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I would love to tell that dude in the crowd that his life is probably not that interesting to be spied on, so he can relax.

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The N4G community shouldn't attack Polygon for their review on a game that hasn't been released yet. Reserve your judgement until you play the retail version next week.

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You forgot BioShock, Orange Box, Rock Band, Unreal Tournament III. Uncharted came out for PS3, too.

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What a dumb way to market a videogame. These marketing agencies are payed large sums of money to come up with stupid ideas like this?

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Ugh, yeah, because THAT was exactly what I was trying to do.

What's your point? That's exactly why people buy smartphones subsidized, and smartphones have much more functionality and purpose than Vita/3DS.

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My point was not that smartphone gaming was superior to anything. My point is portable gaming has transformed into a more integrated experience with web connected devices. People are more akin to buying $.99 to $10 games via Android Marketplace or iTunes they can play on a device they're going to be bringing with them wherever they go, AND these devices can do more than just game - make calls, texts, browse the web, etc. In case you couldn't tell, the Vita doesn't fit into a pocke...

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How about giving me a logical explanation why my entire post is a lie?

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It's incorrect to compare the Vita launch criticism to the PS3 launch. The PS3 was hammered for very different reasons when it launched ($600 price, being over-engineered, lack of games, difficulty and cost to develop on, and lack of developer support). CNET's criticism is the 3DS and Vita are targeting a market that is shrinking. The mass gaming market has migrated towards Android and iOS touch/smartphone devices.

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I don't agree on their prediction the VITA won't launch in the U.S., but I do agree dedicated gaming handhelds are on the fritz. I don't think the VITA will succeed. The mass market has moved from gaming handhelds to smartphones, iPod Touch, and tablets for portable gaming.

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Anyone else in the same boat I'm in? That is, the boat that seriously doesn't give a sh*t about a vague teaser for an unannounced game?

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The problem is there are too many good games coming out at once fighting for our dollars, and the $60 price tag is too high. By the time they get a price drop we've all forgotten about them.

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I wonder if he said, "I look forward to Ice Cream Sandwich and expect to be very successful with it" with a straight face.

Doesn't anyone feel silly saying those dumb Android version names out loud?

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I'd be more impressed if he actually played all those games.

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I so agree. I mean 5 or 10 years from now are people going to still talk about bad E3 press conferences from 2007 or 2006?

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Sometimes I feel bad for Insomniac. First they get flack from their "fans" for going multiplatform, and now these people are complaining about the visuals of an unreleased game (which IMO look impressive). Seriously, chill out people...

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Eh, they can keep it. After Black Ops I'm kind of sick of Call of Duty. Bring on Rage!

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I agree. It's definitely 'unique', but not the best. That wall is going to be quite a distraction when you have company over for dinner, watching TV, and playing games.

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Dear God that woman in the news video had an annoying voice!

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Can't say I really have a problem with that.

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He's right. I went to the page and my screen was bombarded with advertisements and my Norton firewall blocked an intrusion.

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