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Not really... they cut themselves out of about 3/4ths of the sales by not releasing it on PS4 and PC at the same time.

By the time it releases on PS4, where it WOULD HAVE sold the most, the XB1 version will probably be 30-40 bucks, and the PC version I'm sure will be had for $15 on many digital sites, and not too far behind that Steam as well. Remember, on PC, ROTR would likely sell about half of what it sells on XB1 even.

Meanwhile they could of had it... #1.2
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It was basically Madden football of the year before. It was a great game. Whatever the limitations, Madden was light years ahead of anyone else in the sports games world back then. (back when they actually had some big improvements EVERY year)

So you are basically calling out Madden back then too, and that's simply wrong. Is it crap compared to today? Sure. But back then it was king, and so the Mutant version was great for its time.

Some pretty cool... #1.2
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Still haven't seen one frame from the PC version.

Avalanche has a good track record, but WB does not, and ultimately WB determines the release date whether it's ready or not.

It'll probably be ok, but we haven't seen anything, and that doesn't make sense after the recent WB snafus.

You'd think they'd want to prove it to us, because alot of people are going to be holding back, and may choose not to buy it, since MGS... #5
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Still a bit too jumpy, but acceptable. Far better then AW.

No loot drops to manage YEA!

Weapons felt good, maps were good.

The specialists are neat. Each one has two different options of which you pick one.

Love the G.I. Unit. Get your butt kicked by Chappie. He's a killstreak, he can protect you are go on patrol... and he kicks butt.

R.A.P.S. are interesting little ball things.

Mothe... #3
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Kojima can do either. Alone or with someone else.

Besides, for people talking about influence from a new dev/publisher... well have you read about the working conditions at Konami?

Yeah... I'm pretty sure everywhere else will seem like a walk in the park. #21
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Older gamers, remember consoles that didn't have disc drives... they had cartridges.

Computers had DISK drives, and they were DISKS not discs.

No one should care about the medium of something. A SD card or a bluray... who cares.

What matters is... are there benefits from a switch, and yes, there can be quite a bit.

Discs are fragile, and I've never liked that aspect about them, and my 360 chewed them up. So did my S... #6.1
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No, it's football.

Football is a violent sport, and just about everybody that plays in the NFL, eventually suffers a major injury.

The guys who are normally on the covers are guys who are getting smacked around... the QB's, the RB's, the WR's.

These guys get hit. #1
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The people hating are morons, pure and simple.

They must be people who have ONLY used CD/DVD/Bluray discs for games.

There ARE other mediums, and a discless console... IF it becomes a reality DOES NOT mean it is digital only.

Only a moron thinks DISCLESS automatically = NO PHYSICAL Media.

The two are not mutually exclusive.

Carts, SD cards, maybe something else proprietary. I'm fine with it.
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Pro Wrestling. Oh yeah. Starman with the starkick. #3
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They said the beta goes through the 23rd, so you have probably ~31-32 hours to play.

Was playing just 45 minutes ago. Now trying to get into splatoon demo... just like the others, connection error after error with Nintendo being cheap for the demo servers (it is, trust me). #5.1
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People are getting confused.

The console can be discless and still utilize physical media. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Cartridges, SD Cards, some proprietary physical media, are all options.

If this allows them to put $15-20 more into the guts of the hardware for better performance, and/or lower the price at launch, that would be a good thing.

Besides disc drives are unnecessary fail point in consoles. Anyone her... #21
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Not officially out?

Sorry. It's not officially being sold.

It came out, ran like crap, and they pulled it because the Steam refunds was refunding the $59.99 they paid PLUS they got to keep their take.

You cannot say it's not released after it RELEASED. That's just idiotic to the extreme.

So if you are actually receiving say $40 per copy, but are forced to refund $59.99 per copy that is refunded, you are going to... #10.2
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No.. why should it?

It's a grand vision, and that takes time. They said so, and since then they've added a bunch of features that take time... aka MORE TIME.

Plus you want them to do these ultra creative things right...right?

I have no problem with waiting, besides, the longer they take, the better the game will run because you will likely have better hardware.

I have no problem with it, and fully expected it. I won... #7
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It was absurdly low. Especially for THREE CHARACTERS. #4
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No because if you boycott, you are just confirming their decision.

You are giving them an OUT to the rationale of why they got rid of Kojima and shuttered the series.

If you buy it, and this WILL be the biggest selling Metal Gear ever, you will showcase to Konami, why the idiots at the top should be replaced, and perhaps the next leader brings it back, perhaps even makes changes to the fascist nature of their dirty business practices.

Or pe... #35
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Michael Pachter, like almost every analyst on Wall Street, is a complete and utter moron.

They guess and guess and guess, with bad information, and are almost always wrong.

Pachter is like a broken clock, right twice a day... the rest of the time he is so horribly wrong.

The fact that he is a gamer and still gets almost everything wrong is sad as hell.

How many analysts saw the dot com bubble blowing up? Virtually no one, bu... #4.2
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...and it's that size relative to you too! #2.1
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You can already get the game for about $16. Just saying. #1.1.2
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Don't mind waiting at all. They are creating something big, and are going to pull it off. They have the money, they have the talent, they have the conceptualizations of what they need to create.

It's just going to take time like any game would.

You know with the boarding ships battles that will be possible, someone, somewhere will create a mod from the beginning of Star Wars when the Empire boards Princess Leia's ship. #12
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The Alpha was fun. It seemed most people knew what was up on PC without mics, and seemed like returnees to the franchise. It probably wasn't as fun standing up and only playing a time or two. You need to get into this sort of game, and play many matches to learn the ins and outs.

I'm a bit concerned about the only 1 death play modes.

I like variety. Sometimes I want to play modes where you only have 1 life, sometimes I like the frenzy nature of un... #6
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