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Honestly feel like the Xbox One X is so powerful I'm surprised we're not seeing more games use checkerboard with 60fps. I don't like that all Microsoft first-party games have to use native 4K.

Gears of War I feel like should be able to checkerboard and do 60 because native 4K takes so much more resources and it's not that much better than checkerboarding it is better obviously. I would rather have like a 1440p and 60fps then a native 4K 30 for some games.

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Bought this and thought is was bad. Runs like booty on ps4 . I was using pro aswell. Combat was boring and movement was pretty bad. Did have cool gfx and moves looked good. Dead empty world if u can even get on servers.

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Why does everybody want cross-play there's plenty of people playing on both consoles. I definitely don't want cross play with PC because they hack everything. In rocket League you had cross play on PS4 and PC and they would hack hardcore. As far as Xbox and Playstation goes you might get cross-play going but you can't be on the Mic and being party chat I guarantee you they won't be able to get the chat to work. The same thing happened on Rocket League you can play with PC but ...

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Oh God these people go away it's just a video game and it's telling a story. So they shouldn't make movies about mental health. or cancer or anything because everything is a plot device. Jesus it never ends with these whiners

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Dirt 4 terrible game looks last generation. Dirt rally was better in every conceivable way. Dirt 4 tracks or so repetitive they're supposed to be dynamic and they were pretty bad.

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I don't know I think Forza may have passed Gran Turismo the last GT was pretty bad this one looks a lot better but man the physics in Forza looks like they may have passed it. What worries me about Gran Turismo is the damage model looks terrible . I think the one thing Gran Turismo has in his favor is that has more stuff like rally Forza 7 doesn't have rally and NASCAR

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It controlled so bad with a Gamepad you literally had to use a wheel. I don't even think technically it looks better Forza 7 by far looks the best graphically and then GT is right behind it

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Dude your drunk go home. Technically better thrn forza 7 or gt????hahahaha sure bro . I don't know just watch the game play for the 7 looks so much better in terms of graphics and their physics look crazy the way they make the car shake and stuff. I played the first project cars and it was a buggy mess man and you couldn't even play it without a steering wheel they had horrible controls with a Gamepad.

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Lol the switch is going to flop just like the Wii U it has no third-party support it's literally a portable Wii U I don't know why people think it's going to do so well of course things sell well when they first come off but you can already find them again in stores. Nintendo is known for manufacturing demand. Splatoon and Mario are the only thing coming out this year and their third party support is bare minimum this thing's going to flop man I don't know why people don&#...

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Article needs to be corrected rocket league has cross play on pc with ps4. I wish ppl would research better. Forbes lol

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I don't get why this rumor even started they said at the Destiny 2 event that the game is CPU heavy. The reason the PS4 Pro couldn't even do 1080p 60 frames per second was because of the CPU will the Xbox One X CPU is barely better. 2. 1 vs 2.3ghz. The Xbox one has much more RAM and way more GPU power but the CPUs are almost identical. The reason why the GPU is so much better on the Xbox as they want native 4K but the CPU is holding it back for this particular game.

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Thank god there cutting down on indies

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It's funny that they can't get it to run at 60 frames a second I mean Battlefield running at 60 frames on the PS4 Pro and it's running at a 1600 P upscale resolution. And that game has way better graphics 64 players with destruction. maybe Bungie and Activision with all the money they should have upgrade their engine. I'm sorry about the PS4 Pro with the power at half should be able to run it at 1080p 60fps like a lot of other games. Honestly my take on this is that they don...

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SJW bulls hit that's why. What the Devs get for going on interviews talking about diversity gay characters lesbian likes its more important then gameplay itself. People are just tired of it. I think it's starting to affect sales. That and there was a lot of performance issues and the input lag on PS4 but I'm telling you as soon as I read the interview with the devs talk about diversity being so important already know the game's going to have a bunch of shoehorn crap in. Prai...

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Kebral Space program is really good. For 15 bucks not bad

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I think IGN and these other review sites are a little butthurt but they don't get the codes a week early to do the review so they're kind of slamming them. Because of Bethesda new review policy but I heard other sites saying that their PC copy works fine. Digital Foundry did PC and said it was great. I have a PS4 and the input lag is really bad going to wait for a patch. 4 out of 10 please that is crazy

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Polygon being disrespectful to World War II vets. If those people didn't go over there and died for your freedom you won't even be able to write your dumbass ARTICLES.This site just needs to die. You can't win with these people you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't it's a World War II game that shouldn't even have them in at the first place be happy that they're trying to make it different. I don't care what color people are in games bu...

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Just ignore people this about this. I use GameFly just on games that I'm not sure going to be good or bad. It save me a lot of money it just most recently on Mass Effect I'm glad I didn't buy that garbage. I'm definitely going to buy Persona 5 but I understand using GameFly why not the developer get some money from GameFly per rental people don't understand. GameFly doesn't just buy the game for $60 then rented out they have to pay the licensing fee so the developer ma...

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Yep I was thinking the same thing I want either Vietnam or a game set around late eighties early nineties like desert combat before they had all these drones.

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Do people really want another World War II game I was hoping they would do Vietnam or just a modern warfare sequel. Look at Battlefield 1 the player numbers have dropped people get tired of the guns because it's so limited why don't you guys just make a game that's set in like 1991 to 98 where there wasn't UAV drones and all that crazy crap but still had modern guns. Like Black Hawk Down error something man I'm just so tired of these historical or futuristic why can't ...

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