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Sorry was half asleep after E3 when I posted this. Fixed.

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This is how its ALWAYS been.. console makers NEVER set the price.

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weak article.. you didn't even try.

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You can literally say that about any site name.. the site has been around for over a year and a half.

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Two different reviewers for each game.

Honestly not sure why everyone loves this game so much. The glitches all over the place are terrible.

I agree with the writer of the article, I'm sure this game deserves a much better score on PC as that is where it shines. I always enjoyed BF2 on PC and looked forward to BF3 for such a long time hoping for a similar experience but on console and honestly, 6.5 is being generous. They should have actually had game tes...

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apparently extremely successful. Although the link appears to not work now.

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Why is this the most popular things on N4G right now.. who the hell cares that they will have the review in a couple days.. SO WILL EVERY MEDIA OUTLET! Don't see them posting a useless garbage like this.. this should die out and let REAL news be on top.

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whoever wrote this review should be fired from gamespot.

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because they announced Vita that won't do very well so somehow that equaled best in show?

Nintendo will dominate with their new console for sure.

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This information was under embargo for press since 3 weeks ago.

They are showing thee actual item off at E3 so you can touch it and use it. Not "unveiling" it there.

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With E3 so close I am going to call bullshit on it being officially announced before then.

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Yeah, it's really only useful if you require something mobile.. all tablets in my opinion are overpriced but what can you do. At least it's not like the playbook that freezes within the first 12 hours of owning it.

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Yes, if you have all the server software that MS is using then of course you could get a copy of it yourself for free.. but pirating software is securing a server are different things.

If live goes down tonight at least they won't be giving away my credit card info so that's fine.

As for the links.. the first one the kid actually just guessed his password if you followed the story and yes live does go down.. in 2008.. did you hear of them having all u...

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You seem to forget PSN also offers a paid service.. and Microsoft actually knows how to secure a server unlike Sony, what a joke.

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seems like its going to end up too expensive.

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more relevant to techspy.com rather then N4G

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All I have to say is AWESOME!

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