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I think people are getting too crazy it was pretty simple it failed because it wasn't a very good game. It was just like every other shooter except for you could fly around and gravity. People in general are tired of futuristic Shooters. the game was super boring and had a dumb progression system

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I would switch Far Cry 5 villain with the Far Cry 4 for the second slot but other than that I agree. the problem I have with Far Cry 4 is you never really see the villain he's just on the radio I don't really think it was that great

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I mean it doesn't really matter for $500 you get an Xbox One to get a PC that's equivalent it's going to be a lot more. Also let me know when you get a lot of the PS4 exclusives like Uncharted 4 Last of Us 2 those Graphics look almost better than anything that's out on PC.

The one thing that's good about PC as you can have 60fps on the everything that you just can't do on consoles other than that it's not really better.

Also go...

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this is fake those are the games from last month

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First off I don't care what anyone says mouse and keyboard is just infinitely better than a controller.

Unless they put heavy aim assist on it's stupid though why even do it there's no need for cross play. Primary a PC Gamer than play on the PC. PS4 and Xbox just want to play on that mostly as you can see from the comments. Also as a console player I don't want to deal with all the hacks and cheats PC deals with.

PC offers a different experience ...

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Not really because all it does is increase the resolution no multiplayer game on the pro or the Xbox One X runs at 30 frames per second and then 60 on the better version. PC that can literally run at 120 frames per second and a xbox would be able to run at 30 . Once again the elite controller is not that much better than a regular controller and it's not even a comparison to a mouse and keyboard versus a controller.

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Why is everyone so desperate for cross-play? As a console gamer I don't want to play against people on the PC the game runs better on PC they have a mouse and keyboard they would have a ton of advantages. The one thing I always liked about consoles everyone's on an even playing field. It's not like the PC audience needs console audience pubg sold 13 million on PC. it'll do just fine on PS4 and Xbox and we don't need cross play stop talking about cross play it's starti...

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that's awesome all you people that complain now lost his family money they probably would have made more money off the DLC and now Warner Brothers will probably give them less. sometimes the internet complains too much if you had a problem with it just don't buy it

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Wow what a bunch of Hypocrites they copied so many games and now they're mad. This is going to hurt them or they have a great game but sounds kind of whiny when you copy other games

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Honestly feel like the Xbox One X is so powerful I'm surprised we're not seeing more games use checkerboard with 60fps. I don't like that all Microsoft first-party games have to use native 4K.

Gears of War I feel like should be able to checkerboard and do 60 because native 4K takes so much more resources and it's not that much better than checkerboarding it is better obviously. I would rather have like a 1440p and 60fps then a native 4K 30 for some games.

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Bought this and thought is was bad. Runs like booty on ps4 . I was using pro aswell. Combat was boring and movement was pretty bad. Did have cool gfx and moves looked good. Dead empty world if u can even get on servers.

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Why does everybody want cross-play there's plenty of people playing on both consoles. I definitely don't want cross play with PC because they hack everything. In rocket League you had cross play on PS4 and PC and they would hack hardcore. As far as Xbox and Playstation goes you might get cross-play going but you can't be on the Mic and being party chat I guarantee you they won't be able to get the chat to work. The same thing happened on Rocket League you can play with PC but ...

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Oh God these people go away it's just a video game and it's telling a story. So they shouldn't make movies about mental health. or cancer or anything because everything is a plot device. Jesus it never ends with these whiners

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Dirt 4 terrible game looks last generation. Dirt rally was better in every conceivable way. Dirt 4 tracks or so repetitive they're supposed to be dynamic and they were pretty bad.

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I don't know I think Forza may have passed Gran Turismo the last GT was pretty bad this one looks a lot better but man the physics in Forza looks like they may have passed it. What worries me about Gran Turismo is the damage model looks terrible . I think the one thing Gran Turismo has in his favor is that has more stuff like rally Forza 7 doesn't have rally and NASCAR

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It controlled so bad with a Gamepad you literally had to use a wheel. I don't even think technically it looks better Forza 7 by far looks the best graphically and then GT is right behind it

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Dude your drunk go home. Technically better thrn forza 7 or gt????hahahaha sure bro . I don't know just watch the game play for the 7 looks so much better in terms of graphics and their physics look crazy the way they make the car shake and stuff. I played the first project cars and it was a buggy mess man and you couldn't even play it without a steering wheel they had horrible controls with a Gamepad.

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Lol the switch is going to flop just like the Wii U it has no third-party support it's literally a portable Wii U I don't know why people think it's going to do so well of course things sell well when they first come off but you can already find them again in stores. Nintendo is known for manufacturing demand. Splatoon and Mario are the only thing coming out this year and their third party support is bare minimum this thing's going to flop man I don't know why people don&#...

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Article needs to be corrected rocket league has cross play on pc with ps4. I wish ppl would research better. Forbes lol

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I don't get why this rumor even started they said at the Destiny 2 event that the game is CPU heavy. The reason the PS4 Pro couldn't even do 1080p 60 frames per second was because of the CPU will the Xbox One X CPU is barely better. 2. 1 vs 2.3ghz. The Xbox one has much more RAM and way more GPU power but the CPUs are almost identical. The reason why the GPU is so much better on the Xbox as they want native 4K but the CPU is holding it back for this particular game.

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