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Im talking about the textures on dogmeat btw. they look better in number 3. They need to fix it in the fourth.

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I think the problem was the dog really. Lots of things actually look Good in the fallout 4 trailer but i think people couldn't get past the dog. No dynamic fur and looks washed out.(kinda bad). But other parts looked really good like the deathclaw and goul part. I wanna see gameplay before judging anything.

edit just looked again at dogmeat and i actually think the fallout 3 dogmeat looks better then the fourth. They need to upgrade dogmeat big time.

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"At the moment no patch notes have been released, but at first sight no large changes have been introduced to the system."

THats it?? not even the size of the update was listed? Pretty pointless article really.

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It really would!

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i was logged in but got kicked off.

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when i think of mirrors edge in third you wouldn't capture the sense of speed and rush imo.

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i like both but i little more 3rd as well. Hence why i love Fallout for having both.

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i platted it and i admit i had to grind through the story. Not as fun as the third. Co op really helps though.

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yeah as i said earlier i plated it and i had to grind though the story cause it wasn't as interesting, I agree.

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just platinum far cry 4 yesterday. definitely a huge copy and paste from farcry3 imo. Good game nonethless i just can't believe how bad the online is. The direction they took it where your force to use a bow for half the matches was really dumb. Ironically the multilayer is where i wish it was more of a copy and paste from the third. Then improved on cause you can tell its just tacked on.

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everyone here on n4g is 60% in favor of being a good month for plus. But the like/dislike ratio of the video is clearly one sided. LOL

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they really have.

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"multiplayer only games never last more then a year."

What do you mean by last? Do you mean like still in its prime where lots are still playing it? Either way its wrong. Warhawk on ps3 is 8 years old and still going. Garden warfare is over a year old and still pretty good even after no major content after 7 months in its life cycle. Naughty Dog only put 8 months of work into last of us online factions and i've put more hours into its then all the uncharted sin...

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same here. It been awhile and still no update.

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Yes this has happened to me also for a long time, and yea network connection tests most of the time fixes it, but its a real pain.

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chances are if they are bringing co op to fallout then it was included in the budget. Therefore you cant really complain about resources. bethesda would hire extra people to do the online portion aswell cause lets face it they obviously dont wanna take from the singlplayer experience too. no ones putting a gun to your head and forcing you guys to play co op. you can still enjoy it alone and bethesda wants to and should make sure that happens. i want co op but im fine either way. (srry for t...

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i disagree that multiplayer games are boring. i have over 2000 hours into warhawk and over 700 hours in pvz garden warfare. Both only online games. Obviously it depends on the person but I do prefer both singleplayer and online. I prefer online a little more becuase its way more satifying to me to kill a player then a NPC. And the only singleplayer games that can give me close those hours above are RPG games like fallout and skyrim.

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it just lacked content compared to infamous 2. Still one of my fav series though

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