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Polygon being disrespectful to World War II vets. If those people didn't go over there and died for your freedom you won't even be able to write your dumbass ARTICLES.This site just needs to die. You can't win with these people you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't it's a World War II game that shouldn't even have them in at the first place be happy that they're trying to make it different. I don't care what color people are in games bu...

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Just ignore people this about this. I use GameFly just on games that I'm not sure going to be good or bad. It save me a lot of money it just most recently on Mass Effect I'm glad I didn't buy that garbage. I'm definitely going to buy Persona 5 but I understand using GameFly why not the developer get some money from GameFly per rental people don't understand. GameFly doesn't just buy the game for $60 then rented out they have to pay the licensing fee so the developer ma...

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Yep I was thinking the same thing I want either Vietnam or a game set around late eighties early nineties like desert combat before they had all these drones.

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Do people really want another World War II game I was hoping they would do Vietnam or just a modern warfare sequel. Look at Battlefield 1 the player numbers have dropped people get tired of the guns because it's so limited why don't you guys just make a game that's set in like 1991 to 98 where there wasn't UAV drones and all that crazy crap but still had modern guns. Like Black Hawk Down error something man I'm just so tired of these historical or futuristic why can't ...

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First off this guy is stupid if he thinks Sony is going to put uncharted 4 on PS now. There is no way. They will not put their Top tear exclusives on PS now until PS5 comes out or late into ps4 life cycle. Because they still want to push PS4 units. Then he implies playing uncharted on PS now would be better not really you're still streaming off of PS4 and streaming sucks.

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First off everyone that's blaming EA I think you're wrong. I think they put out a lot of other quality games including Battlefield. None of their other games have the problem that Mass Effect has. From what I read it sounds like it was more hands-off with BioWare by there's always been over to do its own thing and that might be a bad idea. I think it was okay when the old BioWare was making good games. If anything I think it has to tighten the Noose on them. Because this game is...

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What's plenty of people don't understand they did the animation and the characters on purpose because sjw is and they didn't want the females look attractive or as I would normal. Look at the male characters they look bad but not nearly as bad as female characters

. They really screwed themselves. They had the one crazy feminist lady I forget her name. Anti or something. I just don't understand how it made it past testing and that he ate a triple a company ...

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Pre order bonus, Tranny relationship , season pass bestiality relationship. Deluxe collector's edition get the "mass relay dildo" your butt gets vibrated at lightspeed. $200 Deluxe digital Edition you get straight relationships because that's the most rare thing available nowadays.

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What's funny is there talking about bringing Vince ingenito in and that guy said anybody that voted for Trump is a f****** racist. Just shows you as long as you have a left point of view you can get away with anything but if you don't agree then you're gone. If they bring Vincent going to be so hypocritical because the guy has called people racist and it would be the same thing that they kept calling out for just the opposite view

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The real question is who bought the switch and then didn't buy Zelda I'd like to meet that person. Are they playing one two switch .

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Jesus Christ man this shit is getting out of control what are we going to be able to play in the future what is going to be left? I'm getting so tired of these people just go away you don't have to play it. I don't get why you can be offended by something if you are then just go and ignore it and don't play it and don't buy it.

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Exactly I buy all my games digital I live here in California and have never been taxed on a game before Xbox does tax on games. I have never been taxed on psn and i buy everthing online.

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Ur buddys sister like 12inch cocks in her a$$.

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I gotta be honest I hope were not going back to this World War II trend. I literally would just like a Vietnam game or a game set in early modern combat like 1991 desert combat Style. Before the big use of drones all the crazy stuff

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Honestly I think they delayed this because there's so many games coming out in the next two months they didn't want to put this out against Mass Effect Horizon and other stuff go ahead and put this out over the summer and I bet you will do really well. The first one was so good

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I'm just going to say something crazy. I love to Mass Effect 3 and honestly I didn't have a problem with the ending. I love 2 as well obviously it's probably the better game but it did feel like a filler Mission and three did feel to me like the continuation of a story. I just didn't have a problem with the ending. I know a lot of people are upset that your choice in the end didn't matter. Its like tell tale games as the example the ending there similar but the way you get...

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I really wish you would stop improving these articles they're coming out for every single game. What was the article the other day that some guy was like Resident Evil 7 with and I was like this is getting nutty. People are losing their minds . They're putting their own stories and Spins all these games let's just let the games exist and judge him if they're good games or not and just have some entertainment not everything has to be politics or social identity issues.

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It's funny because I've always bought Resident Evil games because they're co-op or re4 which was way longer than Resident Evil 7. They have good replayed ability. I like Resident Evil 7 but I didn't buy it because I knew it was only one time play for me. Sure enough I rented it and I beat it and I was like man I never want to play that again even though it was good. That's the problem with this little horror games that don't have a lot of action there's no replay. ...

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I'm going to tell you right now with this and what Neil druckmann said the other day. We're going to see a bunch of anti Trump /left games coming out for the next four years and it's really going to hurt the industry. People go to video games to get a break from politics and you're going to see a bunch of liberal messages coming out in the next couple years from games and it's going to hurt sales overall that's just my prediction.

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What the f***. Did you people are crazy not everything relates you just way over thought this whole entire thing. Did you guys have lost your mind man it's just a game and had nothing to do with that. I could take any piece of movie or game and try to relate it into my own weird fantasy that you just did. The sounds like the ramblings of an insane person

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