always locked at 60fps. This made things feel weird. This mod unlocks the physics engine.

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Generally speaking, Night Dive Studios never really 'remasters' its titles. Take a look at System Shock 1 & 2 for example. They are more like re-releases (that work on modern-day PCs) than Remasters, despite the fact that they are advertised as Remasters

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Yeap, this one does not improve SLI/Crossfire support. SLI scaling is still at 60%-70%

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IIRC, NVIDIA claimed that a game patch should be released in order to improve SLI scaling. I believe the same applies for Xfire.

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Here is also a test video for 3rd person overhead mode (not using the Solid Snake model)

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the GeForce-Experience-wall is not active/live yet IIRC

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It's an inside joke with hidden messages in that article. Just forgot to fix the description in N4G. Fixed.

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Indeed. It's pretty amazing what he achieved

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