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I hope we do get the Xmen Legends Series, they are the best IMHO, but maybe if this gets support, they will continue onto those.

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is that it? I only didn't know the todd howard one. smh

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@PFFT "I get goose bumps just thinking about it. Cant wait to get my hands on the PSNeo!" Not to be mean but that comes off as such a pony comment.Again not trying to be mean but thats how it comes off as. lol Im excited for neo aswell.

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I agree, those games felt more fleshed out and more enjoyable tbh. Would be awesome to see Xmen Legends 3 aswell, been waiting like a gen and a half for it now.

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Same Here Man.....ugh would be awesome!

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that is not the most powerful weapon at all. the explosive combat rifle and shotgun are far better. . did he not play the game for more then 20 hours? if you want a spot to farm and get the explosive combat shotgun you can find it here.

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You're halfway there with that mustard stain on your shirt.

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@ shutUpAndTakeMyMoney

exactly or even ea servers. its pathetic.

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Very good find. Hopefully they keep dlc free, and we should support developers with these practices.

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I am not wrong. i said your "risking" that is what your doing by not being knowledgeable about your purchases. destiny didnt have real story so it wasn't not enough for a 60 dollar purchase. But it was worth it to you in the long run. you still supported that practice by buying it whether u liked it or not. Then selling you the rest of story(or the real story) through dlc. But evolve was worse so i used that as an example.

Garden warfare is only online and had ...

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Then your risking buying games like evolve (no content) and supporting that idea whether you know it or not.You gotta have some knowledge of what you buy so we can vote with our wallets and possibly shape the gaming industry for the better.

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me too. It really is amazing.

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Amazing game actually

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the game runs good on ps4. i have over 20 hours and no frame rate problems.

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19 hours in and nothing. You know they havent played it. GOTY IMO.

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I have the ps4 version digitally and played for 10 hours straight today. Did not see any fps drops at all. My biggest problem which was me myself as the player would randomly teleport a few meters nearby for no reason. Very minor problem imo. Awesome game none the less.

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im mountian time so i can play the game at 9pm on the 9th. its just time zones.

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very good point man

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