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Patients my dear son. Patients! Thy games are in the distance. On the Horizon.

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Can't wait

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LMAO @ n4rc....Me Too!

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Turbo Graphic 16

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Yeah the pads are the worse.

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Im tinkin da same ting!

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I just hope GT Fans approve of the audio in the finished game.

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Vita had it first though.

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To some it is I guess.

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OH SNAP! I love these events Sony does. Keep it up.

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SMH, Next time don't get us all hype.

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Sony could drop 10 Vita games at E3 and people will still say Vita needs attention.

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I honestly don't think it matters. Everybody knows they can get it on both consoles now.

However Sony is doing some big things with Playstation and I'm curious to see where they're taking the Brand at E3. Going to be exciting!

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Hopefully it will. Not sure why thats a bad thing....SMh.

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Damn thats freakin amazing. Didnt know it could do that. Will be doing some myself.

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Please let this game be true.

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Hopefully its still has 3D as an option. This was the best game by far in 3D in my opinion.

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@ Krypt1983, In all honesty I can't answer that question however I would say I didn't bitch about it. In fact I noticed the screen shots were compressed day one and wondered why it was. It would be fantastic if the screen shot were not compressed because the PS4 has some great games and I've myself took some great screen shots that I never can appreciate because they are compressed. Does it ruin my experience with the PS4? HELL NO. I don't really think anyone is bitchin, ...

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