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Don't forget this has all occurred during the backdrop of the biggest overall market bubble in the history of mankind.

Everything is in a bubble, and the bubble didn't grow from excess legitimately created, it was formed with money printing, accounting changes/fraud, stock buy backs, 0 percent interest rates, etc, etc.

Obama didn't fix the economy. What caused 2008 was never fixed, and everything is tangibly worse. Even in 2008 they weren...

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You're way off. I have opened about 35 loot boxes so far and have level 10 almost every droid/clone. Plus tons of upgrades for ships and heroes.

Use scrap to upgrade your star cards or attachments. People act like they need to upgrade everything. Upgrade what you like, and you'll have enough. The RNG gods will also throw you a bone here or there.

You get loot box free every day you log on. There are challenges that award loot boxes, credits,...

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No, but with BF1 if you wanted the complete experience it cost $110, now you get it for $60 (or less like $38) and all the maps will be free. No split user base.

Again, you can upgrade your star cards with scrap. You get a free loot box every day, and I must have opened 25 loot boxes in the beta.

SNES games used to be $65-90 and the equivalent now would be $150-175. $38-60 for the full experience in 2017 isn't bad.

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Guys, you can upgrade your cards with scrap.

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No you don't. You can upgrade your cards with scrap.

Meanwhile in the beta I've already got almost all the cards for each character and vehicle in the beta.

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No it isn't. It's a handheld.

It's limited in power based on it's battery.
It's limited in power based on it's lack of heat dissipation due to being a handheld.
It's a handheld because it literally uses the Nvidia Shield HANDHELD Tegra X1 in it.
It's got a screen on the 'console' like a handheld.

It's got the power of a handheld, which when compared to PC is from 2007 GPU wise, and ab...

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You are rolling your eyes because you think someone responding to a crazy statement is people being butt hurt?

Wow, simply wow.

I like Nintendo, but I'm still waiting for their next CONSOLE. Not paying a $200 premium for handheld bs, paid crap online, insane storage, uncomfortable controls... and that $200 price premium is just for the unit, let alone all the stuff you have to buy to make it functional. It's the power of 2007, not paying $29...

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Yes, those it does have are far and away behind everything else. Doom is literally the easiest running AAA game this generation and it still is massively compromised. Does it look 'decent' with 30 FPS and dips... yep.

But the game can easily run at 160-200FPS with massively higher settings on PC. Hell it's easy to get 4k/60 on that game. It runs rock solid on PS4/XB1.

It's not even a 'console'. It's a handheld that can ...

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EA/DICE has been consistently giving away DLC and has been moving to free maps and events to prolong the life of their multiplayer games. They've been creating free maps for basically all of their mp projects and the ones with season passes have basically all become free at some point. Battlefield 1 probably will at some point. Battlefield 5 may not even have a season pass.

You can say the boat has sailed, but people suspected this day was going to come for the last...

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You can feel however you want about anything. Your experience with 1's beta is your own. I can't tell you what you like or don't like.

But if you think 2 looks like a small improvement you simply haven't been paying attention.

Battlefront 2 has far more improvements over 1 then Destiny 2 has over 1. Not even...

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What about all the free content? They've added a TON of free content. Quite a few free maps. Hell you can get all the DLC for free now.

Battlefront 2 will have free MAPS and is coming in with much more content.

EA/DICE have given away a TON of free content.

People forget that they've given away BF4 DLC +free maps, BF hardline DLC, Plants vs. Zombies 1 and 2 had free maps.

Meanwhile you forget that they went...

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Well there isn't always copies everywhere. If anything, the amount of physical game on day 1 is far lower then 10 years ago.

Digitally, there's always a copy. But at launch it's $53-59.99.

When you can get a price like $38.99 like you could in June, and might have liked the first one, there is little risk.

You can always cancel as well, and with the open beta coming up on Oct 6th, even more people will have the knowledge o...

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It's the CPU. That's why 60 FPS is hard.

Much higher then 10 TFlops. 4.2->6.X was one year leap. 1.8-->4.2 was 3 year leap. (1.3-6.X was 4 year leap)

15-20 is possible in 2020-2021 for $399.

15-20 will literally be in PC's next year.

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But most PC gamers don't buy a PC with every GPU upgrade.

For many PC gamers, if they built a decent i7 920 in 2008 or anything i7 from 2008 onwards, all they really have to do is buy a GPU.

For less then the price of a X1X, you can get a far better GPU and couple it with a far better CPU (2008 or later) and have a better fidelity/framerate experience.

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Dude, you really think the guy above you is 'unbelievably angry'?

He didn't show one bit of anger. You're crossing your streams bro.

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X1X barely does 4k/60 for games that came out in 2013-2017.

Do people not understand how this works? The power needed to run 4k/60 continually goes up, because the graphics and processes at 4k/60 (or ANY resolution) constantly goes up.

Just like you could at one time have rock solid 1080/60 off 0.8 TFlops at beyond console settings, you now can literally utilize almost 10x that amount for 1080/60.

Same thing for 4k. 4k at 2 TFlops to ...

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5-6x the CPU power. Which turns situations where say if an X1X had the same CPU it would be running at 80-100 FPS instead of 35-45 locked down to 30.

A GTX 1070 is a class above what's in the X1X. When overclocked, not hard and not extreme, you get about 7+ TFlops, which is effectually about 50 percent more then what X1X has as it performs about as well as about 9 TFLops AMD. All coupled with a processor that can easily be 5-6x what's in ...

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He claims to be a gamer, he just isn't good at his job. After all he works on Wall Street. King of the put your money here, loses 70 percent, oh it's better now, put your money here, lose another 70 percent, hey don't worry it's safe now.... 2017... clock ticking.

In other words, it doesn't matter if you're wrong on Wall Street, everyone is wrong on Wall Street.

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It'll come out when around that time, the tech is out 7nm, ready for mass production, and cheap enough to make the consoles viable. It doesn't make sense until this time.

Not just on the GPU side, but CPU. It may or may not be 2020, could be later.

PS4 (like earlier Playstations) will continue to be sold years after, just like always.

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