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How can we delete a story?

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It's amazing what modders can achieve, that's for sure

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A single GTX980Ti can push around 30fps in 4K. An SLI system could - theoretically - push 60fps. Yeap, not a rig for the average Joe. Still, it's not out of reach

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Yeap, looks awesome. But Unity Engine? I really hope they use the latest version in order to avoid any possible performance issues.

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Yeap, in the case of HITMAN, IO Interactive has basically broken its DX12 mode with the final release. Ironically enough, the press review build worked fine in DX12.

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Really sad that the project was cancelled. It had A LOT of potential.

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It's a gray zone. I believe as a non-profit project, it would benefit Konami

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Well, The Witcher 2 was also available on X360

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A proper triple-A Jurassic Park game powered by CRYENGINE would be glorious. Too bad there won't be one :/

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Yeap, and SLI works great now thanks to NVIDIA's new WHQL driver.

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Yeap. It does look good. However performance is all over the place. Here is hoping that the final version will run better

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Looks interesting indeed, no doubt about that

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Yeap, looking forward to some tests now

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They didn't specify but if Rise of the Tomb Raider is anything to go by, then it's for 1080p/60fps (a GTX970 is unable to offer constant 60fps in ROTTR with max settings at 1080p)

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Well, in this case the recommended RAM is 16GB, lol.

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Yeap, this is perhaps one of the biggest changelog I've ever seen (alongside of course that huge patch for The Witcher 3).

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Indeed it does. The Division is easily one of the best looking games.

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The most disappointing thing is that GI has been greatly reduced or even completely removed. This is why the lighting feels so flat (compared to the earlier E3 demos)

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Well it remains to be seen whether these represent the PC version or are mere bullshots

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Yeah, at this point I don't think we should expect any performance improvements at all. It's just adding new DLC, fixing minor issues, and such.

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