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Haha so much raging going on here...

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1. CS:GO
2. CS:GO
3. CS:GO
4. CS:GO
5. CS:GO

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lotta white knights in this thread lol

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Wait so no one answered the question. Which PS4 games are 1080p w/ 60fps?

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Now that I'm a little older, I kinda want games that are more adult oriented, ala Dear Esther, Gone Home, or even To the Moon. PC games are taking a huge step forward with their audience making it more into interactive fiction than focusing on gameplay. I think this would diversify the audience as well as accommodate gamers like me who maybe have outgrown fast paced shooters and RPGs.

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Fuck everyone who is blaming MS.

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jesus he's trolling. anything can overheat depending on the conditions of the environment

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those aren't as big a deal as source 2

that's the biggest announcement

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jesus phil fish, get a fkin pr manager will ya

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nice teaser episode...lots of unanswered questions

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Nolan Alber

Creative Director/Staff Writer Nolan Alber is a college student from North Dakota. He enjoys rescuing puppies from burning buildings and beating up criminals on the streets, and often lies about his interests to make himself look better. Nolan is an avid gamer on PlayStation 3 and PC. He impulse-buys more video games than he can actually play, and is a fan of shooters and fighting games (even though he’s terrible at the latter).

Fuck this kid

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plus it's free. and it's functional. i have it

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So what happens when you plug two Xbox Ones into each other...??

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What is D4? Like a kinect quicktime event adventure?

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Well just look at every PS3 vs Xbox 360 post on N4G since 2005 and you'll see that it goes against everything PS3 supporters have stood for. People who get PS+ are happy, but they respect those who don't want the service. Making it required contradicts pretty much everything the PS3 represented as far as multiplayer goes. Personally, I don't think it's a big deal. Honestly, I paid for live for's not that much money to me and I'll happily be switching to ...

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Do you think MS will bounce back when these games come to fruition?

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wat nintendo conference

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No one said Xbox live wasn't a step backwards. It's just a step backwards for Sony.

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Another problem is playing w/ more than two people in front of a TV w/ PC games. Local multiplayer games are slim to none on the PC.

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The most awkward was the whispered "oh god" during the completely silent crimson dragon trailer

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