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They will look the same when it releases cause there is a day one patch for Xbox that will bring the resolution from 900p to 1080p #49
It's the same on ps4 you only can do it 3 times for a year #15.1
You can share games on both consoles it's really easy to do me and my buddy live in two different houses and we only pay once and we both get the service and game #18
must be a ps4 fanboy that is shutting xbl down so there is no competition #58
same here, i bought my xbox and my ps4 was given to me cause the person bought a xbox and didnt want it anymore and i only turn on the ps4 to dl the free games and then i turn it off, every thing i do in gaming is on my xbox #2.4.1
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YES IT CAN #1.7.1
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no thats a real problem cause sony sucks....hahahaha #17.1.1
I seen it take the disc, maybe the guy made the sound to make it look like it is breaking #17
then look at ign and their bias giving flower a 9.5 thats worst game iv ever seen, go out side and blow flowers if u want to play that game. #3
stop crying cause xbox games are funner and get better scores. #2
there is nothing wrong with the xbox just the update.. #2
Why so many disagrees... #4.7
Why even buy it if ur a ps4fanboy, and maybe his internet connection sucks maybe that's why his console is not updating #1.3.4
Maybe there is one stuck in the disc drive holding the cd from coming out.. Laughing #28.1.1
Maybe the little robots that live in the ps4 control can help.. #28
even with if the xo does have to do all that it doesn't say much for yall super powerful machine that should render that off the jump no patches or what ever. #1.2.6
playstation360....40 left to make it to 4. #1.2.1
this system will take long like the ps3...terrible, it needs a hd texture pack like the 360 #1.2
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