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Like I wrote in the article, this was designed for beginners just getting into the series via Dark Souls 3. I even stated that most Dark Souls players will have defeated him by now. However, I felt like I had an opportunity to help amateur players defeat this boss battle, so I decided to write this.

With that said, I plan on doing guides for all the boss battles in Dark Souls 3. It only made sense to start with the first boss battle - even if many longtime players think he...

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I really appreciate all the respectful comments on my article. No one is bashing another person's game choices or personally insulting them like I see constantly happen on articles of similar topics. It's just really refreshing to actually see gamers discuss their favorite pastime without being at each other's throat. So thank you for that. :)

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I played Skyrim on my PS3, that's the only reason it wasn't included in the list.

Bulletstorm was an extremely fun game. I was surprised with how much I actually enjoyed it.

You have some great games in your list. :)

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I couldn't get into Halo 3 for some reason. Believe it or not, I've yet to play the Mass Effect series either (though I did just recently buy all three games).

You definitely have some good game choices though. May I ask why you ended up choosing Gears of War 3 over the other possible entries in the series. I'm just interested in your view. :)

Spec Ops: The Line is definitely a memorable title, that was another good choice.


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Of course there are multiple ways to become an excellent video game journalist - whether it's reading other people's work or receiving a college education in journalism, but for those struggling with the basics, these books are incredibly helpful. I read and reread all these books I've mentioned and I just figured a list like this would be beneficial to those seeking to become a full time game journalist.

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Great article! :) I'll make sure to check out this site more often for interesting content.

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I can't wait for Evolve and Batman: Arkham Knight. :)

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Really well-written article :) I agree with quite a bit of what you're saying, especially about the custom vehicles/mounts and the complete overhaul of the outpost capturing system. I could tell that you put in some real effort on this article, going out of your way to thoroughly explain your ideas in as clear and intelligent of a manner as possible. Great work!

Send me some links in the future that you need approved and I'll try to get them approved for you as soon a...

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That's what I write about in the article. :) We're on the same page. I don't say it looks like crap per-say in the article, but I do highlight how the game has seemed to drastically change since its initial pitch.

"...it was the world premiere first-look at developer Robotoki’s up-and-coming title, Human Element, that left the most memorable impact on me.

Admittedly, perhaps that’s because the reveal trailer for Human Element exhibited almos...

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I can't wait until this game releases. :)

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I'm really enjoying how different this review setup is. I also thought your writing was well done too. Excellent work! :)

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Just figured I'd point this out, but your rating scale on the actual link is out of 5, while this submission for approval is out of 10. It makes the overall score for the game look pretty low while in the review itself, it's actually pretty high.

Just looking out for you guys :)

By the way, I like your guys' review set-up. It's a refreshing take on reviewing games.

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Not a bad idea at all. :) Actually it might be better to play each episode back to back and receive the full experience the first time around, so waiting for the second one's release might be a good idea as well. I ended up acquiring the Season Pass for Bioshock Infinite, so it has saved me quite a bit of money so far.

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I really appreciate the feedback :) hopefully next time the score will appeal to you ( in a future review). Just curious, but what would you have given it?

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Neversoft and Raven Software helped Infinity Ward create Call of Duty: Ghosts. I can't say for sure, but I find it unlikely Neversoft is working on a separate Call of Duty game, though I could be wrong.

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I appreciate the update and I've looked into it a bit (just to make sure), and it seems like you are correct. :) I'll make sure to update the article itself immediately.

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Unfortunately, the information I received provided no new information pertaining to the newest entry in the Mario Kart series. I'm interested in hearing more about it as well, so I'll try to find more coverage on that game in the near future. Besides the new Mario Kart game though, are you looking forward to anything else? Super Smash Bros is one of the games I'm anticipating the most because it is easily one of the greatest party games available. Sharing a couch with some close f...

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I was disappointed about that as well. If I hear anything about a more specific date for Super Smash Bros, I'll try to update you about it as soon as I can.

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Thanks for the heads up! :)

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I have to agree with you, especially when it clearly looks like Tango Gameworks is utilizing Shinji's unique, creative vision as much as possible to develop The Evil Within. I'm honestly excited that consoles are finally receiving the sort of horror experience they deserve (I say consoles because PCs have far more options when it comes to horror-based titles than console systems). While The Evil Within seems like a great start to possibly incite more developers to create more true-to-...

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