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One of my favourite games ever. I put a lot of quarters into that one..

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It came from the desert would be pretty cool in VR.

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Considering how blurry and compressed youtube is, I couldn't really see any reasonable difference other than the framerate looked higher.. I also noticed that the rear view looked worse than GT6, as there is pop-out of trees/etc. Either way I will get it as I enjoy a accurate simulator over a arcade racer.

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I don't get what everyone's issue is with PS4K. It will have 4K bluray support, it will probably have more GPU power for VR especially.. But in the end, all of the studios will still be designing for PS4, and if you have a PS4K, you may get a bump up in graphics quality. It's not like they are gonna stop making games for PS4.

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Yah.. there is much more difference than just a wider address bus..

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I've done it.. the key is you have to have the files in a folder.. For music i think it didn't matter the folder name, and i think you have to call it video for video..

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I like the arguments here.. I don't pirate, so I don't care if a corporation can monitor what I do on my computer.. Same as, I'm not a terrorist, so I don't care if the government monitors everything I do..

Just keep giving away your freedom.. There is no way it could ever go wrong in the future..

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How do you play a MP4? Getting tired of dragging the PS3 into the living room every time I want to play a video.

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Sweet! A bunch of crap I don't care about..

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Anyone in Canada get the new episode yet? Mine still says "Coming soon".

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I don't see what every ones issue is. I look forward to trying to play a game while facebook feeds and adds for gout scroll by..

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No game got more quarters out of me than Bubble Bobble..

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You hafta understand that being able to handle 50 players in game is must different than being able to handle more than 12 network connections at once without lagging the game down due to the wide range of connection latencies.

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wow.. James Pond: Robocod?? I had that for my Amiga.. may hafta look into this game..

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I had the opposite issue on PS3 so far.. did a quick save and came back the next day to find franklins empty garage now had 2 cars in it.. One on top of the other..

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Just because the CPU and GPU can access the same memory pool definitely does not mean that cached changes from either core can be instantly seen by the other core (HUMA). If the CPU makes a change to memory, it may reside in cache until the cache controller sees fit to store it to shared memory. The GPU will not see the change until the CPU cache controller does the write.

From a design perspective, HUMA would definitely be a advantage for pumping data to and from the CPU/G...

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Or they could just cross-compile it, as i'm sure it is 99% C code. May just hafta rewrite any assembly level code. Definitely not a full rewrite.

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Got mine at home..

Would say..

Keystone Kapers
Yars Revenge
hmm.. after the first couple it gets hard to pick..

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So if MS wants to make it a requirement to always be online for all games, does that mean that when you buy a 720 you won't be able to play anything on it till you fork out more for MS online?

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Sweet.. a hundred buck controller with 1/4 the battery life and a touch screen no one will use..

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