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Doubt it will be able to match GTX1080Ti's performance. From what I've seen so far, it will be slightly faster than 1080 and slightly slower than the 1080Ti

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It has just been released on consoles in North America. Coming later this week in Europe

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Xbox One X can't run the game with 60fps most probably due to CPU bottlenecks. Similar case with PS4Pro

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Most probably a GTX1080Ti

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MS backtracked. At first they said all future games would be coming to Windows 10. Then they backtracked and claimed that only the games that were shown at E3 2016 would be coming to the PC ->

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There isn't any game out there that really requires more than 8GB (unless of course you are running a lot of programs in the background)

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From the official site: "Crystal Dynamics conditions, so I can go on working on this project without any author’s rights issues, is for it to be absolutely non profit-making."

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Vega releases next month, it has not been delayed

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Battlefield 1 did (as well as all previous parts of the Mass Effect series) so I'm pretty sure it will support both of them.

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Obviously what I meant when I said "Scorpio will receive some exclusives" was compared to the PC, not to X360

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He said there will be more PC and console exclusives. So yeah, Scorpio will receive some exclusives

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Yeap, it appears to be really optimized for the PC

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Indeed. However imagine the possibilities, especially now that we have the appropriate hardware for such a thing.

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The game had a free weekend on the PC and it was also available for free via PS Plus

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The sanctions were lifted on October 7th, so that's not a real excuse

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Precisely. It's their product, they can do whatever they want. And gamers should vote with their wallets. For years everyone has been saying to stop pre-ordering games. It's not like someone is forcing gamers to buy the game at launch date or not read reviews. What they should be worried about is the quality of reviews, especially when gaming websites are trying to have a review ready at launch date, no matter what (for pageviews purposes obviously). And that isn't Bethesda's ...

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SEGA is really open to fan-made games, so they will not probably send a C&D

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He got permission from Crystal Dynamics, so I think it's safe

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I believe the GTX 1080Ti will be almost identical to the Titan X's performance. At least that was the case with the 980Ti

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Well there is no mod that allows such a thing, otherwise yes; I'd post it only on the PC channel. Right now, these images simply show a completely different art style - regardless of platform - that looks quite unique if you ask me (and would be possible on all platforms which is why they are included). Nobody said the game SHOULD look like this. However, the game could look like this. Nothing wrong with that.

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