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Truly one of the best console features in years. The only problem is the skipping that occurs when you have 100's of gigs of recordings on the HDD. It can range from 3 seconds to almost 15 seconds & has been a problem since release. Every firmware seems to ignore this. Only thing I have found to help is upgrading to a bigger faster drive but it still happens a bit even then. It would also be great to have custom lengths when you hit the share button so you don't have to go ba...

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So cool and so hyped!

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It'll be cool if we could set up the weather if we want it to rain and cycle between sunny and rainy and so on.

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Name from fortnite?

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Feels like a totally new game aparently and the 60fps on both ps4 pro and og is superb.

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I have literally done this lol Edit: on Grounded

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People really need to learn the building and stop complaining. I complained about it aswell when I started but once u learn to do it the game becomes a million times better with its own unique identity.

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Thats what I thought when I first started but then when u learn to build yourself and start earning ur kills it feels so reawarding. The extreme long learning curve and complex and dynamic gameplay make it more fast action qnd intense. The build to battle makes fortnite require more skill then the typical shooter game like pubg despite the graphics.

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Yes! Glad to see em not the only one

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Yes, but since the an older update they put the option to turn it on and off in the quick menu. So its reqlly easy to switch between the two. I absolutly agree we need game profiling and xmb profiles seperate for the remapping.

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Ps4 system has an easy button remapping option anyways.

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Wander from shadow of the colossus ?

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Id imagin in first person that would be cool. Navigating around the colossi looking at every hair strain as u climb it. Having to figure everything out from a different angle. And personally stabbing colossi yourself with the move. It all sounds very cool if it was done well. Not needed but it could help sell a lotta vrs I would think if they pulled it off.

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Wow neat.

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And it pushes for a higher skilled game aswell with a really long learning curve.. Sorry it's gotta be said cause people judge it too quick by the graphics. One of the reasons I love it.

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Thats okay. Bought it twice, digital and special edition. Its one of the titles that truly deserves it so I got yours covered anyways 8)

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Ugh no, battlegrounds is a typical shooter. The build and battle in fortnite has a huge learning curve that takes a long time to master and creates more intense and dynamic matches then undergrounds. In turn this actually takes more skill becuase of it, Players in fortnite jump and move way quicker the battlegrounds. Dont let the graphics fool you. Dont beleive me u can look up the best players on youtube. (Ninja ) then play the game for free. Although the best use kb and mouse.Dont eve...

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Plz keep the weighty feel (similar to kz series) controls and recoil from bad company 2. Not battlefeild 4 plz.

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Whats the sotc theme like? Could u let me know im curious.

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Out of shadow of the collosus themes too. Damn. Can anyone confirmed if it the different Theme or the same one for pre ordering sotc?

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