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I wanna believe.....I wanna Believe!

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I actually enjoyed The Order. Easy Platinum though. Can't wait for The Order 2.

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I'm taking advantage and enjoying it. Like the free options. With Music Unlimited there was no free options other than the trial period. Wonder what the pay subscription is like for Spotify...Hmm? Hope their selection is as good as Music Unlimited.

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I think the correct and fair answer is YES Sony has been delivering on features they promised. Now has Sony finish updating features?.....NO. They will continue to add features. Same can be said about Microsoft. We don't have to make this into some fanboy argument. Both MS and Sony has been adding features and perfecting their console. PERIOD!

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LOL, I'm sorry but I thought I was multitasking since day one. WTF is this guy is talking about?

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LOL....So incorrect. Dude grab a PS4 and Drive Club and see for yourself. Please don't speak until you have the facts. Respectfully!

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The first line of the article is sooooo true. I remember experiencing proximity chat for the first time and was blown away by the online experience. Especially the clan system. I was a blast checking the calender to see when the next Clan match was. We use to wait in the lobbys of our private rooms and send someone out to find a clan match. Biy it was exciting once that person came back with a match.

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I hope its true. I'm one of the few who enjoyed Music Unlimited and I'm excited to see what Spotify has to offer. The one thing I didn't like about Music Unlimited is sometimes it would crash or wouldn't start. Hopefully Spotify won't have those issues.

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DriveClub is no where NEAR what is was when it launched. Its like a different game. If I could score it before and after it would be before 6 after 9.

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I hope Vue is successful. Im enjoying it here in Philly. Whats cool is I was a beta tester and Sony asked me to take a survey about my experience then rewarded me $25 PSN credit for completing it. Cool Deal

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I dont have tge game yet but is this a cheat or its a game feature?

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Pro= Everything
Cons= Still missing some features.

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Because even the Updates are games. See who can find the hidden features. LOL.

Jokes aside, I thought the same thing. Sony should just list everything.

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I like where the store icon is placed.

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Can't wait for it.

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Button mapping would be for system base only. As far as button mapping for games is done by the developers. Sony doesn't have the ability to change button mapping for all games. Just their games. Its system only.

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Dude I have to disagree with you saying its the first truly great exclusive for PS4. I honestly LOVED Infamous Second Son, Drive Club and KZSF even though some may disagree, they are great games.

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WOW, Im just trying to find out why you have 29 disagrees and counting.

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I forget but does Outlast have a Platinum Trophy? Let me Google it real quick.

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Don't know yet. From what Im seeing the review scores are fantastic. How can we tell if a system is being sold because of a game anyway? Always wondered that...

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