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Now I'm tired of hearing the Nintendo say they can't afford to make a more powerful console. Please make a console that has current Graphics so third-party support it unlike the Wii U. Tired of Nintendo saying that they don't go for power but they need to

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Lol this guy saying that Titanfall dude bro shooter you've never played Titanfall it's actually pretty unique just have no content at lanch. That's a dumb analogy anyway because Titanfall is going to have way more competition in the holiday then it will say if Mass Effect came out a month after that in March. There is nowway that Titanfall outsells Mass Effect . Mass effect is a much bigger franchise. Titanfall 1 numbers weren't even that big go look at the sales numbers t...

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It had to demo it was available at like every store I played it at Best Buy and GameStop a couple times I'm not sure if it was that available on PSN .

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Well why would anyone playing all these games suck and I was the only reason why anyone play this

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First let me just say this guy on Twitter and exercise employee he probably left a little salty probably got fired because he sucks so now he's trying to get back at them this is what always happens he's probably untalented doesn't have as good a job . Another thing is I don't get all this crap that we can't have guys only in stuff now. If they made an all-female something everyone would praise it but if it's all guys now it's like demonized. They have all females...

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Women aren't even allowed in the real military until last year and it's experimental. Go look at all the US trials right now they're doing with women and they performed at a much lower level than men and the group itself performs at a much lower level there's a huge article on it just type it in Google. A 4 star general of the US Army recommended a while ago that women not be inserted into combat situations first it was hard for them to carry the gear because it's so heavy...

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Why did this even get approved. someone remove this article we don't even need this kind of crap again. Sounds like a Fox News article or something come on get this crap out of here

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Think it will be mirrors edge 35.99 , doom 35.99 which is the same price that is on plus right now, dark souls 3 29.99. Quantum break 24. 99
What I really want is below from cappy games just release the game already been so long

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Game looks great man can't wait. Ryan McCaffrey I like him but he is a huge Xbox fan boy and he gave Master Chief collection and 9 out of 10 when the online didn't work. So I take his word for a grain of salt when it comes an XBox exclusive but it's getting great reviews

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What are you talking about the Madagascar set-piece is the best set piece ever played Uncharted game are you kidding me . Driving the jeep and then you're being pulled on the back of the truck then get on the motorcycle that was the best that piece in Uncharted with all the crazy destruction and stuff that was happening

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Click bait dont do it. The article is stupid and nonsense

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It doesnt take long at all on ps4. I think the article had an opinion are you made on this game you can find the game in like 1 minute. I'm not saying that the game is good or not I think it's mediocre but there's not much to play so I bought it but to say it takes a long time to find a game is completely false

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I just don't get the hype for this game. The moment-to-moment gameplay is kind of boring. He talks about how big the world is and they keep showing hundreds of planets but it really doesn't look that great but they're showing. Graphics are mediocre when he shoot stuff with his gun the way the destruction is it looks really bad. A lot of people will say oh that's a indie game it's not though they're charging $60 for it. It definitely doesn't have the Polish that mos...

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Call of Duty war was more Innovative than any game. It redefined multiplayer. Of course they're going to make sequels that's what makes money and then for people complaining about sequels then don't buy them obviously there's a market for them because people buy a lot of them. New IP is very risky look at a lot of them that haven't worked out already this generation. Order 1886 Sunset Overdrive both games that I personally like the lot but they didn't sell very well.

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First off I'd like to see this game showed on a PS4 cause that's what I play on and right now it's running on high pc. Honestly people can complain all you want but this looks like it could have been an expansion pack to Battlefield. It looks like the same game just reskinned. I'm going to buy it because I like Battlefield games. Hardline was such a disappointment it was like a reskin Battlefield 4 but shitty. I don't know maybe I just want something new I was hoping they...

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Don't worry guys you can listen to music and 3D printed guns. This game looks completely stupid I think this game is going to fail pretty hard. First game sold 10 mil this will be lucky to break 3 mil total . Especially around the holiday with a lot of big titles

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I know you hipsters like that have edgey music and hacking stuff about getting your followers up. This game looks so stupid. Gotta get your social media man I get your tight jeans

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Looks retarded looks like it's for anyone under the age of 18

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