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First off Modern Warfare 1 did not represent all Arabs they were clearly terrorists over throwing a government. They even execute their own in that scene with one of main bad guys. Who are mostly terrorists in real life ? it just happens to be radical Arab people. It doesn't me all Arab people. But when you say it's not a realistic representation it is because terrorists ISIS in particular are Arab. . Should i be upset by the representation of that is "greedy white people with...

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The author is pretty stupid. Call of Duty sales over 20 million copies a year. I guarantee half of those sales are going to get the bundle that has Modern Warfare in it. It's going to sell boatloads. I wish people would think a little bit before writing these articles. I don't know it seems like people lost common sense

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Not really it's going to sell tons anyway and they're going to make $80. Call of Duty sells 20 million copies a year they're going to be fine this way they make extra money off remaster that cost them nothing. They're not missing out on anything for every person that's not going to buy it they're just going to make more money off the people that do buy at $80

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People that say series in trouble . U always say this every game. Black ops 3 out sell the the last two cod games and its the best selling game every year unless gta comes out. Seriously cod isnt in trouble. I wish it was just so we could get something completely different. Game sells 20 mil plus every year stop saying series is in trouble. Also the remaster of course they wont sell it stand-alone that would take sales away from the regular game. This way they make an extra 20 bucks on a rem...

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It must be stressful to be sjw to go through life offended by everything. I mean if everything bother you must be miserable lol

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Whats funny if its to gay characters having sex or anything its considered Progressive and its applauded. Look at mass effect they always loved the gay sex option. Men and women its sexist. I have no problem with whatever its up to the game creators to make what they want. Sjw are so hypocritical. Getting sick of out. People are too offended by everything

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Whats funny if its to gay characters having sex or anything its considered Progressive and its applauded. Men and women its sexist. I have no problem with whatever its up to the game creators to make what they want. Sjw are so hypocritical

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First let me say Vanquish is one of my favorite games. With that said am i the only one that feels Platinum is overstretching themselves. They have so many games in development at one time. I wish they would just focus on one or two. Ninja Turtles looks great but you can tell it was made with a short development cycle. It's the team that did Transformers so I bet you they made the game in under less than a year. The gameplay looks good but the open-world looks kind of bland and generic....

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Or the way the gaming websites were defending her calling the internet out for all the crap I mean she was a prostitute representing the Nintendo a family-oriented company. I don't think it would have been a big deal if all these gaming sites and women didn't come to her defense before knowing all the facts that's the problem. People like IGN's Lucy O'Brien go off on the internet but yet they didn't do any research

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I don't think anyone has a problem with it. Everyone was bashing Nintendo a family oriented product. I mean if I was a company I wouldn't want a prostitute who is doing illegal stuff working for me. She can do whatever she wants just not if she is representing my company. With that out the way she thought maybe I'd hire.

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It's illegal to be a prostitute so you know probably don't want to hire her

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It's been out for a day probably has. Why would you assume he hasn't?
I love when people ask if you played a game or not. Its a video game not interrogation. Who cares if he didn't. Is his comment going to change what you think anyway. You said you were excited for it and a previous comment. All you really wanted to do is bait him. He said in his opinion obviously he played it.Don't be Sarcastic douche.

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I'll just start off by saying I like the order 1886. If it's not open world 40 hours a gameplay or an indie it's not getting a good review nowadays so tired of it man. Adults like to play 10 hour story driven games that are Triple-A games that's what I bought a console for and also some mp games . I honestly don't have time for 40 hour games. Every now and then I'll play The Witcher 3 but I don't need every game to be open world. It's cool that they're th...

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I don't know man maybe it's just me. I'm excited that has a game focus on story kind of tired of open-world repetitive missions. Go to point A to B do some mundane task. I know people are going to hate it because it's only 10 hours but I could really go for a story based game and I like the live-action something different. I know people hate linear games nowadays but I still prefer games that have some kind of story.

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Differences Phil fish made a playable and halfway decent game. Guy was a d-bag though

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I think people are kind of missing the point of the article. I understand what the critics saying here about linear games. Every time a linear game comes out everyone portrays it as negative. I personally like when your games arent always open world because I don't have 40 hours and I prefer story-driven experience. I feel like a lot of developers have to make open world games because that's what people expect 40 hour games. Problem with open-world is it's usually very repetitive...

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I feel the same. I think what makes destiny so good at least year 1. Is in the division you just keep getting them all the time you spend so much time in the menus and most of your gear sucks. You either sell it or dismantle. What mean Destiny sound good as I was hunting for a Galajihorn and hawkmoon for months. I never got a vex mytho and I played for a year. Think not getting as much Loot but the loot being good and being more unique when you get it makes it better. I know some people don&#...

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Hold on he actually liked something ?

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Whatever you say bud, I mean he called them amateurs I obviously read the review cuz I quoted it. I was generalizing that he usually doesn't pay for games, I didn't specifically say he didn't pay for this one. All Jim does is bitch and shit on devs. Most can't help who publishes their game. He only has a job because of them and he completely shits on alot of them. I said I have no problem with people criticizing games. This guy takes it to another level but he plays to his au...

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