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It they can fix that annoying rubber banding it would be fantastic.

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I think this was posted last week already. However its a great video. No spoilers either.

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LOL..... Dude you should be a comedian.

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Its not that easy. I own it on PS3 but its hella fun.

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Hey need a partner? I'm trying to platinum this too.

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Long story short, Flower might be an impressive game and first, but it also didn't have a lot of critical scrutiny to get there either.

That didn't make any sense to me. You are saying its impressive so based off your thoughts wouldn't you just say yes its a great game? Why would you need other people to say it isn't?

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I just hope Journey makes it over to the Four.

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@ mochachino, honestly there are some great games that have three stars in my opinion. What I do is look at the rating and also look at how many people voted. Basement Crawl has over 2000 votes with an average of three stars. Thats crazy.

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Honestly, if you're talking console war, is Nintendo really a factor at this point? Honestly? Also PC is not a console. Its a computer so it shouldn't be included in a console war. Just saying!

At one time the console war was the big three...Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. But in 2014 things have changed. Its Sony and Microsoft until Nintendo, Valve or any other company brings competition to both Sony and MS.

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Um to early to tell what? Both consoles will have a good year. Nobody is calling a next gen winner yet. Don't get caught up in the title.

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Great read. I think both Sony and MS consumers will have a great 2014. Dual console owners even better year.

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Save your money man. You won't be let down.

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@ Zeuanimals, Dude do you have a crystal ball or something? Titan fall is a new IP and already you are talking sequels? Damn dude let the game come out first and lets see how traffic will turn out first.

You make it sound like there are NEVER a multiplayer game where people can stop for months and go back to and have fun all over again.

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Its Obvious they are Fanboys. Thats why they are throwing a tantrum. After reading the title which calls all trolls within a million mile radius, this is another chance in their worthless life to get one up on the already losing battle.

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LOL...Like how you edited it quick. But yes I agreed to your first comment. Seems that way.

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Grabs Popcorn.

On Topic: I could careless if it runs at 1080p or not, I just want the servers issues fixed. With the game running at its current resolution, still looks great. Just lags

Edit: Laugh at all the trolls this article attacks.

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Thanks svoulis. Say no more. Point taken.

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Damn Really? I was going to get it. I also noticed it had a three star rating on the PSN store. Whats wrong with the game?

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