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Crap,I forgot to put the /s so the stiffs would know I was joking.

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No thanks.I'm holding out until the PS3 version comes out for €40.

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*Tumbleweed rolls by*

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Just find a good stick and smack them with it.Lesson taught.

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I have Persona 3 on my Vita but I haven't played it much.That damn Tartarus (Did I spell that wrong?) bores the crap outta me.I want to play it,but I hate that friggin dungeon.

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Rattata for President!

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I'm done with Skyrim.Fallout 4 please!

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I love comments from crazy Nintendo fanboys like you.It's like you're so pissed you can't even think properly.Seriously,just calm down.It's just a game console these people are dissing for fuck sake,not a member of your family.

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My Brother has this game but I've never played it.Maybe I should give it a try.
Rated R For Rattata

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Boobs? Sorry I'm not familiar with this word,being a Youngster and all.So I'll go Google it.Lets go Rattata.

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They think the HAIR COLOR is what we hate about it?!?

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OK,sorry for scaring you...

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Just imagine you are in a wood at night and you see this thing looking at you from the bushes! Sorry if this image gives you nightmares.

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Some of these games are 2012 and are released already or will be released in the next few weeks.Anyway the only game I want next year is Disgaea D2.OK I want a few others as well but mostly that.

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I can't wait until we get this in Europe!! Huh? Oh sorry,I thought I just heard the Tales team laughing at me there.

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He thinks Single player is a gimmick?

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Don't get me wrong,I'm not saying AC3 is bad.I've just read that it's buggy as hell.In a scale of 1 to Skyrim,how buggy is it really?

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So from what I've been hearing,both Assassin's Creed games are not worth getting this year.Too bad.

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There is only one man that can fix it...

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"with includes sex!" Bloody hell....

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