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No, but I'd like to get back to the days where they were far closer to them then they are now.

Xbox 360 in 2005 was far closer to a top end machine then X1X is in 2017.

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I would hope so, and I definitely see WHY we need to get to $399.

But every year that goes past, a $399 console gives you less. It would be fantastic if AMD/Nvidia get better yields. That would definitely help.

To make a 360/PS3 powerful device in 2020 would be like $1200. (and I mean in terms of relative performance for the time)

Wages aren't going up, but due to money printing and bailouts the currencies of the world are deprec...

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It's about timing. 1080ti @2000mhz is ~14 TFlops (about 17 AMD TFLops) and it's not even Volta.

Also people need to realize that whatever resolution you want is a moving target.

What ran 1080/60 in 2005 was 1/10th of what is needed in 2017 for 1080/60. Same thing will happen for 4k and VR. What is needed for various resolutions and framerates will continue to go up as developers add better IQ.

Whatever the case is, the CPU...

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Ryzen in X1X or Pro would give you another 30-40 FPS.

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Well hopefully Terry Crews voices an upcoming character 1-2-3 down the road.

But the character is interesting. Seems like Mei and snipers can get him pretty good.

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Well there was a time when handheld+console for Nintendo moved ~250 million units.

Combined not even 100 million is not a good thing.

Even Wii U +3ds hit 85 million.

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A console or a hybrid? Because any hybrid is going to be held back power wise to the point it's basically a portable or comparable to a console from 10 years ago. As a console Wii U is 2007 tech. As a handheld it's near leading tech. Quite the disparity.

The problem is, most devs make games with consoles in mind. So if their plan is to keep selling systems that won't get 3rd party support, the masses will figure it out again.

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Don't need Switch for 2 of those 3 games.

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Consumers aren't saying much of anything. Insane demand? Not even close.

They aren't making many of them and they haven't made enough to satisfy the group of people who would buy any NIntendo device for any reason.

People trying to say the first 4-5 million sold means there's 100 million or more afterwards is a big stretch.

Especially when Nintendo in their hey day could sell 250 million ...

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A PC can hook up to the same tv in the living room.

You can use a 360 controller, Xbox One controller, Dual Shock 4, etc for the games on PC.

You can get a wireless keyboard and mouse.

PC gaming in the living room = console gaming in the living room... especially when you can have them setup to the same tv and control each with wireless devices.

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Everyone should game what they desire, but boy are you wrong about some things.

With PC, you have multiple control schemes. ~99 percent of games that are on console that are also on PC have controller options. Heck one of my favorites is 360 controller + mouse. That way you use a controller stick for movement, and precision aim with the mouse.

Time for the game run properly? How? If you have a decent machine it usually defaults above console quality....

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Huh? You could buy similar things for the past 10 years.

A) Cost less
B) Came with games on board
C) Had two cartridge slots for NES and SNES games.

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Why would you think someone with a PC, would need a NEW PC to game at 4k?

If you have anything from an i7 3770k or up, odds are, you just need a new GPU, and maybe some ram if you didn't get 16gb's to start or upgraded since then.

Hell I bet an old i7 920 from 2008 at 3.8-4ghz would do the job.

In other words... many PC's don't need to be replaced, they just need an upgrade or two.

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Way too early to say how well Switch will sell. It's selling out in low numbers and is two product lines in one.

It's a Nintendo device, and it serves that niche. But they haven't even made enough to sell it to it's most hardcore devotees.

For me, I'll stick with my Wii U. There's literally nothing compelling me to buy a Switch even announced yet. Got Zelda on my Wii U and upgrading to the magical 720-900/30 isn't worth it....

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But most people who have been buying a tv for the past year have been buying them.

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4ktv's have been as low as $269 since summer of 2014. Now they didn't have HDR or 60fps, but they were still good. Hell the Seiki I had at the time could do 1080/120.... actually 1080/136, 1440/80, 1620/63, 1800/52. Great little set until it died.

The cheaper 4k/60 HDR tv's will be down at that price pretty soon.

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The framerate is held back because of the CPU. The GPU lets them add more quality and up the resolution.

Yes obviously a better GPU can take a 40-50 FPS game and usually let it hit 60, but it's a hard slog to get there.

It's the CPU which is insanely bottlenecking the Pro and Scorpio. Hell it's the problem with the base PS4/XB1.

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Actually for Pro it's the same price as the PS4 launched, and the Scorpio is the same as the XB1 launched.

So no, it's not 'more expensive' console wise.

People also need to learn WHY things cost more.

Is it costing more because the tech is at a higher level for the current times? I.E. is the tech a level higher then the PS4/XB1 was? NOPE.

Or is it costing more because the value of the paper in your ...

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You see the disconnect is, you think of it as a handheld mostly, and treat it as such.

Most gamers, want to game in a traditional setting, with a tv, etc.

To these people, and they are the majority, portability means nothing.

Thus when you connect it up to a HDTV, it is indeed equivalent to 10 year old tech, displaying 10 year old graphics. That's how they game, and that's how they are going to judge Switch.

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HDR isn't everything. I'm perfectly fine with my Vizio P Series. 4k looks breathtaking even without HDR.

It also can do 1080/120, and one of the lowest input lags from a tv.

55", only $799, almost 2 years ago.

The reason 60fps is hard for the consoles, is the crap CPU. Jaguar's suck. PS4 Pro and X1X are losing a ton of frames per second because of the crap CPU. Even the regular PS4/X1 are being held back.

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