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There's a few things you've overlooked.

One, OS is a small footprint on PC nowadays
Two, Consoles now are PC's with huge and complex OS'es themselves.

If anything consoles are held back more because of their OS than PC's BY FAR. That's why the PS4 and XB1 have 8 GB's, but can only use what about ~5.5 GB's?

That and they reserved what two or three threads of the CPU too? But now they've given...

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1070 is more powerful than Scorpio. That's simply a fact, and it's not even debatable.

Scorpio is rumored to be 5-6 TFlops of AMD TFlops. 1070 is 6.4 of more efficient Nvidia TFlops, and that's at stock speeds, once you overclock it, or even just buy an super clocked ones (which is almost everything that isn't a founder's edition) you're looking at 7+ TFlops.

Having a GTX 970 already, I know how well even it can run 4k. It'...

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It's basically like the PS4 was in 2013. Not a beast. Decent, middling power for Scorpio in 2017.

In other words, about 1/3rd the power you can get from a single GPU solution in 2017, just like PS4 was in 2013.

So no, not a beast of a monster. A simple nice, console that can do some great stuff.

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There's two ways they can do this.

#1 Change the chip. Possible, but expensive, and delays would ensue
#2 Clock the chip higher. It's been shown that it looks like a downclocked RX480 at 911mhz, whereas on PC it will be clocked around 1266mhz, and has been shown to clock upwards of 1500mhz.

So yeah, they could raise the clock. They might have been too conservative to begin with. Upping the clock and using a better cooling solution wou...

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But they'll vote for a woman who has helped kill millions of people by voting and starting illegal wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc, etc.


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Not really. I have a Wii U, thus Zelda won't be a determining factor of whether or not I buy a NX.

Nintendo has to PROVE to ME, and tens if not hundreds of millions of their former customers WHY I should buy an NX.

Price, power, and 3rd party support are the most important factors. I can buy Zelda on Wii U. Would I like an upgraded version that runs better and looks prettier? Yep. That's why I also just upgraded from a GTX 970 to a GTX 1070...

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You think staying in a failing fascist construct is needed to 'care' for the rest of Europe? Every country needs to leave the EU, that's what's best for ALL of you, INCLUDING Germany.

Your country is being crushed by being in the EU... your country would be one that benefits the most. All of the PIIGS countries are being bled dry by EU mandates and austerity.

Bailouts for the big EU banks, and none for the people.


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People really don't know their tech.

1.8 TFlops in 2013 = 6 TFlops in 2017

It's not really anymore powerful than where tech was in 2013, it's just been updated to 2017.

Was the PS4 absurdly powerful? Nope. Neither will 6 TFLops be in 2017.

Insanely powerful in 2017 will be like Nvidia 1080ti or Titan around 13-16 TFlops, which are Nvidia TFlops which are more powerful than AMD TFlops. So that Ti/T...

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Actually if you include indies in PC gaming, there are more titles then ever.... WAY MORE TITLES.

Just look at how much stuff is releasing on Steam just about every day.

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No, they're morons. They are exactly who you don't want to listen to. Typical quarterly short-term bridge burning thinkers.

In other words, non-thinkers.

I've stated it many times, that while Spencer could of said it better, their strategy is easy to see and understand.

You see these morons are so used to doing things the moron way, that when the non-moron way happens, they can't analyze it, so they go nuclear on it and...

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No, they are basically extending the Xbox Brand to Windows 10 and beyond PC's. That's not undermining. They are giving the consumer choices.

They did not undermine the slim, they INFORMED their customers so they don't go buy a SLIM when a Scorpio is coming, so that then they get pissed and say they wish they would've known so they could of bought the Scorpio and now won't ever buy another Microsoft console again.

You see they tried...

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Sure there was. I have no doubt it played into their thoughts, but there were TONS of reasons for them to upgrade. If any time in console history justified an mid-cycle upgrade, NOW is that time.

1. Both PS4 and XB1 were underpowered at launch, possibly because of the problems with transitioning between 28nm. These consoles were likely targeting the 22nm, but it got delayed, and then skipped to the 16/14nm we are now seeing.
2. Microsoft has a need to get pa...

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We have to remember that TFlops between AMD and Nvidia are not equal. Nvidia is much more powerful at the same TFlop than AMD. For instance, if Nvidia powered the PS4, it could realistically be at the same TFlop rating as the Xbox One, but be just as powerful as the PS4 currently is. There's that much different. So all Nvidia really need to do is put a 3-3.5 TFlop part in a NX to match a rumored 4.14 TFlop Neo, and even then the NX might be ahead slightly.

So if w...

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It all depends. Obviously it's rumor powered level being judged against rumored power level, so it can definitely be off.

But it is possible, because consoles aren't the pinnacle of tech. They are using years (multiple) old technology in their designs. Scorpio and Neo as rumored are nothing close to cutting edge, just like PS4 and XB1 weren't anything close to cutting edge. There were people who already had more raw power under the hood in their PC's BEFO...

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If it is as powerful as the 'Neo', and that might mean lower TFlops, but more efficient because it's Nvidia. Like if it's ~3-3.5 Nvidia TFlops, it will be as powerful as Neo as 4.1 AMD TFLops from a GPU perspective.

If these people are saying TFLops wise it matches, it would actually exceed and be probably between Neo and Scorpio about halfway. But that's ONLY if it matches TFlops wise.

Developers overall want to make money. They d...

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Actually from what I understand there are four main things that determine 3rd party support. Not in any order
1. How hard it is to get a game on the particular console. Red tape, various limitations, quality control (think Nintendo's Certification).
2. Ease of dev tools/support (think how easy is it to put a game on, port one over, so on and so forth)
3. Power (If it's too little, they have to make basically a entirely new version just for that particular...

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Um it's the same as the last trilogy. You could be female or male then. You can be female or male now. The only difference is that they switched the default one to a female.

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A new red dead in 4k? That'll be tough on Scorpio. I don't think it'll be possible. Scorpio and the CPU just aren't powerful enough. Neo pretty much impossible.

On Scorpio? Lowest settings, 20 FPS... maybe. But at that point, just use the power to make it a rock solid and beautiful 1080p experience.

Scorpio is just a couple of toes in 4k, it's not going to do it completely competent. 2013-2015 titles won't be patched in (thou...

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The long term approach is that Microsoft doesn't want to piss off customers. That's why they announced both.

Microsoft is trying to learn the examples that came from the effects of leadership arrogance regarding the plan for Xbox One.

They are telegraphing that you can get a slim if you want, but they're going to be offering a much better Xbox One in 2017, and so you should know that so if you'd rather have that, then wait.

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Overall while great power gains will be had during this process for PC's, it won't be the main focus. The focus seems to be on architectural changes that are like getting their ducks in a row to then focus on a good leap in power. They need to get from here to there. That seems to be what is on the minds of GPU makers (or at least AMD) over the next 3-4 years. Of course some massive gains will be had, but it'll be more like 20-40% per gen rather than the 80-100 percent we ju...

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