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Just hope that someone will be able to bring back SVOGI by hacking the engine

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The new GDC trailer is for UE3 and UE4 games (and features games for PS4, PS3, X360)

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Well the first games are targeted for Holidays 2015. I guess most of us we'll have moved on to a new OS by then. If I'm not mistaken, the mainstream support for Win7 will also end in 2015 (Jan. 13, 2015, for mainstream support and Jan. 14, 2020, for extended support).

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Microsoft platforms = PC, Xbox One, mobile. Platforms != operating systems ;)

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you do realize that Titanfall already runs at 1080p and 60fps on the PC, right? The Forza 5 tech demo was running on the PC, not on Xbox One

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Indeed, my bad. Even more impressive stuff that it took them a month

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They showcased Forza 5 running on DX12 at 60fps. Said it took them only one month to port the rendering engine. Interesting stuff

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will be interesting to see whether these additions will increase the overall IQ (though I'd expect from visual effects for Titanfall. TXAA and HBAO+ are minor additions TBH)

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Indeed. This is what will be crucial for Sony; to maintain a constant 30fps experience in its VR games. 30fps VR is still low and may cause nausea to some. Hell, even 60fps cause nausea to a number of people.

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@Pandamobile: Indeed. I meant that I hope the samples will be way more than those from the 'local' tech demo. A major increase in the samples will minimize the noise, so I hope the cloud will help on this.

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I'm really curious about the noise side-effect. The videos are from a single computer running the engine. I really hope the noise side-effect will be reduced to a minimum via the cloud

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It definitely needs more work and polish. This is still too early WIP footage

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YouTube has major issues today, the video was not removed.

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funny thing is that this was created by a single person. Imagine what we'd be getting if an entire team was taking advantage of CRYENGINE

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well, CRYENGINE seems more advanced than Visceral Engine (and pretty much all other engines out there, apart from Frostbite 3 and Unreal Engine 4).

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Rise Against is not Rage Against The Machine ;)

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Even if you don't own a 4K monitor, it is a bliss downsampling from a 4K resolution (especially when there are no AA options available).

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bummer. Really hoped for a 2014 release :(

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depends on your timezone. For GMT countries, it will be March 5th

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there are already all sorts of jokes about Half Life 3 and its Reddit date. Curious if Gabe will answer tough gaming-related topics

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