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@ iTru, dude are you a child?

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Guys and Gals, Its just an opinion piece.

So Sony Is Completely Wasting the Dualshock 4’s Potential huh? Ok thanks for your interpretation.

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Damn I just started creating a video from SharePlay. Maybe I should wait.

Edit: @ TheRedButterfly....It ain't that deep.

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Xbox one used in drug smugglings. Real rap. Look it up.

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At least I now know who disagreed on my comment. The only hater in the room.

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I'm excited to experience it. Can't wait!

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@ Alpha.....Exactly.

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Let what go? Its just an review.

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Hey man I gotta be honest, I love Uncharted for the story but Naughty Dog has done so good with TLOU multiplayer, I can't wait to see what they have in store for Uncharted Multiplayer. They found a way to put crack in the game. I can't stop playing it.

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@ GrathiusXR. At least it was ur personal opinion on why you didn't like it and not some review

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What if it had one of those switches that make ur gun shoot fast? How would you feel then?

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@ Ob1Biker...Looking at reviews can back fire too. You ever read a review for a game and that didn't get a high score but still purchased the game and while playing it all you did was think about the negative things you heard and it kinda didn't allow you to appreciate the game for what it was? Another reason I leave reviews alone.

From now on I just play what I want to play.

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See I was wondering if anyone else caught that. That's the problem with our industry. Same with The Order. People who didn't even play the damn game was hating on it because of the reviews. WTF happen to playing a game and making your own opinion? Helldivers is a great game but you could have found that out yourself if you just tried it. Fuck reviews. Whats sad is there are games out there that will never be noticed by some because the review score didn't meet their expectat...

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If you didn't like it why come in here and waste ur time? Oh I forgot, Trolling is ur job. My Bad, carry on.

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Yes great game and yes different from what people are use to.

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C'mon Dude really?

Weather huh? Hmm, It can only be Snow, rain, Sleet, Sun, Cloudy Etc. Dammit which one? So many Choices. They should just put all in the game and blow everybody's mind come E3.

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I believe Free to play is not behind the pay wall. Hence Free to play.

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Oh Snap...I'm Out.

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