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Don't know anything about that.

What I do know is that if you buy physical it's $59.99 (and coming later), but $39.99 is digital. (oh and if you buy physical for $59.99 they also give you a digital key so you don't have to wait until the disc comes... which is 'later this year'.

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There's some glitches, and right now they servers are hammered.

But it's a fun game by a small studio. It was a crowd funded game. I don't expect AAA, but it's got some great high end values about it.

It's suspenseful, because nothing gets that heart racing then when Jason is after you and there's not much you can do about it. It's much like Alien Isolation in that respect. Here he comes, get out of the way.

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11 hours and 51 minutes from now.

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Why would they? They are building those things in the PC version, just like they did for the first one.

So why not use those higher level assets for Scorpio over Pro and Pro over PS4 and PS4 over XB1?

This should not be a problem for any game that makes a decent PC version.

Devs want to make, what they deem is the best version possible, for each platform. That doesn't mean they'll make everyone happy as some people will wa...

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If he's getting it on PC later, then he IS playing Destiny 2 on PC... eventually.

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It's power is not boosted when docked. It's just running at full power. They downclock it when it's undocked. That's a big difference from saying 'boosted power' when plugged into the TV.

It's not a home console, otherwise it would get ALL of the multiplats that are on consoles. It's a Nintendo system that can run Nintendo 'console' games that are targeted around 2007 power levels. Anything cartoony and indie has a chance as wel...

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With that CPU, not a chance in hell. Scorpio is a 4k/30 machine.

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Personally I could care less for achievements. They don't mean anything. But it's ok if that's what you like.

The problem is, it's literally keeping you from playing games.

Achievements aren't worth that man. It's not like there is any prestige in achievements.

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No. It's just fine. Some people just don't want to deal with another one I guess. Works just fine for me with Overwatch.

I also think it fits well in the theme of Gives it another piece of the multiplayer genre. In a sense it would be a one stop shop with WoW, Overwatch, Destiny 2, Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, HOTS, Hearthstone.

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It doesn't work like that.

Even PC at the highest specs are roughly around at the bottom level of what could be considered 'next gen'.

Again, the reason people want one is because of the CPU. The Pro and Scorpio are losing a ton of frames because of the crap CPU.

[email protected] loses 30-40 percent FPS on average from a i7 7700k.

Well some people peg the Scorpio's CPU at about a FX8350... but at only 2...

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Dumb. On many levels.

Undercut PS4
Destroy faith in anyone who bought a PS4 Pro.

The sad thing is though, people wouldn't be saying this if they had put decent CPU's in. That is by far the bottleneck.

When a FX8350 at 4ghz is losing 30-40% FPS compared to a top end I7 7700k and yet Scorpio's CPU is considered to be about half as fast as a FX8350, because it's only clocked at 2.3GHZ... yeah.


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No 60 FPS. This isn't a game 30 FPS can get away with. It sucked on Destiny 1. I feel for anyone that's going to be playing this at 30 FPS.

Then again I won't be playing it at all if they don't put in matchmaking. Never even did Vault of Glass because of it.

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and matchmaking. Give people options. Don't tell them to arbitrarily jump through stupid hoops to find fireteams of people who don't want to do what you need to do.

Then come out and tell us you thought it was a miracle that 50 percent of people jump through the hoops. They literally said that.

Gee thanks... Instead of watching the madness, why didn't you patch in matchmaking? Thanks Bungie! Now this 30 FPS crap is hilarious. The 30 FPS ...

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I understand what you are talking about, but at the same time... 4k tv's have been as low as $249 since like 2013-2014.

4ktv's basically cost a small premium over 1080p. $500-1000 will get you one helluva 4ktv.

You don't need a monitor. You just need a 4ktv. For instance, if people looked around they could of gotten something like a 55" 4k Vizio P series (non HDR) 4k/60 that also does 1080/120 for $799 almost 2 years ago.

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“The Raids in Destiny one couldn’t be experienced by everyone. Fifty percent of people who reached the level cap got organized into Fireteams and completed a Raid,” Smith said. “This is amazing. It’s almost a miracle.” He added.

Thanks Bungie. You just admitted that not only did you know your lack of matchmaking was inferior, that you thought it was almost a miracle that so many people jumped through the arbitrary hoops you put in front of people.


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Preordered, looks great. Been waiting for this for a long time.

Werewolves Within is great, and that team did this too. Similar social aspect but radically different. Should be great.

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Of course it does. Getting franchises that sell likely combined hundred million+ copies a year is good for any console. Ignoring that is ludicrous.

That's like having a restaurant outside of a professional sports stadium and purposefully closing on game days. Why? Ignorance.

At the same time, it's poor specs compared to where they are taking these franchises is a problem. ~0.2-0.4 TFlops is hard for a game that is targeting 1.3-15 TFlops when...

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The CPU in this build is way more powerful then what will be in Scorpio. Full fledged OS doesn't use much more resources then a console. Consoles aren't running an OS like a NES or Genesis. They have web browsers, play movies, have apps, keep track of people going online and offline, messaging, etc, etc. Jesus, the minimum spec of Windows 10 is basically a Pentium III (single core 1000mhz and 1 gb ram). Not to mention Scorpio will be using a slimmed down version of Windows 10. ...

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Actually they didn't sell really bad. Attachment rate was pretty good.

What happened was the amount of Wii U's sold, and the cost to develop special versions for it, meant that they weren't making money.

For instance, if it sold say 50 percent attachment for Wii U and 10 percent attachment for 360/PS3... guess which one made alot more money. Not the Wii U. (those weren't the numbers, but just showing that it's more then attachment, ...

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It also depends on the engine. UE4 has a port to Switch button, which makes it faster, but people forget a few things with that.

#1. The result might not be something that is really playable or sellable. (most of the time sure, but not always)
#2. Few games use UE4.

People touting Unreal Engine on Switch are forgetting that 99 percent of games on PS4/XB1/PC are NOT using the Unreal Engine 4 and thus none of that matters Switch.

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