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Watch Dogs 2 is going to flop harder than double d tits. The whole setting the Hipster crap social justice warrior thing is dumb. The first one was mediocre and now nobody has interest in this game. You just look so silly and stupid. Ign and hipsters will love it but it's going to be a commercial flop. Your guys hitting people with like an 8-ball strapped to a rope. Lol okay. Not to mention your 3D printing guns so dumb. Worst of all is that retarded guy with a crappy verison of a star...

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This is a misleading article because there's three different modes that you can play the game on with the pro. You can play the game on the normal Graphics but has 60 frames a second or you can play the game with updated Graphics at 30 frames a second so it's probably showing the game running at 60 frames a second with just the normal graphics. Which an intern is a huge upgrade because you're doubling the framerate

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I'm getting so tired of people comparing the Xbox One S to the ps4 pro . The Xbox One S is just basically an Xbox one that upscales 4k on first-party games. The PS4 Pro is so much more powerful than the Xbox One S it's like not even comparable.

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Love how its been down twice and they decided they want to charge 10 more dollars a year now. I love my PlayStation but sony does not deserve $60 for their online service. At least not until they improve it and you can change your name for god sake.

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I'm going to be honest guys I clicked because of the thumbnail pic. Are some really big almost absurdly big tits. I'm glad they're just going for it God love Japan . In all seriousness I love the first game just point the remastered again recently I can't wait for this game.

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Not the same Dev team dice La does Star Wars Battlefront dice Sweden does Battlefield. Obviously the engines are the same. Tell me the game does feel a little like Battlefront but it also feels like the same game we've been playing forever with the new skin. Say what you want about Call of Duty but Battlefield starting to do the same thing just a Reskin because Battlefront was just a dumb down version of Battlefield. Honestly I'm getting tired of all these games they all offer the sam...

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I'm going to be honest after playing Battlefield 1 I actually really miss Titanfall. This is probably not a popular opinion but the battlefield formula starting to feel old this feels like a reskin. I don't know I think I'm just tired of all multiplayer games looking for something new Titanfall seems to be to me something different. I feel depressed all these games coming out all feel the same nothing original.

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Say what you want but they did kind of ripped Destiny's UI. It looks very similar . Funny a lot of you say disappointing Destiny but it still has one of the highest player bases and sold over 15 million copies and has another expansion coming out it's obviously a very popular game lot more popular than no man's Sky which has a 90% drop off rate. I got bored after a couple hours with no man's Sky procedurally-generated just sucks it's never good. You do see the same things ...

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What cracks me up is PC gamers think their game so much more if you look at any Triple A title that comes out it sells more on the console. Look at Witcher 3 that's one of the biggest titles on PC or more PC developed Focus Studio. It's still sold more on consoles than it did pc. PC won't even get to play games but wasn't for console because they sell a lot more bottom line. Another thing PC have so many hackers. Why in the world would anyone want to play a multiplayer game o...

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I can tell you right now the TitanFall is not selling 10 million. They're releasing titanfall2 in the middle of Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty it's not going to sell 10 million I actually think they should delay it till next year

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I don't know about that has no optical cable I would hope it doesn't phaze other PS4 out there a lot of people are going to be screwed.

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No optical cable that's not a great decision a lot of people use headsets that need an optical input. Not everyone has by pass on tv.

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Oh please no one wants Assassin's Creed 3 remastered that game sucked. Like play 8 hours before anything happens. I would really like Rogue that is definitely a game alot of ppl missed. I really hope they do wrong Port over to PS4

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You mean they actually going to make a game with the male white character I'm surprised. You can tell Jade Raymond's gone because she wouldn't have any of that . EA motive with her and Mitch dywer are going to Social Justice Warrior for everyone. Everything now is trending the other way like Watch Dogs. Probably will have not enough diversity and people will complain. I remember the last game without Michael Ironside the voice acting was terrible. Maybe they can make a game whe...

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75% of America is white and all the sudden it's horrible to make a white protagonist. Do you see China and Japan making a bunch of non Asian characters . No because thats not your Market. There's nothing wrong with catering to the majority of the population . All the sudden it's like if you use a white person that's the worst thing in the world. Getting tired of this political crap bs

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This article doesn't even have a confirm that you can't see him from what I was reading on Sean's Twitter today as I know that they couldn't see each other because of server problems. I wish this person would have been a little bit more research when they made this article because no one has a for-sure answer on this yet.

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I mean this article is not completely right this Sony Neo is much more powerful than the PS4 it says it's a slight upgrade not really it's twice as powerful as the PS4 that's a pretty major upgrade. Now it's not as big as the Scorpio obviously that's where you're going to be much more powerful. But to say it's a slight upgrade that's a disservice it's twice as powerful as the PS4

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I mean the thing is he makes fun of the camera technology but I've played both and they work the same Sony's tracking works great on the PlayStation vr. Now I wish they would have updated the move controllers to something different but maybe that will come in the future but the camera tracks perfect

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You know I think ppl are just tired of indie games and Kickstarter over promising stuff that they can't deliver and I'm not saying that it's anyone's fault and salt and Sanctuary is a great game. Look at Mighty number 9 and a lot of other games come out pretty disappointing and I think you see that people are just tired of seeing indie games. Also people bought these consoles for Triple-A and Sony's been pushing Indies so hard and I think people are finally fed up because ...

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Foreverland saying it doesn't matter I don't know man like the PS4 is already four years old almost Graphics that are worse than that that's just really outdated. I mean the Vita can pretty much do almost on par with PS3 so how much better is the NX going to be I hope it's a lot better than the PS3. I'm a little worried about this man I was hoping to Tender wouldn't make the same mistake but Microsoft and Sony both have new consoles coming out this year and they can...

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