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THQ did, the publishing rights for Volition (the dev) were bought by Deep Silver.

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It wouldn't be saint's row without dildos, I bet they're still in.

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Looking forward to King Arthur II and the many many dragons it promises.

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Doesn't everyone who wants to own TF2 have it already by now? It's been in the sales every year and price has never been a barrier to entry, hell the orange box was the best deal in gaming I've ever seen, 3 superb titles for the price of one.

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Having the game splashed in the tabloids 4 months before release can't do it any harm!

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Love the hyperactive visual stylings.

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It's kind of weird that a fairly mediocre game is looking set to become perhaps the best-selling game of all time.

I kind of like Stevens idea for the mp yearly fee isntead of paying £40 each time, but Activision aren't likely to go down a road like that while they're making such a killing.

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I loved the original up until the silly Korean general boss fight and the ensuing underwater/zero G shenanigans. Mainly it was just fun trying the powers out in a sandbox environment and marvelling at the graphics engine. Hope this will run on my pc to a decent standard.

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I just hope Squenix have as little to do with the title as possible. Most of their recent output has been of embaressingly poor quality, they should stay well clear and stick to publishing duties on this one.

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I think RPG's are much harder to demo than say an action game. The whole point of a story-led rpg is that it's gonna be an epic journey, condensing that into 20 minutes of fighting is never gonna show the whole picture.

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The long wait is nearly over.. This needs to be spectacular.

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I can only imagine what the Koreans think of the premise for this game.. seems a bit needlessly provocative.

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Doesn't sound all that impressive to me, sure some hardcore COD players will give it a spin though.

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I don't understand fanboy mentality at all, must be a youth thing. I can understand wanting to justify an expensive purchase by perhaps overstating the quality of the product, but the lengths these people go to to convince themselves and others is just bordering on a mental health issue.

If you're happy with the product you have, great. No need to be a dick about it though.

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I'm not sure if the rape analogy works, because this is more of a choice - Will I allow myself to be shafted and pay up, or will I take my money elsewhere?

I know what I'll be doing.

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When I was at school, IT was just taught in the most pathetically outdated manner you could imagine, we learnt more relevant things from Business Studies about the applications of computing than we did IT. Heres to hoping the future generations are given opportunities we were denied, so we can talk bitterly about the youth and their fancy-schmantzy high-tech knowledge and bemoan our own educations to anyone will listen (and even people who aren't listening).

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It's not about sweat shop labour it's about purchasing minerals from a country (for use in the manufacture of electronic goods), where the money spent goes directly into funding a war. So in effect, buying a console = funding violence. Obviously it's more complicated than that and it's not akin to directly giving them money, but we as consumers should demand more responsibility from the people selling us the goods in where they source their materials.

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As a PC gamer i'm still butthurt that valves big surprise was about the PS3, the drip feed of Portal 2 info has eased the pain a little though. Good preview!

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The article reminds me of my own first experiences of Resident Evil as a sociable activity. I got it with my PS and (due to a parental oversight) without a memory card so me and a friend would take it in turns getting as far as we could without dying. I certainly enjoyed the watching as much as the playing, but the whole lets play thing has never really worked for me, I'm more interested in my experiences and the experiences of friends than I am the experiences of some random internet dud...

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Not sure the Samus thing is wise really, being a mute hasn't exactly done Gordon Freeman any harm.

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