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She's a bland, boring, depressing b**** with no good qualities to her. The only reason she stood out was because she was surrounding by worse characters then her.

Seriously the only people that really like her are mostly girls (it's true) or gamers who are new to Final Fantasy.

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Are you f****** kidding me, REALLY, you of all people on this site saying that to me.

You know what I hate about this site, I get bubbled down in under 3 days FOR NOTHING, from 4 bubbles to 2 when I havent even been marked down for anything...check my comments, yet someone like you is still going on this site and STILL hasn't been banned...WTF

Honestly Mika you are the biggest troll on this site, your the one who is there g...

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Well it is Valve and Steam is a pretty well known "thing" so them coming out with this is going to grab peoples attention

It just depends on what it can do at the end of the day and if they want to lure people in they better start revealing it soon since it would be coming out this Summer.

I mean it's really for console gamers who would want to play on there PC with games but can't because of how much gaming PCs cost and I mean good PCs ...

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For me it has to be Singularity, yeah the multiplayer wasn't very good it was obviously tacked on but the single player was pretty good the time manipulation device made the gameplay interesting having to use it to repair/age things, mutate/age enemies, use the eniviroment to your advantage like fixing up explosive barrels or normal barrels to get behind cover, slow down time I could go on...if it had a sequel they could really improve on it.

The TMD was basicaly like a...

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True but you have to admit there could of been a bit more variety, motorbikes or BMXs for examples

Maybe some hidden easter egg cars...a ferrari, a Monster truck, a DeLorean or hell maybe some planes/helicopters there was airstrips in the game and the map was big enough I mean who would of really landed these things properly.

Cars just seemed to be boring after a while and some of them going over small hills would break very easily, some of the cars can&#...

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He looks like a squashed up sausage roll

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"This is James Franco and our friend Kimikoton"



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"Due to the control mechanics/feel, friends and "

I love how you guys are going to get it because of that, you do realise it's about the game not friends and achievements. Your like those people who buy COD only because of their friends, not because they like the game it's self.

Plus the mechanics/controls feel better on the PS3 because it was like that in GTA3, VC, SA

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Mate if you think like that why are you even here

Hell why are you even a gamer....

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I think it was more challenging because skill played a big factor in it

In Uncharted 3 it's more about "What kind of high lv weapons have you unlocked", "My kickback is better then yours" or at the end of the day plain luck because of the use of gimmicks in the match.

I've been more killed in U3 because of people spraying from the hip then in U2 where people used to actually use the cover and tried to hide so they could surpriz...

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Same here

GTA for me is a PS game

I played the past GTA games on Sony platforms and it just wouldn't feel right playing it on another platform

Same goes with Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid for example

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Not really...is it taking away anything from games on the PS3/360....not really, it's just another way to play but the problem is people are making it out to be the next best thing when it's not.

I'd take better graphics, better A.I, better frame rate, better perfromance over something like two screens at the end of the day because in the long term thats what I'm going to benefit from as a gamer.

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It wouldn't matter anyway, it's the single player people care about and thats what it will be known for.

"Uncharted 2 and 3 are a testament to how the studio is able to craft a thrilling campaign and supplement the action with a compelling multiplayer. We think the same case will definitely apply for The Last of Us."

With Uncharted 2 it worked because it was simple and fun yet they didn't work on it much meaning hardly no resources w...

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It's flawd

If you like it fine, good for you but the game is actually flawed making it bad.

Whats the point of doing Epic Mickey 3, he should move onto something else.

In my opinion adding co-op was a bad move, especialy when they couldn't even make a good game with one player.

One thing at a time Warren

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Video Games are nothing but something to point and blame when something like happens in the world...it takes the heat of the gunlaws so they don't have to explain why they havent changed them yet or why nothing was done sooner to prevent the event that happened.

It's basicaly just something to blame so no one else gets the finger pointed at them.

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This is not Overstrike at all, they basicaly scraped the game and made a total differnt one to please EA.

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Resident Evil 6
NHL 11
Skate 3

Is this girl on crack

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You want to know whats even worse, Cat and co know this yet nothing is being done about it.

It's like the bubble system, they know it's broke, they know WE KNOW it's broke, they know we've been going on about it for ages and they do nothing about it.

I mean take my situation for example they know that people can bubble people down for nothing and yet when you say something to them about this and explain you've been bubbled down for nothing...

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