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i'll believe this game when i see it. LOL

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its all about the movies coming out. certain movie studios own rights to those characters in those games so now that they're proposing all these comic movies now with venom, new xmen movie, etc.. a deadpool movie is gonna be made. marvel/disney still dont have movie rights to xmen and spiderman..i think fantastic four too.

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ppl just gotta hate on sony. funny how "MS" has to buy "exclusives" from "SONY" to make "money" *cough* Metal Gear Solid *cough*

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u can still get marvel capcom 2 and Origins. so its not that bad. those are better games anyway. MvC3 is damn good but the roster in MvC2 is Priceless.

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yup thats why zero was only in it but megaman was in tatsunoko. cause the creator left capcom.

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it'll just make the older models more rare/classic to collectors. i'll be satisfied with either model

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wait, hold on..this is pure b.s. People can diss the fk out of 3D gaming (which I think is cool as hell). But we're supposed to accept and pay an extra $100 for a console you can control with your voice and body?! Get the fk! no thank you. people diss 3D gaming, to hell with their little "you can control the console with the move of your eyes!" they mad because people figured out their little ponzi scheme console they're trying to sell on everyone with some voice and body ...

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people should just make a u-turn and kinect themselves to a nintendo or playstation instead and let Xbox/M$ rot in their own pool of bull**** they've created themselves all for money and not the benefit of their consumer

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The Xbox is like a cancer to the gaming industry

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rockstar should take the GTA engine and make an open world game out of a raw sci-fi hollywood film like bladerunner. red dead was the same idea, just western movies

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it was originally a playstation exclusive game

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capcom better get on it and do a darkstalkers

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u know what? we "PSfanboys" have been telling you "XBoxfanboys" for i dont know how many years now online. Micro$oft is all about the money..period how many articles does one have to post about how they bought exclusive rights to something..then have the nerve to tell you that you must constantly give them money to play games on their new xboxone system AND have a CONSTANT internet connection. Oh, by the way.. you like to talk spit over Xbox live?! u know what? ok.. we...

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-Vanquish, Shadows of the Damned, Lost Planet 2, Binary Domain, Metal Gear Peace Walker (if you like Role playing games and metal gear. you build everything with the soldiers you catch

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Games the PSN needs
-Ape Escape ps1
-Castlevania Curse of Darkness ps2
-Winback 2 Project Posideon ps2
-Tenchu 1 ps1
-Tenchu Wrath of Heaven ps2
-Time Splitters Future Perfect ps2
-Capcom vs SNK 2
-Rival Schools

they have a lot of psone classics that are good now..like you can get a rare fighting game from capcom called Cyberbots. the import section of the PSN has some cool ultra rare fighting games

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Ape Escape was a good psone classic. that game was made to introduce the dual shock analogs on the playstation. in the game all the moves were done with the analogs and the buttons were just to select your different weapons. on the PSP its the opposite because its only 1 analog, so the moves are done with button presses. the sequel on ps2 was cool. i havent played the one for psmove but im sure it's fun using the remote.

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there is nothing wrong with this game at all. i played the demo and there's nothing wrong with it.

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online co-op is killing the industry in general

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I don't have any sympathy for Xbox..never will. I still cannot understand why people even support a system they know for sure will break.

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