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Why are you equating half the price and half the power? This console isn't launching in 2013.

The tech in the PS4/XB1 are years old now and will be another year older when it releases.

For the price Sony and MS paid AMD, they can get something twice as powerful now on the GPU side, perhaps even more. They could easily make a 3-4 TFlop machine for the same price Sony made an 1.8 TFlop machine.

If they jump onto... #1.4.2
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Stupid article.

Spamming mortars? There's a range, you are vulnerable, it's not like this a CoD killstreak. It doesn't rake people, and you have to literally guess where the people are and if they'll still be there five seconds later. It DOES take skill to use the mortar.

The lock on is for vehicles, and the vehicles have anti-measures, and upgradeable armor/upgradeable lock-on distance deterreant. I've seen plenty of helicopter pilot... #13
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Yes I know there are 3rd party solutions....

Nevertheless, I haven't booted up this game this year because there is no matchmaking on the post 20 stuff.

Lots of dumb decisions. My friends don't play this game, and I'm not going to a 3rd party and adding fake friends so I can play this game. Add matchmaking... like you have for the first 20 levels.

I'm surprised so many people are ok with this. Forcing someone to do this is... #33
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....grab your shark cards!

Ugh #8
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Streaming? No..

Hardware behemoth?

Compared to today's consoles...yes.

As compared to the technology that is available during whatever year they launch it? We'll see. #9
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When I went in to find it for download, I also noticed some 'free' cars... so I downloaded them.

Following the draft so (and the lead up to it) so I haven't tried the game yet.

Does anyone know if those 'free' cars work on the 'trial' version? #5
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Um, it already released, meaning they already cashed in for PS4/XB1...and even PC.

They just pulled back the release after people had paid for it on one platform. But for the most part they are already paid, and on the biggest selling platforms for this game, consoles, the game is STILL selling.

Plus is this even news? We already knew this game was coming to SteamOS in fall, and it doesn't mean the re-release on windows will take until then.
<... #1.1.8
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So do I. Lots of people have them, they're pretty cheap.

Mine cost $299 with no tax and free shipping from TigerDirect. Now is it great for gaming at 4k? No. 37hz isn't very good at 4k. But it does 1080p/136, 1440p/80, 1620/63, 1800/52. (with 4k being 2160/37).

Oh and I bought it last year in September. They even had it cheaper last summer for $289.

Hell I saw newegg with a 4k for $249. Though I wouldn't recommend it for ga... #7.3
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Yeah, um PS4 doesn't have the power for 4k gaming, and with hdmi 1.4, it cannot do 60 FPS at 4k even if somehow you could replace the GPU/CPU in it.

HDMI 1.4 can basically allow this, if you tweak stuff in windows.


That's basically the most you can push out of a HDMI 1.4... though perhaps if you take out the audio stream you might be able to add a couple more fra... #12
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I agree, I noticed this too and that's actually a great feature.

Too bad the port on PC massively outweighed some nice stuff like that...on PC of course. #5
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Umm, yeah, I'm not one of those morons that things remakes can destroy the original.

They will always be separate.

This is just an opportunity for Square Enix to remake and retool the original...if it works, great. If it doesn't, we still have OG FF7.

I don't see what the problem is besides some people being well, stupid. #15
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Interesting. So I guess these are like permanent buffs on top of a more traditional progression system where you unlock more weapons, gadgets, and attachments. My guess is these cards somehow replace the class perk that was in battlefield? #1
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You forget, it's not all high rig. Medium rig can outperform a PS4/XB1 easily.

The market isn't huge, but it's still considerably large that can play games of this sort.

What you also forget is that PC games lead the future. What I mean by that is simple. Whatever you see on a console, you generally saw first on a PC. Thus, it is in their best interests to develop and push the PC, so that they can learn how to implement it better on a weaker... #33.1.1
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What? So we suddenly won't want Killzone and we'll just want them to make Horizon game after Horizon game?

Does Rockstar only make GTA games? Do we forget about their other IP's?

Did we forget about Fallout 4 because we had Skyrim?

Jesus, the articles written asking idiotic questions is at a high today.

I'm pretty sure today I'm going to see an article titled....the sky is blue, will it turn red?
... #20
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What an ignorant article. It's like taking spelling lessons from George W. Bush.

Even a 3rd grader should know better then this author. #24
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Is this article serious? #5
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Yeah if it costs that much AND yet it still has FOV issues.... it won't fly.

Seriously, if it costs say $1000 and they went cheap on the FOV...they might as well have made it more expensive to do it right.

Though in any case, anything that high of price, simply won't catch on in a $7 an hour Wal*Mart worker world dominated by fraudsters on Wall Street/City of London. #3
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It does seem to be cropping up more and more.

Where now established devs are using Kickstarter to fund their games, when they COULD do it themselves.

If it succeeds, they win.
If it doesn't, you lose.

While that might be fine for someone getting off the ground, this team just got a lot of cash from the game, and they should have plenty, like tens of millions to work with.

Apparently it had 1 million sales by June... #6.1
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Their game just released. They have funding, unless they suddenly blew through all the funds from pre-orders and 1st month or so sales in of course the last month or so.

In other words, they should be FLUSH with cash.

But there's still work to do...DX12 patch, ATI issues, Force feedback issues, the Wii U version....

So yeah, seems like they have quite a bit to do on the 1st one, and while it's definitely possible they do all this an... #3.2.1
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They stated they were going to have a DX12 patch for the game, so I hope this doesn't screw that up. #1.3
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