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YouTube has major issues today, the video was not removed.

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funny thing is that this was created by a single person. Imagine what we'd be getting if an entire team was taking advantage of CRYENGINE

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well, CRYENGINE seems more advanced than Visceral Engine (and pretty much all other engines out there, apart from Frostbite 3 and Unreal Engine 4).

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Rise Against is not Rage Against The Machine ;)

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Even if you don't own a 4K monitor, it is a bliss downsampling from a 4K resolution (especially when there are no AA options available).

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bummer. Really hoped for a 2014 release :(

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depends on your timezone. For GMT countries, it will be March 5th

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there are already all sorts of jokes about Half Life 3 and its Reddit date. Curious if Gabe will answer tough gaming-related topics

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It will definitely be the perfect April fools gift

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yeap, the second part of this missions was a real pain in the a*s

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doubt they will censor it. However, I'm curious about the damage system. It doesn't look as good as the one in Next Car Game. Hell, even CarmaII had a better damage system

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Indeed. A lot of users are reporting low performance on dual-cores, so it will be interesting to see whether Mantle will offer a performance boost or not

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Most probably coming to next-gen consoles

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@Volkama: With Mantle there will be less stuttering. At least that's what Nixxes claimed a while back

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Forget the benchmark results. As with Metro: Last Light, this benchmark is a stress test and does not reflect the in-game performance

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I believe AMD has nothing to do with Mantle on Thief (apart from a couple of tweaks but that can happen only when the game starts supporting it). Still, after the latest news of DirectX and OpenGL offering low-level access, I think Mantle will be in deep trouble

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Yeap. This will please pretty much everyone. The question now is what hardware it will support, what OS and when the first games will be out (taking advantage of the new low-level access code)

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really curious why Square Enix is releasing this exclusively on PC. It would make sense to release it on consoles too

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Indeed. Can't wait for its first release

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Well it's been under development for quite some time, so I don't think the team aimed to take advantage of the DOOM beta announcement.

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