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I'm loving it too. Currently at work thinking about grinding Iron Banner

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Oblivion was in cyrodiil

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It sold better than they expected

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It just needs to be free and we know that's not happening

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Because of the x gaming is going to be a subscription service? What is psnow?

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Get a life

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You can add tax to the console price which is about 40 dollars making the xbox one x around 540. Buying everything new and outright without bargain hunting is around 900 since xbl gold is 60 dollars a month not 50

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This is actually true lol

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I found the poor person

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I'm pretty sure the games I buy that are installed on my hard drive I own.. Just because I can't physically hold it doesn't mean it doesn't belong to me. The only benefit to physical is reselling games which is something I don't do because I'm not a poor person

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Sam fisher is definitely more in the realm of nonfiction

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The taken king

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If you own it already you can re download it.. You just can't buy it anymore digitally. People are so uninformed

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What happens when your nephew comes over and scratches the disc or you lose it.

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Good month but I already own 3 of those games. I actually prefer the indies because 9/10 of the AAA games I want I buy.

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I would be interested in a discless console only if there was a big price difference. My only issue would be with having to use the x for 4k blurays it would be nice to have one box that does it all

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Impossible to be disappointed when I already have such low expectations 😉

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Yea this has been the case its not something that changed over night. Some people are so paranoid. Just set yourselves consoled to your home console if you're ever going to be offline and you won't have to worry about it.

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OK well those are handhelds the switch isn't. It is a hybrid
The wii u is not a mid Gen upgrade its its own console. If it were a mid Gen upgrade its games would be playable on the wii

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