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From reading the review, it sounds like the game was made easier. Was it really that hard to start with? It's a friggin' Zelda game.

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Did either of you read the article for the context? Or did you just read the synopsis above?

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I think you missed the thrust of the article. (At least IMO.) When people look back at this generation of consoles/games, achievement points will be one of those signposts that people point to to recognize this gen.

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Quarter to Three's a "no name" site? How old are you?

And I don't see anywhere in the review that laments poor visuals -- the exact opposite, I tells ya! I've played it too and I think it's amazing to look at especially the cutscenes.

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lastofgen, I'ver been reading the writer's reviews of the Walking Dead series, seems that he could be emotionally involved with some of those characters. And by emotionally involved, I mean that "the game characters and story evoke emotion in the player." Not on the level, "I think I'm in love with Cortana. For real."

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Wait, wait, wait. So what you're saying is that you have an emotional attachment to Cortana? Love?

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Seems like this review focused almost exclusively on the turn-based strategy elements. There's what, one line (?) about the graphics.

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Screenshot analysis?!? This lady did it better: http://www.armchairempire.c...

Pay special attention to the last point.

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Slow news day over at AE-Infinite...

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Duly noted.

But what about stuff from Kotaku, etc? That's blogilicious most of the time.

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But if you had the dough, is there anything preventing Mr. Moneybags shelling out that cash to get the DLC? Why even show it as a selectable option?

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Wondered about that... Thought I'd post and see what happened.

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You didn't read her last point, did you Tanir?

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I was actually going to post this one. DLC for Spec Ops mode perked my ears. Sorely missed from Modern Warfare 2.

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Really? A 90? What do Canadians know about college football?

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Yeah, there are def better looking games out there. I didn't think this particular review hyped the graphics as anything super-dooper, but I agree with you.

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Okay, I'm in agreement that 10/10 is probably off kilter but the graphics... Really? I think it's pretty okay when it comes to open worldy sandbox games. What'd you think of Heavy Rain's graphics?

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Neither would I but this dude seems to have hard-on for old timey radio and books.

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