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I don't think they do. To really know how bad Derek Smart is, we'd really of had to read a couple hours worth of pure fast reading on the subject.

They have made the claim that CIG is closing up shop and will be gone within a month or so. Despite the fact they JUST HIRED people recently.

For the people who don't know, here's basically what you need to read to understand what's going on decently enough to talk about it.

H... #5.1
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Don't forget the morons out there that don't realize that the OG Kickstarter vision of the game is a much smaller game then what eventually it is settling in as with all the stretch goals.

Yet these people are pissed that 5x the game wasn't out with the original date.

It's like people can't conceptually understand that 5x the game is probably going to take near 5x the time.... more or less.

Instead people want to 'stic... #2.1.2
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Us backers get more info on this game then any game I've ever seen in the history of gaming by far. So month on month there isn't going to be a years worth of changes, and yes they have to hold some back for those paying that extra money. Nevertheless they are putting out this much info... which ALSO slows them down. Just remember all the time they spend disseminating information and going through that process, is time that is slowing down the actual production of the game.
... #6.1.2
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It's being spent on the game. Obviously you don't know how long it takes to make a game.

The original date, and this is the key thing people who haven't stopped to think, but are quick to complain about don't understand... the game on kickstarter, when originally launched... was far far less then what it has been expanded to.

The original date is meaningless, because the game got about 5-10x bigger with the dozens if not hundred stretch goals... #6.1.1
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From Dust 2? #6
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Wrong, look around buddy, the tinfoil hat crowd has basically been right about everything.

Your side? Not so much, and worse yet, your side never bothers to learn anything. Your side sits there for years saying nothing is happening, when all around you it is revealed that everything is happening.

What's a real tinfoil hat conspiracy that's wrong?

That there's nothing to worry about. That's a CONSPIRACY THEORY, and it's... #13.1
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Of course, not learning the lessons whatsoever from 9/11, since originally we were funding al-qeada since the 1970's, we decided to fund, arm, and train their successor ISIS.

So imagine that... we create, then pawn off onto UK and Saudi Arabia the terrorist organization known as Al-Qeada...who then use it against us in a way that supposedly necessitated two wars, bombing about 20 countries, assassinating an American without due process, DHS, TSA, all the spying and rights... #2.3.6
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Yes privacy is a big thing, sorry you don't understand why.

Also just because someone may decide to be on 'CIA MEDIA' and act a fool detailing all about people's pointless lives and how cool and narcissistic they have become doesn't mean I or anyone else has to act like a lemming and follow them off that cliff.

A) Do you honestly believe if you screw up your life with social media, somehow that means I have to?
B) Do you honestly b... #2.3.5
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The onus is on Derek Smart and Liz to prove something, and it is a natural situation for RSI/CIG/Roberts to not be able to showcase everything, because the game is still in development. They also don't have to come out and showcase their balance sheet, or anything else. The absence of them not publicly revealing this stuff, doesn't mean ANYTHING Derek Smart said or Liz reported is in any way true.

This is what's so devious. They make these claims which are almo... #7
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No, I don't think he bit off more then he could chew, I think another guy who had a similar vision, but not as much talent or resources (and probably lacked a certain attitude/personality) is going psycho over Roberts creating what otherwise would be 'his' baby.

He's jealous of Roberts, and wishes he was doing what Roberts currently is.

That's what I think. Just look at all the things Derek Idiot has said. He seems to me to be incredibly... #4.2
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It's so funny because this game has been..

The most open ever...wanting feedback as well as all the videos, chats, and overall statements.

Has delivered aspects of the game in terms of modules (with some pretty nice quality btw)

I really don't see anything except the changing of the TOS for anyone to complain about...and remember... it was the same guy Derek Smart who was involved in that situation.

The game is going... #6
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Lots of people hating on Star Citizen. Lots of people not wanting to come forward.

This isn't Watergate... why the need for everyone to be so anonymous?

Probably because they are lying out their butts.

There is no way there is only 8 million left. Not even the dumbest person ever would think they could develop the game for another year or two with only that much left. They would of been making big changes a long time before this.
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Actually no, general news outlets are just like gaming outlets.

Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, Huff post, WSJ, NYT, Washington Post... need I go on?

Gaming sites are just following mainstream news, their standards are basically the same these days. Maybe a half notch less... which is basically the same. #2.1.1
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How many people commenting realize the following...

1. The game has a massive scope, and it's going to take a good while. (this is OBVIOUS)

2. I have never seen a developer be as in touch with the community and giving updates as with CIG. Seriously, if you wanted to read and watch all their updates starting right now, I'll see you sometime next week when you're done.

3. They have released modules like docking bay, Arena Comman... #6
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At least Warframe has matchmaking.... something Destiny doesn't. #4.1.2
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More indies :(

Now I know some people like indies, but MOST people would like a little variety. One month indies, one month AAA, rinse and repeat.

We don't just want indies month after month after month after month.

The sad thing is, they are probably paying more for some of these indies then they would if they did some of the launch or 1st year AAA titles. Many of those games I've seen for under $10, so they are CHOOSING to only gi... #16
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Well now there is a bug where the map doesn't work, basically making you stuck because you have no idea where to go.

..and to the above... no you don't want that, you are stuck with no idea where to go or what to do... you are stuck. (and yes I've played games before the maps told you everything, but those games were much, much smaller... this game is spread out to hell.) #6
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Most interesting shooter in years? Wow, only a moron would think that. Halo is a great game, but no it simply isn't the most interesting shooter in years.

No, adding AI in is not some massive game changer.

Grand scale battles? Done in MANY other games... even FREE ones... for YEARS.

Completely a hype article.

Enjoy a great game, but this overpraise by denying the reality around it is completely and utterly stupid. <... #13
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Another issue is the idiocy of only allowing one type of person per team. You see there are different load outs, and only one person can be on it per team. So if you want to be a FUZE or THERMITE guy and someone else selects him... well tough.

This is screwed up, especially since you have to purchase with in game XP each loadout. So especially in the beginning you'll have a lot of default 'recruits' because they will only have 0-1-2 different loadouts, and t... #7
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The game is fun, but has a ton of problems, and some of them simply aren't going to be changed. Because of this, the game is likely to be massively underwhelming instead of absolutely amazing. Their idiotic design decisions did this, and it's sad. :(

The removal of the cover and shoot system they had from Vegas and Vegas 2 is utterly dumb. This game would be so much better if you could line up next to a door or wall and pop out and shoot people. Sadly I don't... #6
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