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Upscale is not the same thing whatsoever.

Why does everyone think that changing the resolution and allowing higher framerate somehow takes a ton of time (it's a few settings changes), and that this is somehow calling for different assets (textures, lighting, etc)

It's not. Change 30FPS cap to 60 FPS. Change the 1600x900 or 1920x1080 to 4k. No one is asking for them to create different assets.

But in many cases, guess what, th...

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ROFL, it doesn't take a lot of time to change resolutions.

No one is saying, adding different textures or anything else, it's like a command in the console, that we don't have access to because it's a console game. Thus, the need for a patch.

Remove the 30FPS cap on games and allow for 60 also isn't hard. The only time this would be an issue is if the game's animation is tied to framerate.

It's so weird peo...

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Troubled development? 5 years? Not really.

The game has really been under actual development for 4 years since the kickstarter, and it took a year to ramp up the hiring, so really it's only been three years in full production.

That said, this game has a massive scope, is actually more like two games (a FPS and a MMO), has incredibly detailed nuances, and is overall just a huge game.

When you realize that each Call of Duty gets THRE...

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Of course to finalize things. But as of now, we have now had many leaks that all revolve around the same things.

Maybe there isn't fire, but there sure is a whole lot of smoke.

If this is truly what it is, or near it, it's not hard to see how certain aspects play out.

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No, it's just what the power and specs means today. By knowing this stuff you can save yourself a ton of heartache of buying a device only to see it be a waste of money.

People want 1080/60 today. Some want 4k/60 or 1080/120 or beyond. That's what people are talking about. Here comes Nintendo with a 720-1080/60 machine for it's own games, significantly less for 3rd party.

If the rumors are true, it will get less 3rd party support then th...

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Yeah but you realize you just said the NX is competing with smartphones which have similar specs and are already bought by people.

So who will buy the NX if the rumored plan is that they are going to get smartphone users to switch over? That this is the 'red ocean' they are banking on.

That's the problem, Nintendo is not only competing and losing against consoles and light years behind PC's, but they also are being outdone by smartphones...

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It's the Wii U plan again. Except they made it so you can play/process the games on the gamepad instead.

Then instead of it getting delayed from 2010 or 2011 to 2012, they launch it a couple years earlier as compared to the Wii U.

It's really just a reformulated Wii U plan actually implemented on time (despite the delay) it's still ahead of the original Wii U plan which was 5 and 6 years passed 360/PS3.

Except the entire la...

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The NX basically already is that. (if the rumors are true).

It's a handheld that hooks up to a HDTV, and because their consoles games are made at such a low graphical level (resembling ten years ago but at 720p and sometimes 1080p) and complexity, their console games can run on a handheld.

By not investing in making AAA modern games with their IP's, they have allowed mobile tech to play their premium console games. So they are trying to turn a ...

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Ubisoft supported the Wii U very well, until it abandoned it because they were losing money on it.

So they decided to do this again, but with limits. So in other words, the Wii U is looking like a better 3rd party support machine then the NX.

They didn't talk about the next Far Cry on it, or watch dogs, or splinter cell, or assassin's creed. (3 of those 4 series had a Wii U version). They also had their 'special' game for it, Zombi U. ...

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Yes but if the Wii U had support for 3ds titles, do you think the average Wii U user would of played them at home on the tv?

I know I never would of bought any. It would of been a useless feature to me on the Wii U. Just like I never would of bought Vita games on the PS3/PS4 if given the option.

Both divisions merging means nothing. All it means is that both segments will be on the same device. They are still making two different style of games. The...

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Well first off, it has to actually match the XB1, not just GPU but also CPU. The rumors put it between 0.5-1 TFlop. Even 1 TFlop is 2007-2008 power levels.

A game that runs say 720/60 on the XB1 is going to struggle on the NX.

But you forget a few things when making such a declaration. It would only work in docked mode. Because almost no way when 'on the go', it has more than 0.5 TFlops. So if you think you're going to get the AAA 2017-20...

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We don't know. 0.5-1 TFlops is looks like. 1 TFlop in 2017 is still 2007-2008 power levels.

For a console that sucks. Plus, it would only be that way when docked.

When 'on the go', it's power would be substantially less. Like 0.5 TFlops at most, probably more like around Wii U power.

Still rumors, but more and more rumors from many different sources are triangulating it.

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Have no interest for portability. That's what a cellphone is for, and I don't even use that much for it.

If this rumor is true, it better be $199 or less, and even at $199 it's going to struggle against $299 dedicated consoles which are far more powerful, have a library, and get AAA 3rd party games.

It's a handheld, not a console. You just can hook it up. Most of the games are still likely going to be FP16 mobile games and not FP32 con...

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Actually you are wrong. This comparison shows that if you have the original PC versions there is no need to buy this version. Many people on PC, got these for $5 a piece, which means these three games cost them $15.

A good segment of people who might have done that wished to play these games again, IF they were better than then the original PC versions and would of bought them if they were. Otherwise they should just play them again on their PC.

This a...

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Besides, if it's really Nintendo games that are that differentiation, they can play on ANY system that Nintendo deems it can. So if Nintendo made a competitive console against the likes of PS4 Pro/Scorpio even if it was 3rd in power with say 3 TFlops (instead of 4.2 or 6), it would completely allow NIntendo to put out their games, and

There's no reason they can't compete with Sony/MS. Some people have stupidly convinced themselves otherwise. But the fact re...

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I'd rather have that then something that a console that bombs.

Besides you don't really have a point. You think you do, but you're completely wrong.

Different isn't always better. Do you really think that much value was added by going 'different' in with the Wii U gamepad? Nope. I had alot of fun with BLOPS and Blacklist with it, but overall I would give those experiences up for a console that would be selling well now and w...

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Also, how it's used. If 85 percent of people use it as a handheld, it may not make much sense to make a console game on it.

Additionally, it has to have the power to actually do what Ubisoft wants to do. So if it can't run the next Tom Clancy game, well no matter how well it sells, it likely won't get the next Tom Clancy game. Perhaps if it sold really well, highly doubtful, it could get those crap versions of AAA games like the Wii got. Where the games we...

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Zelda is also on Wii U, and the NX version may not be much better. It may not be ANY better. It may just be able to take it on the go at a lower performance level comparable to the Wii U version.

We have to remember though that the Wii U had games like Call of Duty, Tom Clancy Splinter Cell Blacklist, Zombi U, either at launch or by early the next year.

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We'll see. It's all about how well it sells, and why people are buying it. The two aren't equal.

If it sells say 30 million in it's life as a handheld, and 5 million buy and use it as a console. (and yes they should have access to this knowledge) it wouldn't make much sense to put out an Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, Watch Dogs, or any Tom Clancy game, etc on it.

Though they may support it with Assassin's Creed the mobile phone...

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Yes they did.

They and Activision had pretty solid support the first year. BLOPS2 on Wii U was amazing.

But when people balked at paying $349 for such a low power device and opted to wait for the vastly more powerful PS4 which came in at $399 destroyed it.

Now they have a similar situation. Once again they are looking to put out a 'handheld' that they reportedly are stupidly going to call a console, with the power of 2007-...

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