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Shucks?? o my never thought i would see that word haha

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Yeah cause its not like we, people have lives where we have all the time in the world to wait for this/s. Lots of people shifted their (BUSY) schedule around to play this the night its should have came out. People have the right to complain. Stop being inconsiderate man.. .

Im not whining personally but this was pathetic on Sonys part.

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im having the same problems with the messaging system as well. you will get notified of a message and u go to it and you have to wait more then 10 seconds atleast or more for the message to show. ITs pathetic. 2mB upload and 20 download is my internet fyi.

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Wow say good by to my 60 dollars then. If i dont feel like your pushing for the best quality for my system then i will not purchase. This is pathetic

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love this game. its one of my favorite online games ever.

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--Onilink-- is wrong,

you can play at the same time. to do this you need to make your account primary on your friends ps4 and he/she needs to make their account primary on yours. so any games you guys buy between eachother you can play together at the same time. But this requires you both to be connected online. Your own content will not work offline this way cause your account isn't primary on your ps4. Thats the downfall between ps4 gamesharing. But not a problem for ...

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RIP grammar.

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exactly haha but im good. im online playing pvz.

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i would like psn name change feature to be there as well. Maybe vita like profiles put on ps4.

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Fallout is so awesome. i hope they work on fallout 4 for a long time to give us the best game possible. ill wait another 2 years.

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RAM was the problematic factor with the console versions. There gonna be great on next gen. considering the ps3 only had like 250mb of ram dedicated for its games while ps4 has like atleast 7GB. Think about it. i can't wait.

curious how much ram do you have in your computer?

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I am like that with all GTA games.

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i agree if it turns out to be a decent game(which it looks like it will be) i want them to make good money by spreading onto other platforms so they can grow and make more games.

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its actaully 009 out now. not 008

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It is man (available from the start), I cant wait to 100% this aswell (did it on ps3), that silky smooth mp looked amazing!

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we need more superhero games. this is cool but and updated x men legends 3 or something would be nice.

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i want a 4th but bring some naughty dog devs to help with story.

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LMAO! thank you good sir

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waiting to play this on ps4 and recorde all great moments too with sharefactory

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naughty dog basically said ps3's ram was a factor in why that hasn't been implemented yet basically. Maybe ps4 though 8)

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