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Right now iPhones only make up about 15 percent of market share, and decreasing. In 2 years that might be 10-12 percent. There simply is little reason to own an overpriced iPhone. There are better high end phones from other companies, and you don't even need to pay top dollar to get a great phone. Big HD screens with quad core processors and 2-3GB's of ram really don't cost much these days.

Also how many are actually paying to play? With Candy Crush you h...

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Isn't this the one that is also coming to PSVR? If so, I wonder if it will be free on the PS4?

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People are forgetting the stock market isn't real anymore, it's the plaything of HFT's which boost or crash a stock on anything, and central bank buying.

Plus you have to factor in the value of the currency.

People really need to understand what stock markets are now. Casinos.

This isn't about Sony, Nintendo, or Pokemon Go, it's about worldwide fraud. Stocks are in the biggest bubble in history.


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Exactly I can't complain because I get it free.

I'm also pretty sure it will get discounts pretty quickly. I don't think this will be a game that is still $60, 9 months after release.

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It's happened before. The 970 was cheaper than the 670 or 770.

Another reason could be to create demand and to beat a competitor.

Also economic conditions, like 2008 (which was never fixed and will return bigger than ever) can do it.

Otherwise they are going to price it what people are willing to buy. Since Nvidia has had the best performing cards, plus their proprietary stuff, means they know the demand is there. They've g...

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No, compare the 1060 to 980. From all leaks and rumors the 1060 beats a 980.

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There are games where 1080p can't be maxed out with a 480 or equivalent Nvidia card. Some games are like that. Where a few settings really kill performance.

The whole overkill meme for 1080p really doesn't make sense. There are games that are poorly coded that need extra brute force. Not to mention that the extra power will help a year or two down the road.

There also is the fact that most people's next TV purchase will be 4k, as ther...

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The rumor is the 1060 > 980, not the 970. RX480 is between 970 and 980, but closer to 970.

Also what people are forgetting is that for two generations in a row Nvidia has increased their color compression. So 6GB's might actually be effectually close to equal of AMD's 8 GB's.

We do know for a fact that 6 GB's of Pascal is roughly equal to 8GB's of Kepler, maybe more.

So the people who think they're gettin...

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This guy asked for a refund for those reasons? Wow.

The guy is seriously missing some marbles. Throw in about $3 grand for a game already might indicate one thing.

But then there's links to Derek Smart.

Getting upset that customer service has designated some people 'high maintenance' and 'snowflake'. Well guess what, those sorts of people exist. Like a hypochondriac, but for a business. Stupid to have in a c...

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No, not really.

HDTV was way expensive (though there were ways to find cheap new HDTV's back in the day... like say get a CRT instead of a flashy LCD. Got me a 30" 1080 for $499 in Jan 2004).

Now 4ktv's are so incredibly cheap it's insane. 4ktv's hit the market not too long ago, yet for the past two years things like the Seiki 39" or a few other generic brands have been selling for $249-299, and if not on sale up to $399. The...

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We already have UHD blu ray players. They came out about 4 months ago, but they are out. Consoles are adopting it, so UHD blu rays is set to absolutely explode. Xbox One S, Xbox Scorpio, and Neo will have them. The players themselves didn't start out at $999 like Blu ray did, but $399. So UHD Blu ray will be adopted much, much faster than regular Blu ray did.

You forget there's much more than just netflix. 4k UHD streams are available all over the place. Plac...

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It's not always about content. It helps for sure, but you aren't recognizing what happened with 1080p nor what's different now with 4k.

1080p didn't have netflix in 2002 or 2003. The 360 wasn't available yet. The PS3 with it's blu ray and blu ray in general wasn't out yet. Cable companies were woefully behind. Prices for HDTV's were still mostly in the $2000-4000 range. You could buy some CRT HDTV's. In fact I got one for $499 in J...

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Yeah, file this under, that's the same effects with liquid cooling on ANY card by ANY vendor.

Not that the RX480 really needs it. Just because it runs hotter than the GTX 1080 doesn't mean it's hot. The GTX 1070 and 1080 are nowhere near hot cards. The RX480 is not a hot card.

AMD cards have long been power hungry, hotter cards than Nvidia. There's nothing new here. People expected a massive improvement in heat with the double node sh...

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This is going to hurt sales. People are going to be worried about this. It's great news that damage can be averted. It's great that 3rd party vendors can supply a 8 pin or dual 6 pin's to get around the issue. But in the back of people's minds they are going to hear about it, and that is going to hurt sales.

Still it's a pretty good value $239 for a bit more power than what cost about $339 1 3/4 years ago with the Nvidia 970.


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There's nothing wrong with game systems having games that can play at two levels of power.

It also means when you buy the next system, you already have a library that can now run better and look better.

4k and VR are exploding. It's been possible to get a 4ktv (albeit 4k/30) for 2 years now at around $269, the 39" Seiki. (which can also do 1080/120, 1440/80, 1620/62, 1800/53). In fact I even got 3D with the Nvidia glasses working on it, in...

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It wasn't good value, and people didn't buy it. Thus the support dried up, and we got the failure the Wii U was. Did it have some nice games. Sure. Can some people justify the cost for those few games? Sure. But for a company it's not about whether a few million die hards will buy their console. It's whether or not they can make a bunch of money by selling it to wider gaming audience.

It's not that the gamepad doesn't add something, it's t...

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Of course innovation is ok. But most time there is an opportunity cost to innovation.

First we have to understand that innovation isn't one size fits all. When they redesign a soda can, or beer bottle, so that it is easier to hold, or gets cooler faster, or is more durable, that is innovation. But at the end of the day, the people want what is IN the can or bottle more than whatever innovation is done to the shell it is contained in. In essence there are limits, and...

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DX11 and DX12 games. Games aren't switching over in their entirety anytime soon. Maybe like 2020 or so.

At which point pretty much all of us will be on newer cards anyways.

Games will continue to have DX11 in every game, and increasingly as time goes on, games will have a DX12 mode.

There are many times a game in DX11 on an Nvidia card will beat a AMD card running DX12.

The other things we have to remember is ...

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They may not be giving up 2GB's. Holding data isn't a 1:1 proposition. When the card stores information, it is compressed. Nvidia has better compression than AMD. Thus 3GB's is close to or perhaps even surpasses 4GB's in AMD, and same for 6GB's to 8 GB's.

For example, 4GB's in Maxwell > than 4GB's in Kepler, because they improved on the color compression. Now they did so again, so 3GB's in Pascal might be slightly less than 4GB...

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It is curious. The only thing I can think of is that the 1060 is the competitor of the RX480, and the RX480 is the rumored guts of the GPU in Neo.

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