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I absolutely love the beta....when it works :(

I have a really hard time trying to find games, I once left it on the loading screen looking for a game and came back 20 mins later and I still hadn't found one.
I was able to play the new Aliance game mode today and it showed some real fun potential. The feeling of paranoia is unbelievable, it is something i have never felt in any other multiplayers. If you're just a typical run and gun shooter and can'... #8
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No you are definately not the only one, I thoroughly enjoyed that game. some troubling parts but one of my favorite platinums I've gotten.

And I must say how sad it is that some ppl are sooooo stupid they can't even understand the point of this article. It isn't "The best game evar" list or "The worst game evar" list #15.1
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