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When you figure that out, let me know.

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I'm sorry to say it DarkOcelet but no, he's not joking. Dude is serious as Golden State.

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Damn man, I am broke. Anybody want to be a good lad and ship me a copy? I would gladly pay you Tuesday for Batman today.

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I'm sorry but you if you honesty thought Sony conference wasn't any good then you must be in denial. For the record I too think MS had a great showing.

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Backwards compatibility isn't bad though. Lets be honest.

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Activate Hate Shields in 3..2..1..

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Sony camp just keeps getting better and better.

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Me too. Why? Just Cause!

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Yes it is. Using words like Stomping will start a flame war. In fact if I said exactly what the title says in the comment section, I would have been flagged for trolling. PERIOD!

You keep talking about opinions. I don't have a problem with his opinion because I have my own. Its ok to discuss ones views but my problem is how he worded the title and some of his views comes off as trolling.

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Why you think?

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I miss the old Nintendo. I really want them to do well as a company.

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The title alone is enough to be reported on. Its a title to start some flame war.

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Um, guess I can't get my agree back huh?

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I think he was joking people...

Nope, he wasn't joking. LOL

Look below...

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I think Sony. Judging by the first comment, some people are pissed.

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That was awesome!

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What happened to the original title...Two years after its epic E3 blunders, Microsoft is suddenly stomping all over Sony"???? LOL, Lame I guess.

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I'm on it!

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Sony got their ass kicked? Dude are you serious? This has got to be clickbait.

BTW, This will NOT be approved.

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The dude who announced this must have drank 5 cups of coffee and 2 Red Bulls. He was super hyper.

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