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In a sense it sounds good, until you realize the mouse vs controller problem.

People will complain about aim assist, it'll be taken off, and the slaughter will begin. Hell it will be there even with it. The aim assist comes into play at certain times, and they'll complain because it is unfair. Problem with the XB1 is that you won't be able to stop playing against people with mice. (if you don't think this will happen, just look at Call of Duty, they l...

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Well cue the complaints of the heavy lock on aim assist that will be needed to play against mouse users, until they have to take it off, and then people will see why console+PC crossplay on a shooter is a very bad idea.

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Yep, and the more GPU power you match with these, the more bottlenecked it is. Thus X1X has a far greater bottleneck then the OG X1. Same with PS4 Pro vs PS4.

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They're weak compared to cheapest i7 920 from 2008 with four cores.

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BLOPS series is by Treyarch. Modern Warfare 2 was by Infinity ward.

So you're not going to get those two together. CoD4 remastered with CoD:IW were both made by infinity ward.

Thus if infinity ward was going to do something it would have to be Modern Warfare 4 with remastered of 2 (or better yet the maps from all three).

Since Treyarch made the BLOPS series, it would really need to be the earlier ones like Blops 1-3. Either one ...

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It wasn't so much futuristic, it was more about the jump packs. People still want a new Battlefield 2072. It's also a fact people are tired of getting them every year.

Jump packs completely turned CoD on its head.

People just didn't like jumping around. It just didn't fit with CoD. It would of fit in better with a different, new IP. It felt cheap in Call of Duty, like it shouldn't be happening. In Titanfall, it feels like Titanfa...

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Yeah, that's the issue. Or maybe that's just ignorance because you can't think of anything else?

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These things have been cycling around for ~40 years.

I still remember playing games like Wolfenstein on Apple II. WW2 games have come a long ways, and will continue to. They will fall in and out of favor... then back in.

I agree with the poster who says its got the best storyline, diversity of area, bad guys, etc. So it is like a homebase for shooters. Nothing wrong with that.

I don't see it as a bad thing, just natural. It'...

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Yep, and it's been this way since the beginning of games. Every few years technology advances and allows developers to present a game in a new way. New twists get added. Presentation gets better.

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Boring to you, not to many others.

I can assure you whatever games you'd like to see announced there will be many people who like them, and many who will say those games are boring.

Boring is subjective. Do what you dig. Just like others will.

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If you apply the same metrics, just about every genre is tired.

Play what you dig. A game one man is tired of is a game another is dying for.

FPS is no more or less tired then almost every other genre that isn't brand new. What's an example of that? Battle Royale right now?

One day it will be too. Especially since it's really just a subgenre. Even Fortnite is getting a 20 man squad mode, which will make it more of a 5...

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Wait until the 1000hz screens come and beyond. But it's also screen tech. Not all displays are the same. It depends on each tv/monitors ability to display frames quickly without other flaws creeping in.

So higher framerate always helps, but as we go up higher, other issues need...

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That's because that most of the time they are optimizing the game for 30 FPS. Throw as much IQ as they can in while keeping it under 33.33ms a frame.

Compared to other PS4/X1 games they look a cut above.

Not everyone has the ability or talent to do this. That's why raw power matters. You want a large amount of power that is easily accessible, thus allowing most developers to more easily achieve better graphics.

The CPU make...

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This is why they say target 60, but most times it's 35-50 in firefights online.

Better CPU's also allow you to use those extra MS to add more IQ to the game and still get it to be able to lock it at 60. So a better CPU could give you better IQ and a lock solid 60.

In some diagnostic overlays in PC games you can literally see what your CPU and GPU frametimes are. Doom's is quite good.

Both Sony and MS went the cheap...

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<1060, which is still nice. But it's wasting a good portion of it's power. Hell, if the PS4 Pro had the same GPU but modern CPU, it would run circles around the X1X. Hell if the Xbox One had a modern CPU it would of run circles around the PS4.

The problem is, X1X performs poorer then that framerate wise of most gaming PC's because of the CPU.

This is why if you have say an i7 6700-7700k (quad core mind you with 4 virtual core via HT) a...

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I use my PS4/Wii U/PC on the same tv.

55" Vizio P Series 4k/60-1080/120

There is no console world or pc world, they both can plug into the same freaking thing.

Seriously it's 2018 and people act like PC's don't plug into TV's like it's 1998. ANY HDTV with an HDMI from whenever will connect to a PC. Do people seriously not notice this? It's obvious as the sky is blue. ...

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Of course it should. It's X86 using industry parts. There really isn't a reason why a PS4 games shouldn't work on a PS14 unless the industry moves away from X86.

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ROFL, the author of this article is telling people to not play a game they already purchased! Brilliant!

The game is not that bad. It's definitely not as good as the original trilogy. It definitely went down the wrong path. But it isn't horrible.

If you already bought it and haven't played it or is one of those games you play for a few hours every few months, there is no legitimate reason to stop playing unless you yourself just don't ...

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Great early unlocks. Have 2 of the 3 so I may pause for a month, but it's an incredible deal for those that don't have them.

Keep it up Humble!

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Same thing for consoles, which is why if you want a true successor to an Xbox 360 in PS4/X1, it would of cost about $799. They couldn't. So they made the PS4/X1 weak... because they ARE weak, and charged a rate people could afford... $399. But because they did, they had to release new half gen console just 3 years later. Even then, they are STILL gimped and losing about 30-50 fps because of poor CPU.

You blaming graphics is hilariously wrong for higher costs. It...

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