Can't wait for Bioshock Infinite!


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I've been playing with these settings for about an hour now. The game somehow runs even better than before, I don't know what Ubisoft was thinking. I'm so glad I got this game for PC, only paid $27 for it too.

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Exoskeletons have existed way before Elysium was created. They're both based off real technology, that's why they look alike.

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I like Gran Turismo, but the people on this site take it too far and mark you down if you even mention Project CARS (which looks incredible.)

The comment below this one simply compared this to Project CARS and was marked as spam, which I find ridiculous.

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Have you seen those rain effects?

They bring a tear to my eye.

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Nvidia has some catching up to do. Radeon beats Nvidia in graphics cards any day.

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Lego City Undercover.

Have fun.

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If you have the money and want the performance, why not?

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Careful, this website is full of console fanboys.

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What's the difference between Haswell series of i7 chips and the 3980x?

I'm fairly new to PC gaming, so I'm still learning.

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You do realize that the Titan is 3x more powerful than the PS4, right? Multiply that by 4 and you've got straight overkill. The PS4/720 will probably last around 7 years, and by then the next generation will be almost as powerful as 1 Titan, still the PC will be much more powerful. (they have to keep it affordable enough for consumers.)

That being said, I'll still buy a PS4 for exclusives, but I'll play every other game on my PC.

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Sadly, it's because of people like you that this game WILL be in the bargain bin.

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It's not just one game, multiple games will look incredible with this power. Also PCs do more than just play games.

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The way I see it, gaming PCs are like muscle cars. They're not a waste of money because some people prefer having options and more power.

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Careful. This place is full of console fanboys who hate PC.

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It's a troll article...

People on this website need to understand a joke, you could instantly tell it was a joke with the second point.

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Already have it pre-ordered on Steam, can't wait!

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Because keyboard and mouse are more accurate than an analogue stick.

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I built my own gaming PC and I haven't touched my consoles in years except for some exclusives.

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"it's been done before. Not to mention it's another FPS"

You do realize this is Bungie, right? They made Halo and revolutionized the FPS genre, and I'm sure they'll do it again. This looks like a mix of fantasy/scifi with some RPG/MMO elements behind an FPS exterior.

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Have you seen the concept art?

This game looks amazing!

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