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I think we'll get a PAX East trailer. Otherwise, I don't see why EA has been hyping the game this whole week

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Yeap, it looks lovely. I also try avoiding any further videos as they may spoil the fun

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I'd love to find out how this story (with zero approvals and zero comments) got 260 degrees out of a sudden. And no, Rise of the Triad was never a 'HOT' story in N4G

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Yeap, there are minor issues here and there. Also notice at the end of the video that the broken model is floating in the air (my guess is that 'gravity' settings were not applied to it)

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A single GTX Titan Z

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@sourav93: POM = Parallax Occlusion Mapping

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Seriously, it was kind of obvious. While it was good to FINALLY see the PC version running, the video looked 'too similar' to the recent PS4 trailers. No POM also and not any specific PC features were present. If that was the PC version, then everyone had the right to call it a downgraded version.

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Kojima wants to bring the game to the PC. It remains to be seen whether MGS: Rising convinced Konami that it was worth porting it.

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Good thing is that it looks great in motion, meaning that the released screenshots are not 'bullshots'. Still, I hope Slightly Mad Studios will tweak the game's physics to rival those of Assetto Corsa

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@minimur12: Supporting talented modders that - you know - may make a difference. DICE started as a modding team and look where they are (okay, EA destroyed that studio but it was a nice ride). iCEnhancer creator started as a modder and is now working on Brigade (for quite some time) that is the first API that supports path tracing. There are lots of examples of modders who 'created something in an engine' and got a job in a studio.

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It's also great that the team is working on reducing the noise side-effect (caused by low samples)

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Definitely. Will be interesting to see whether modders will be able to replace them too

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Yeap. The GTA IV modding community has come up with some great mods. Sure thing people will whine for all the graphics updates but the amount of mods is precisely one of the reasons this game is so popular

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Red Dead Redemption ;)

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Imagine if Watch_Dogs supports modding (the same way GTA IV does, not via mod tools).

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Just hope that someone will be able to bring back SVOGI by hacking the engine

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The new GDC trailer is for UE3 and UE4 games (and features games for PS4, PS3, X360)

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Well the first games are targeted for Holidays 2015. I guess most of us we'll have moved on to a new OS by then. If I'm not mistaken, the mainstream support for Win7 will also end in 2015 (Jan. 13, 2015, for mainstream support and Jan. 14, 2020, for extended support).

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Microsoft platforms = PC, Xbox One, mobile. Platforms != operating systems ;)

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you do realize that Titanfall already runs at 1080p and 60fps on the PC, right? The Forza 5 tech demo was running on the PC, not on Xbox One

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