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"The game has server issues" isn't a statement of fact or a natural unavoidable cause like an earthquake or tornado.

It's their game, their servers,their offers/promises of a PSN edition their netcode - and funnily enough - THEIR MONEY they've taken upfront - both from paying customers - and PSN subscribers (who have been "promised" this for 15 months plus now - since E3 2013) - it's actually quite indefensible.

Sure - st...

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Waiting three weeks/delaying three weeks - then coming out with a statement saying "postponed" - after you've already waited THREE WEEKS of delay to make the "it's postponed indefinitely" statement - is NOT straight talking.

Straight talking is making a statement prior to release - or on release. Not stuffing paying customers around - especially after making them wait a year.

Sure, Yoshida didn't write the netcode himself - bu...

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Although the choice of SMB is a little disingenuous.

I doubt there's a game that influenced the next 30 years of its genre more. I understand the implications the author is making - but to use this title in particular is a bit like saying " what if muskets were invented before catapults" disregarding the obvious progression. Or what if WW1 never happened, but WW2 did. I think his points would be better illustrated by using a game most of us couldn't even beg...

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10/10 - the most satisfying sprint and jump - and overall, physics that aren't too floaty or too heavy - occupying that perfect middle ground.

Bonus points for the infectious music - an example of chiptunery at its finest.

And special mention to the charming graphics, you'll be amazed at the fact this ENTIRE GAME is less than 2 megabytes.

If you want a stripped back example of a classic style platformer - this ticks every box - with ...

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So what if there were multiple subscriptions offered? Especially if they were priced similarly ie. $30 year. Works out to $2.50/month. Ubisoft/Activision/EA for $7.50 / month? Plus $6 for Live (and 2 free games).

What's that? $13.50 a month for access to 15+ constantly changing titles? Considering that's still less than 1/4 price of a new AAA title - being able to play 15+ slightly older games for 4 months at less than the price of one new title (which you'd be e...

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I don't see how this can in any way be framed as bad news.

It's great news! Happy that I can import the 20+ tables I've bought for PinballFX2 on 360. I wouldn't mind paying for the base game again if the tables import for free.

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@Opie - personally, I care for a PS4/Xbox One GTA V.

Please don't presume to speak for everyone!

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@Fried Goat

I buy quite a few retro games - and Game Room had a fantastic interface, beautifully presented and easy to get into.

It was let down by the fact it basically only had Colecovision and 2600 games. For whatever reason, all the "big guns" of the classic arcade days of my youth, the Taitos, Capcoms, Segas and Konamis were only interested in putting their B and C team releases - if they supported it at all - and save their better & bette...

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And here I am sitting waiting for the DX12 presentation at US EST 10 am on 20-3, but these people already know!

I wish they'd give me more details than "DX12 is rubbish".

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The ad in the linked article, that the headline refers to - was for the DualShock4, not the PS4.

It will be sold separately to the DualShock 4 (as the ad states - there was no ps4 console in the ad) but bundled with the PS4.

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Actually - while there was focus on a lot of mainstream things - we actually saw their framework for the OS, saw app/game switching, were told about plans for accounts & activations, given hdd size - among other things - mostly through demonstration - pre recorded or not.

PS4 we got a picture of what your profile might look like, slides of how game sharing should work, and some Vita cross play. They were more specific about hardware specs, but a bit vague about others (us...

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Or makes it their mission to attack the "other" company - usually for things "their" company does too.

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People in the USA only buy 360 for Halo? Then why didn't every person in America buy Halo 3/odst/reach/4? I think you'll find 360 consoles have sold about 4 times (40 million+) what the best selling Halo sold in the USA (halo 3, around 10 million USA sales).

So that leaves the other 30 million consoles that people must have bought "because it was an American company". Really? Where are most of the TVs, cars, toasters, phones that sell the best made? Hint - n...

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I've got two!

On topic - for such a negative headline, most of the article actually made me pretty interested in the hardware side of things. And he did a pretty good job of making the OS triforce sound like an appealing approach. True parallelism. Whoa.

I'm really looking forward to seeing how the different architectures perform.

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Or over 9000?

Over 9000, all bets are off.

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Generations was amazing. More of that please! I'd buy a Wii U the day Generations 2 came out, if it was the only way I could play it. I guess I'll see what this 3rd exclusive Sonic title turns out to be - though in guessing Sonic Adventure 3. Looks like I'll be getting a Wii U for Nintendo AND Sega exclusives.

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Yeah - the Infinity Gauntlet was in response to The Fates comment. But it's in no way unreasonable to assume Hulk could get his hands on it - if he wanted to.

Banner making warheads has been part of his arsenal since before he was even the Hulk, so that's fair.

Generally the Hulk doesn't go around on missions of vengeance acquiring arsenals (World War Hulk being a notable exception, and Planet Hulk if you substitute arse...

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So would Hulk get to wear the Infinity Gauntlet? Or hold the cosmic cube?

Or even devise a massive nuclear gamma warhead as Banner (or one of the many mutations of Hulk that have had Banner's intelligence), strap it to a laser targeted supersonic guided missile, and blow Kratos away from the next country, before he even sees the whites (or greens) of his eyes.

Lets not get too carried away now!

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He's beat the crap out of Hercules numerous times. And the Marvel Universe Herc can tow Manhattan Island through the water, with the aid of only a giant tow-chain.

Hulk has never killed him, cause Marvel Heroes, while they tussle a lot, don't often fight to the death (well not without a company wide crossover series) - but he's beat the piss out of him plenty. And Herc dies all the time, and is resurrected,as is Odin, Thor, Loki, and most of their varied Pantheons...

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MS have the Windows 8/WP8/W8RT UI kernel across desktop/mobile/tablet, Google have Android/ChromeOS, which is even starting to creep into TV's, Apple have iOS/OS - and word is Samsung are working on their own OS.

Sony have phones/tablets running android/wp, PCs running W8 and various proprietary OS's across their gaming platforms.

To truly achieve this synced device/account future we're headed towards it would be in Sony's best interests to de...

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