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You could get 39" 4ktv's for as low as $259 three years ago. Now you can get 4k/60 name brand ones that are 40" for about $499. It's cheap. 6 years ago you could barely find a generic (like a Dynex or something) 1080 40" for $399-499. Most were like $599-649.

PS4 Pro is $399, that's the same price PS4 launched at. That's cheap.

Meanwhile a Switch costs $299, and most will need extra storage so add $50-100 for suffici...

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It's called... you can't preorder it in the U.S.

If people remember (generally they don't), the same thing happened with the Wii U Pro Controller.

Nintendo makes a console without a pro controller, knows tons want one, lowballs production of it.

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Exactly, Sony and MS have probably reached about 40 percent of what they are going to sell.

The majority of what they sell lies ahead, at better price points, where more parents and adults are more comfortable buying a system.

People have to understand that there will be millions of people buying a PS4/XB1 in 2019-2020 for the first time.

The notion that everyone who already wants a PS4/XB1 has got them is just ignorance pure and simple...

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No one is saying that YOU are wrong for what YOU want.

What they are saying is, that people like you are in the vast minority.

In order for Nintendo to succeed, they NEED to get the people who DON'T think like that to actually buy Nintendo's systems.

Switch won't. Too underpowered. Too expensive. Too many accessories needed to use it like a PS4/XB1. Too convoluted... and everyone's seen this song and dance the previou...

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Switch has far, far less 3rd party support then Wii U got. Some people just don't take the time to figure that out and are assuming they are getting a higher level, when in fact it's like 90 percent less or even worse then that.

Facts are facts, and you can go to page 4 of metacritic's Wii U page to confirm it. ...

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Things change.

At that time 360/PS3 were still getting ports of everything. Now they don't.

Now they are making games with PS4/XB1 as the low end, PS4 Pro/Scorpio as the medium end, and PC as the high end (with support from the low to high end for all the different PC configurations).

Also they heavily modified the Source engine for Titanfall 2. Thus it was not designed to work on PS3/360 level hardware or anywhere close to it. ...

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But it wouldn't be the full experience. That's the point. At best, which the Switch will never get to because it doesn't have anything to sell like the Wii... it would get the same type of gimped ports.

So in order to get gimped ports like the Wii, it has to sell like the Wii.

Switch ain't selling like the Wii.

(and by gimped, I'm not saying lower resolution, textures, framerate). I'm saying they have to gimp ...

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Things can be drastically different. Remember Batman Arkham Knight was on Unreal 3 engine.

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No that new Mario looks no where near an Xbox One game.

That city level looks like something out of PS2.

Also the levels aren't big. People have already shown that they are very small level size wise.

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The problem is, they will ONLY do that if it sells like gangbusters like Wii, because that is the only reason Wii got those ports.

However without some craze to get people to buy Switch like Wii, they won't get that support.

There is no craze in mobile gaming or rumble hd. People have phones and have seen mobile gaming since Gameboy in 1989. Rumble hd is well, just adding a bit more function on top of something everyone already did. It's not go...

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Ubisoft had SIX launch titles for Wii U, and three more within four months.
EA/WarnerBros/Activision had about 12 more titles at launch for Wii U.
You had Sega/Namco-Bandai/THQ/Disney etc ALL at launch.

You had a from the ground up made for Wii U Call of Duty Blops 2, which had amazing use with the gamepad.

A brand new Assassin's Creed.

Madden, FIFA, Transformers, etc

Zombi U from the ground up, ...

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It's not as hard as it seems to make a VR game. If you start early in development you can basically make any game have an option for VR.

Supporting Switch is an entirely different platform. Having to code it for far, far less powerful tech then you were initially targeting. You are comparing apples to oranges.

Any AAA game can have a VR mode, you don't need it to be a separate game. Like play campaign in VR. O...

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Werewolves Within is just good fun. Time flies, and a good relaxing game to drink to.

Star Trek VR looks great, and hopefully the extra four months they gave it for polish includes packing in more missions.

Less then two months to go now.

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The others were out FAR earlier.

This thing has been scarce since launch due to supply problems and STILL overtook them in about two-three months.

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Hell the Wii U had far, far more 3rd party support then Switch. Ubisoft had SIX launch titles for Wii U, including one from the ground up, Zombi U (that made great use of the gamepad). It then launched three more games within the next four months after launch. Warner Bros/EA/Activision launched Wii U with about 12 titles, and released more after that. There were others as well. THQ/Capcom/Namco-Bandai/Disney /Sega/2kSports all at launch. You had Call of Duty made from the ground up with ...

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For Switch to be a success it needs these types of games. If it doesn't happen, it won't be one. That's just an objective fact barring some craze and Switch OBJECTIVELY doesn't have that.

As a console it'll just be another Wii U but worse, quite a bit worse. Wii U exceeded the power target for 3rd party games when it released. It was just late and ABOUT to be left behind. It also had bad tools. Switch is already FAR behind, and will be getting fur...

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Yeah, he said he was excited about Switch... but then reality set in with what Nintendo actually made.

It's not anti the idea of making the game on a Nintendo system.

It's laughing at anyone expecting the game to run on the underpowered system Nintendo made.

Every dev needs to do this. Shame Nintendo with reality out of their bubble.

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How about matchmaking and chat NOT through a cellphone?

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Don't forget, you need a compatible smartphone to chat online and matchmake online for Switch. Through an app, that you likely have to pay for.

It's more of a 1st party Nintendo device then Wii U was. Wii U actually HAD support to lose. Switch looks like it will never get it to begin with besides a token effort here or there.

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What? Ubisoft had SIX launch titles for Wii U, and 3 more within four months. EA/Activision/WB games had a total of about 12 more.

They had FIFA/MADDEN/Mass effect 3, Batman Arkham Asylum....

They had a Call of Duty made from the ground up WITH a great usage of the gamepad. Assassin's Creed III came out a mere few weeks after it launched everywhere else.

Zombi U was a made from the ground up game.

Then ther...

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