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Apple also likes to charge a premium for what they offer.

They like HIGH margin stuff. Consoles are the opposite.

Unless they plan on offering a 3 TFlop console for $999-1299, and somehow making that work and be profitable, I don't see it happening. #6.1
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Yeah but I've yet to see a part in that game that allows for coworkers to pass around the images and laugh.

So it's TSA lite. #6.1
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They are a Wall Street company.

Show me where Wall Street does ANYTHING competently.

They (Wall Street Corporations in general) borrow money, and then buy back their stock. Even when it is at all time highs in a bubble. That's what Wall Street does, and they dare call it 'growth'. That's not growth. It's called going into debt (or dwindling cash reserves) to artificially and temporarily boost a companies stock price, which of course, a... #3.2.1
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That's market cap...not how much money Microsoft has.

Calculating the market cap has nothing to do with how rich the company is.

That's a very bad and misleading metric and will lead you to the slaughterhouse if you misunderstand it.... and you have.

Also don't forget the stock market is in the biggest bubble EVER.

Microsoft can EASILY go to $5 a share. EASILY. #2.1.5
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Can they?

Protip: Calculating the current market cap of Microsoft during the 'biggest stock market bubble ever', is an absolutely incorrect and pipe dream fallacy to determine whether or not they can 'afford' this.

Remember folks, just because Company A has 1 billion outstanding shares at say, 40 dollars a share, does NOT mean Company A has 40 billion dollars to spend.

They only get money when they ISSUE the shares.
... #1.3.6
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GOTY? Yeah because it forces you to play like it's a facebook game or it's worthless.

Why doesn't Bungie send me a message like this... they might as well.

Dear Destiny Player,

We've noticed that your friends have stopped playing and you haven't found people to join up with. Because of this we've now patched the game to make it harder to solo anything in this game.

We won't even think of making i... #29
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I liked Destiny...when it released.

There were legitimate gripes, but it was still fun. There was hope of added free content as well.

As I said in a post yesterday, I thought the DLC/season pass was going to be a no brainer.

So what changed? TONS.

For one, at that time, I didn't know I'd have to find people to play the game. In the beginning everybody was messaging and joining fireteams with everyone. I clicked on... #4.3
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Well you can already buy it on Steam for cheap. Think I picked it up for like 5.99-7.99 quite a bit ago.

Why does this matter?

It's Final Fantasy VII not Far Cry 4. A budget Best Buy PC from the Bush era will run it.'

Minimum requirements are as follows

OS:Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64bits)
Memory:1 GB RAM
Graphics:DirectX 9.0c-compatible graphic card
DirectX®... #4
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Still haven't played Vault of Glass. How about some matchmaking Bungie?

Also it's really a DUMB DUMB idea to introduce new gates between players.

The people at the top now don't have to jump through the same hoops as everyone else. So the people who took longer, now have to take even longer to get where people already are. With each patch they create a wider gap between the haves and have nots.

If you absolutely have to introdu... #3
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Wouldn't surprise me if the lizard squad is CIA trying to turn people against the 'internet culture'.

They have plants all over the regular media. That's a confirmed fact, and been so for 50-60 years. Including ANCHORS. #45
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I'll say this, she is the worst actress ever in that commercial.

Hideously bad.

How could a commercial director allow that to pass? It's something that will hang over him. #13
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1 billion yen is only 8.2 million dollars.

That's about 636,000 amiibo's sold.

With many purchasing 3-5-the whole line, you'd think it would be higher.

That's only 1 amiibo for every 10-11 Wii U's sold, and actually it's lower when you consider those that are buying 3-5-the whole line.

That means it's probably more like 1 in 25-35 Wii U owners has bought one.

On the flip side that... #10
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Just bought on Amazon for $22.99. Digital code emailed.

They have both. So if you want to only spend say $21.50 and have it physically mailed you can.

Or you can buy it digitally for $22.99 and have the code emailed to you in a couple of hours.

Buy the one from
HPP Enterprises

They email you the code.

edit: or maybe save a couple more dollars with

Never tried th... #12
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Show me one analyst on Wall Street who knows ANYTHING. They are always wrong and always miss the obvious. A group of ivy league educated morons destroying society.

Ok, besides Tyler Durden, and Art Cashin.

Michael Pachter is a moron. #8
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Sweet, got the PC version of PvZ and rock with a controller, but free and get to go against my controller brethren will be awesome.

Thanks for the heads up. Perfect use of my new 2tb hd I installed yesterday.

Fire Chomper and OG Football Star #11
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This is what people don't understand. People with 5-7 year old PC's will soon be double...tripling...even quadrupling the performance of a PS4 for $200-300. Let alone a XB1.

Many people wanted them to wait until this year or 2015. People would of needed to wait that year or two, and perhaps spend 50-100 more for it, but would of gotten a true next gen system, capable of truly taking advantage of a true leap in graphics. Imagine something like a 970 with stacked ra... #28.2
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Well the games have been working like this...

Most multiplatform games were built around the Xbox 360. This created a sort of standard. PC gamers then had access to these games at 1080p/60. As newer graphical techniques came out they were added ontop of this base. Since 2009 when the first DX11 cards came out, these features have been building up steam and getting better and better.

This is why pc gamers knew the consoles were relatively 'weak'.... #28.1
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Well a 970 is only $329. If you get select ones, though they may be ~$10-40 more... you can get a free Ubisoft game that you may or may not want.

The cheapest with a game I saw was $339. So not bad at all.

Free shipping, and in many states, no tax.

It's one thing if you only want to pay 50-100 for a GPU, but if you're going to spend more than that, I don't see how anyone isn't going for a GTX 970 or a similar AMD card.
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How about a sudden announcement that as of 'today' (the day they announce it of course) you can download Deep Down.

This would be magnificent. Rather then tell us it's 6 months away or whatever, you tell us, can go download it now.

The gamer portion of the internet then explodes. #35
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Man it's like people STILL don't realize they can't give you brand new AAA games for a just launched system.

As time goes on, there will be MANY, MANY AAA games that launched a year or three earlier that will be in a position to accept an offer from Sony to be a PS+ game.

Injustice is a game like that. Hell I got it for $6 on greenmangaming 6 months ago.

It's coming, and I don't see how ANYONE can be dumb enough to not... #11
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