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Does anyone know if you can transfer your stats from last gen to PC?

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No, the PS4 is already old tech. The GPU is capable of about 1.8 teraflops. That's only slightly better than a 7850. It's hardly "supercharged." Although, devs will be able to make games look better than they would on any 7850 because console games are optimized like crazy.

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I experienced GTAV racism once. I was driving with Franklin. I didn't commit any crimes. Out of nowhere I had the cops after me. It could have been a nice satirical touch by R* or it could have been a glitch...

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The scene is supposed to make you uncomfortable. Torture is an uncomfortable subject, but art is reflection of reality. Instead of arguing whether the art should touch on uncomfortable subjects like torture, we need to examine the reality we've created and ask the question of whether our reality ought to include these things.

I also want to add something that a lot of people seem to miss when discussing the torture scene in GTAV.


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Person A: "You can murder innocent people in GTAV."
Person B: "That's fine."
Person A: "You can see virtual strippers in GTAV."

I don't know if anyone will ever be able to explain this to me.

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I didn't know the Witcher 3 had cars.

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"Even top PC graphics card have trouble running [FXAA.]"

No, that isn't true at all.

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Adam Sessler

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That's not a real SSD. It's a hybrid SSD/HDD.

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Turns out gamers aren't too fond of DRM. I know, I know, who woulda thunk it?

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15 species of dog? Dog is a species -_-

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First person shooter with a controller? No thanks.

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Just gonna leave this here.

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Obviously it is based on opinion. I don't see how one can compare Naughty Dog to Rockstar. Both are amazing developers, but the games they make are completely different experiences. Nobody does linear, story driven experiences as well as Naughty Dog and nobody does open world sandboxes as well as Rockstar.

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Maybe you'll have a better idea after you actually play the game. lol

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He didn't "willfully threaten to commit a crime... with the specific intent that the statement... be taken as a threat." He told a joke. If he had intended that his joke be taken as a threat, then he would not have made it clear that it was a joke. I think that's the problem most people have with this story. He didn't actually break the law. He just came close to it.

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Microsoft got the controller design right for the 360, why shouldn't they be copied? The 360 controller is perfect except for the D-pad.

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It's a 360 that will have amazing HD Nintendo titles! Zelda HD, anyone? Doesn't sound too bad at all :)

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Watch Dogs and the next Saints Row game will probably be awesome, but a new GTA game is a freaking NEW GTA GAME!

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Marvel vs. the DC Universe! I can dream right?

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