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Crytek has more than 800 (yes, you're reading this right) employees. That number alone is enough to put the studio into financial troubles (especially since they are not making lots of games or when its engine is not being licensed by other devs). Moreover, the recently announced games are F2P (ring any bells why a new triple-A IP has not been announced? Also, coincidence that Wargaming - a studio known for developing F2P games - is interested in buying Crytek?). Regarding Homefront 2, th...

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Gotta agree. With Crysis 2 they tried to win the COD crowd and that never worked out for them.

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That's Eurogamer's claim, not Mamais. Here is what Mamais said about the resolution:

"But we anticipate being able to do 1080p on PS4 a little bit easier than on the Xbox."

"We anticipate being able to do 1080p on PS4" is not the same with "the game already runs at 1080p".

Yes, the final product may run at 1080p but right now the game does not. They do target for 1080p on both platforms, and as per Mamais...

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The difference here is that they clearly state it's the PC build. Not the console build running on a devkit

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Mirrors Edge, Star Wars: Battlefront, Dragon Age: Inquisition, etc. are all announced titles. They are not unannounced ;)

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Yeap, this method works fine with AMD cards ;)

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He claimed to be running the DedSec version (which is currently available via a lot of retailers) but I certainly can understand your doubts. After all, you can't be 100% sure unless you're next to the guy playing the game.

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@Anthotis: I believe modders - and even simple PC gamers - will do wonders with SweetFX (if it is being supported that is)

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I believe this is mainly due to the different TODs, though there is definitely some slight 'downgrade'

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Don't want to reign on your parade, but you will be severely disappointed if you expect to see missing effects (like anamorphic lens-flares that have been missing since the PS4 gameplay trailer from pretty much all car headlights), better reflections (that will further stress a game that runs on sub-1080p resolution) and 'heavier' explosions (that too would further stress the game and have been missing from all latest trailers)

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@Vegamyster: I mean PhysX effects. Those Nvidia effects are really minor additions to be honest (TXAA and HBAO+).

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I won't be surprised if Nvidia announces 'specific' PhysX effects to be added via a new patch (that will bring those explosions back to life)

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There might be some additional enhancements for the CPU optimizations that Nvidia introduced in the previous driver, though there are no benchies as of yet.

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Usually console games get leaked 1-2 days before release, not an entire week.

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you do realize that the screenshots that were featured in the article are described as 'stunning' and not the video... right?

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Funny thing is that a couple of months ago, Tim Sweeney claimed that they had no plans developing a new UT

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shooter on a yearly basis... hmmmmm, could this signify the return of the Medal of Honor series?

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Seems awkward to release a new BF title. It's too early for such a thing (and there are still lots of DLCs for BF4)

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The timing of this video's appearance with Mark's tease is really, really fishy. My guess is a free-to-play UE4 remake of UT2K4

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Funny thing is that Zenimax Media was not willing to let Carmack work on this while he was at id Software, thus basically forcing him to leave id Software. And now after Oculus has been acquired by FB, Zenimax sues them.

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