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me too. It really is amazing.

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Amazing game actually

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the game runs good on ps4. i have over 20 hours and no frame rate problems.

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19 hours in and nothing. You know they havent played it. GOTY IMO.

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I have the ps4 version digitally and played for 10 hours straight today. Did not see any fps drops at all. My biggest problem which was me myself as the player would randomly teleport a few meters nearby for no reason. Very minor problem imo. Awesome game none the less.

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im mountian time so i can play the game at 9pm on the 9th. its just time zones.

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very good point man

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freedom and its lore is why its so great.

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ya i was wondering why tuban videos were gone last week. Hes a legend

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haha same

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It looks awesome. i want it have a lot of aspects from lou online personally. Thats their best online to date. No pick up weapons please.

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With Digital you can get two full playable copies with one purchase. SO you can team up with a family member or a trustworthy friend who has a ps4 and pay half the cost for games. Plus no taxes on digital copies.

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daybreak makers of planetside 2 missed the memo here sadly.

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surprised how many like R2. . i didn't like it cause it didnt have co op campain(if i remember corectly) like the first one did. Not only that but it felt to different from the first installment. While i liked the 3rd a lot more cause it felt more like the first.

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lots dont like the desert scene like myself. its good but fallout 3 is better.

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The File size on the hardrive for the physical and Digital for the last of us is the same believe it or not.

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this is exactly the point entirely why i buy digital now you get two copies for the price of one. Not to mention sony has a 15 dollars back in credit for every 100 bucks you spend sale once in a while. This counts towards preorders so it really helps. All in all i only pay 50 percent for my games digitally cause i gameshare with my brother. I've saved a lot of money doing this.

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ouch lol

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