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All I can say is if I need multiple spreadsheets to configure the FFB on my wheel, then I'm not buying it..

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Why would you compare those 2 against each other? Obviously GTS is gonna look better than AC. If you are going to compare those 2, then it should be about physics and FFB.

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I hope the FFB is better than the first one.. Because that was garbage.. Spent more time configuring it than playing, and it still violently shook on a straightaway. Gave up on that one pretty quick.

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If I were to guess.. It's a safe bet that the cartridge costs more to produce than a DVD. Now 10 bucks more? I doubt..

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I definitely would.. but then again, I never played it. Somehow completely missed it on PS3. So looking forward to a remaster.

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Fix the force feedback! Between the 100s of settings and still violent jerking on a straight away, I put that game away pretty quick.

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I don't think so.. Think that is the new PC one. I assume this is a reg T300 with the playstation button set like T150.

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Been looking forward to this.. Now all I need are decent pedals..

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Kids now a days.. The free stuff isn't exactly want they want, so it's an issue? I'll be taking my free content and season pass content happily. Hell, I remember as a kid throwing out 30-40 bucks for a game, and it was what it was. Game sucked? Oh well.. Game breaking bug? Oh well.. it wasn't like the local BBS had updates.. You dealt with it and moved on.

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The guys hand positioning (8 and 1) made it look worse than it is for control. He's just a crappy driver.

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Nice.. Glad they are properly supporting it. Just a blast to play with a wheel.

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It's always nice to have a developer that continues to make a effort after it hits the shelves.. Looking forward to the update.

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My guess is since they just announced the PS4 Pro, they are most likely wanting full Pro support/power on release.

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I like it. Yah, it still needs some work, which I'm sure they'll do, as they have been doing on PC. The fact is, it drives better with a wheel than any console racing game i've ever tried. I want realism, not trophies..

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Most TVs won't pass full surround through a TV from HDMI to optical. It only passes stereo (which the receiver will pick up as pro-logic and not DTS/Dolby Digital. If I were to get the slim, I would have to replace my receiver as it is a older one with only HDMI pass through.

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One of my favourite games ever. I put a lot of quarters into that one..

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It came from the desert would be pretty cool in VR.

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Considering how blurry and compressed youtube is, I couldn't really see any reasonable difference other than the framerate looked higher.. I also noticed that the rear view looked worse than GT6, as there is pop-out of trees/etc. Either way I will get it as I enjoy a accurate simulator over a arcade racer.

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I don't get what everyone's issue is with PS4K. It will have 4K bluray support, it will probably have more GPU power for VR especially.. But in the end, all of the studios will still be designing for PS4, and if you have a PS4K, you may get a bump up in graphics quality. It's not like they are gonna stop making games for PS4.

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