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The gunplay is one of the few areas they really nailed it.

I like the art direction too. #1.2.1
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Just buy it year 10... you'll actually get $60 worth of game then.

..and maybe they'll finally have matchmaking. #4.1
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Just because you can replay the same stuff and grind, doesn't mean there is sufficient content.

'Stuff to keep you interested' does not equal 'sufficient content'.

...and it only interested you if you liked to play the same thing over and over and over again, and could find other people similarly masochistic and would join you in playing the various retreaded strikes.

Lord know they couldn't make matchmaking, in a game... #3.1.1
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Well they did just get the IP not too long ago.

Typically well made games take 3-5 years to develop.

At least with Battlefront they are going off a formula (previous battlefront games), using an engine used in similar games (battlefield series), and is very much limited in scope (no single player campaign and no space battles).

Also why flood the market? They are going to be, in hollywood terms, flooding the market with Star Wars movies, spi... #15
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Can't wait for #2.

The first one rocks, and I love getting 40-50-60-70 kills on a Gardens N Graveyards map as a Football Star or Fire Chomper. #4
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A 3-4 TFlop console in 2016 on the new double jump node could easily be put into a $399 console, perhaps even $349.

People need to understand, a $400 PC card next year, and no later then 2017 will have >15 Tflop performance.

You can already get 8.5 for $650, and they'll be able to EASILY double that on the new 16nm node.

Expect the Titan to be north of 25 TFlops, and some PC's on the new node to be ~100 TFlops.

Tha... #6
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An amazing game. A real leap up from RBI baseball and Major League Baseball (the game). #2
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Yea 10 seasons worth of paying for probably what amounts to two regular games content.

Still waiting for matchmaking. I'm not using a 3rd party website, when the game clearly has matchmaking. What an idiotic 'design decision'. No reason you can't initiate it with friends OR use matchmaking. It's not like they don't have matchmaking code in the game.

The other question is, with all the nerfs to the weapons you grind to get, and grin... #5
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No what should scare you the most is the British Empire along with their toady Obama is playing a game of nuclear chicken with Russia and China.

Do as we say or we're going to bomb you into the stone age.

Except, they can do the same thing back, and probably better at it then we are (their missiles work, and they have multiple reentry vehicles...i.e. multiple nukes on each warhead)

But then again the fascist Queen and her Nazi consort Phi... #5.2
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From the article
"“Warner Bros. made a couple of errors getting the game out,” he said. “It had not been completely performance enhanced for PC. "

Understatement of the year.

Well at least they are helping Rocksteady. #5
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Exactly, Nintendo has a big arrogance, and what they fail to see is, it's THEM who are OFF.

Hopefully their arrogance doesn't screw up the NX, whatever the hell it is. #10.1
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Really? I get plenty of error codes kicking me out of matches in all games that have multiplayer I own for the system. Which is actually quite a lot.

It's weird because I don't have this problem with other consoles or PC...AND I'm using a wired connection, so it isn't any wireless cause.

You know what the BIGGEST offender is. Mario Kart. My god, it seems like I get kicked out of every group after a match or three, and it can take 2-3-4 dis... #9.1
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That's nice, but I prefer prevention.

Like not attacking countries that didn't do anything to us. In addition, not drone bombing the 22 countries or so we drone bomb regularly.

Because yes, even the video game pilots, are killing themselves.

Sadly our brave young men and women sign up to serve this country, but end up serving Wall Street, the Military-Industrial complex, and the British Empire.

They should be require... #1
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A proper Contra game isn't just a 2d side scroller. #5
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1/10th the price?

What do you buy premade PC's? Not just premade PC's, but Alienware?

Sorry, at this point in time you can get something twice as good as a PS4, or 3x of a Xbox One, for just a little more then the original price of an Xbox One.

Just wait until next year, $600-700 will likely buy you 5-7x an Xbox One with Nvidia Pascal.

Oh and of course, you can always buy a decent PC, keep that PC, and just switch ou... #4.11
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This game (and Hogan's firing) is just a negotiation position.

Oh yes, he'll pay the price of being fired, and not being in this game and receiving some sort of likeness fee (if not already paid)... but does anyone really think we've seen the last of Hogan?

I don't think so.

They are just going to use this AGAINST Hogan, so that in a year or two, they can bring him back, and a reduced cost, maybe half, and he'll be back on... #33
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So are they saying they will have a mode that is basically a reverse Gardens and Graveyards?

If so, awesome.

Would love to use zombies on defense and plants on attack.

Now, just don't mess up regular Gardens and Graveyards!!! Though I don't suspect they will.

Can't wait. #3
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Um yeah, millions of people are going to start switching over in less then 5 days, so...yeah, better get it cracking. #3
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Yeah but SFZ has the power of the Wii U to push two different screens at the same time flying around at 60 FPS.

That's why it looks like PS2. Could they make it better? Maybe, but why try if you basically can't. Might as well go with the 'retro' look.

The original Zelda reveal looked quite nice.

But yeah something like this is running in UE4, and that ain't running on Wii U, and would be 15-30 FPS if we're lucky on P... #5.1
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Exactly. Not everyone watched Pokemon.

I respect the series, and love Pikachu.

But I was in college when the show started, so, I couldn't tell you anything other then they battled and they had that boy and girl who always talked in rhymes antagonizing whoever the black haired kid who owned Pikachu.

So yeah, expect people to make mistakes.

Especially a few years after any cartoon ends, the... #1.1.3
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