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Um, Why every year its a secret that he's going?

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I hope so

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Guess its about time to grab another Vita.

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Why would I need to pay more? That should be the question. If they add more features and games to Plus then maybe I'll pay more. But If I'm paying one price now and use to that price I'm not paying the increase. Not paying the 5...In my Martin voice.

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I already have my PS4 racked on wall.

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That looks amazing on 1080p screen. Looks just like 1080p.

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Wait Nintendo has a new console coming?

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Already on it!

The game is "EMOTIONAL", Shyt I almost cried just looking at the game download. Its Good.

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Its more than Stability. Its Stability 2.0. Watch how stabilized your games look after the update.

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I wanna see both MAG and Socom.

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Exactly. People who explain about how bright the light bar is need to stop playing their PS4 with the TV off.

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Exactly. I'm reading his comment like WTF is he talking about? Thats his TV. I guess 22 and counting other people didn't know it either. LOL

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@ Morganfell you reply to my comment however I'm not sure what ur talking about. I'm not bitchin, and I don't understand what you mean by 5 post now.

Edit: Oh you now erase your comment I see. SMDH, Carry on. Not worth it.

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@ Uptownsoul, I paid for Music Unlimited since day one. Yes I understand we now had Spotify which I also pay however when we have schedule maintenace I can NOT use any services which I pay for. For the record I could careless about some fanboy war, people assuming I'm trolling or anything else, but when it come to me paying money, I do not expect anything less than what I'm supposed to get.

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Hey man I hear you but that doesn't help me. I pay my money monthly. Its one thing I have to deal with their schedule maintenance sessions but to deal with these outages on top of that is nonsense.

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I think its effecting some people. Everybody isn't effected.

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I'm not. But whats crazy is I can see my friends online but can't play a online game.

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Honestly man they are pissing me off with these outages. People are paying money monthly to play online and this is unacceptable.

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Stop Bitchin. Im Down! Truth be told, the way they are doing VR gaming in console gaming is new. With that being said we will eventually get use to how games are in VR. Some will like it and some won't. I was actually scared as hell playing the Silent Hill demo on PS4 and that wasn't VR but I think some will enjoy horror in VR and some won't. Just like some enjoyed 3D and some didn't. I think I can handle Horror in VR. Would be scared as hell but the thought its just a g...

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