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pokemon and monster hunter 4. aint seen nothing yet!

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luigi's mansion dark moon worth it. worth it above msrp

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is this good? never gotten it.

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didnt play the first

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Seen better, seen worse.

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nightmares for repair shops with broke systems.
nightmares for customers with broken wii u systems and lots of eshop stuff.

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fact - nintendo doesnt haves eshop cards on amazon not opinion. only third party have em check the links in the article yourself
fact - my grammars/typing is getting better consider english isnt first language.
my comprehension is better than yours that should tell you something

i work in IT as well and am bilingual something you probably will never be and you can apparently not understand english or know business contracts if you're defending temp workers...

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glads to see mutant mudds hittin sony platforms

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ign? cant spell ignorant without it. no surprise there.

"That’s $5,038,214,927.30. More than 5 billion dollars. In cash. And almost that much in “short-term investment securities”, which are essentially bonds."

unless somebodys cooking books at nintendo noway done in 3 years. that is ignorant to even suggest

maybes if noa would get their house straight and sell their units on this site it could help some

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dont knows what ignorant fanboys site you read, but evens with english as second language i found the info in 30 seconds.
you could find outs that info out instead of spreading ignorance around:

11.6 billion cash on hand as of march this year

3 years and done. rofl! the ignorance in 2013 amazes me. not sure if ignorance or j...

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"Its not the lack of games, it's not the controller, its not the online..."
if he did says the first one was an issue you would defends it

the facts nintendo doesnt have eshops cards on amazon is crazy
oh and if yous didnt like working for amazon you could always try walmarts hear they are a great company to work for
fact most companies lie to employees

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graphix what about the graphix???

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hows this an issue still!? mores than two years since amazon sold a nintendo console and people still have jobs that made this decision?

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time for a fps one. destroys many pre-conceived zelda gameplay ideas.

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now you know!

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wonder whats players will think. reviews allover place on this one.

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yea and not have to split funds with publisher

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happy ripstone has cross-platform in this. i wonder if they're updating the ps3 version?

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no shadows? no good.

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i wonder why they need kickstarter considering successes they've had. happy to see it happening.

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