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Trials HD
Trials Evolution
Mark of the Ninja
Castle Crashers
Shadow Complex
Dust: An Elysian Tail™
Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
Zombie Driver HD
Assault Heroes 2
Dungeon Defenders
Crimson Alliance™
Radiant Silvergun
Rock of Ages
Toy Soldiers: Cold War

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Cheesy? Did someone say Doritos??

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"Your last point is something that a lot of people overlook in today's generation. Microsoft actually does have a policy that games on their system cannot be drastically better on another platform."

In80% of the cases multiplatform games are better on the 360 than on the PS3. I think it has more to do with hardware difficulties for developers than policies from MS.

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LED TV? Try a 2000hz Panasonic plasma. Looks out of this world :)

Loved RAGE btw and thought it didn't get quite the recognition it deserved.

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Looking at your comment history I don't think you ever "felt" Halo, M$ or Xbox to begin with.

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If you are trying to take a stab at Forza I'd just like to mention that with every DLC car pack they release they also release one car for free.

I have downloaded 14 cars for free this far.

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Xbox Live is a rip-off...and Vita is doing amazing. /Fox News 4 Gamers ;)

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NOOO!!! Only GT can be good!! /s

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Some of the best visuals on any console. It looks out of this world. Try zooming in on some textures like walls etc. Then turn around and look at the scope and scale of some areas. Now try doing the same in for example Killzone 2 or 3.

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I could swear it was Justin Bieber...

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Wouldn't it be more interesting to compare how the games look in motion though? Looking at static screen grabs isn't really telling.

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Bring back Firefight mode. I loved it. Or some kind of wave/horde mode.

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@BattleTorn - Sony do not release numbers on their PSN activity. If you have a source for it please share. All they release is their total number of users, which include PSP, Vita and PC users, as well as multiple accounts.

From what I've read it seems much harder finding people to play with on PSN, sometimes even when it comes to exclusive games. That's something you rarely experience on Xbox Live.

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IGN scores

Far Cry 3 - SP campaign 25-30 hours, original story and great voice cast and characters, open world and open-ended gameplay, clever AI and lots of different ways to approach objectives, graphics that blow Blops 2 out of the water.
IGN verdict 9.0

COD Black Ops 2 - SP campaign 4-6 hours, no originality whatsoever, sub-hd graphics, extremely linear AI and levels (make enemeies stop spawning by moving forward), broken multiplayer, PS3 version ...

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Maxing out isn't the same as optimizing. Maxing out is about using all the resources available, not about utilizing them as cleverly as possible.

Read the article.

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"Best FPS on a portable" really isn't saying much.

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Waiting for a collection with all episodes. Anyone know if it's been hinted at?

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Hard to make such a list. All I know is that Dark Souls would be high up on it for me.

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Why is it wrong to compare them? They are extremely similar games. Lots of reviewers are comparing Sonic Racing Transformed to Mario Kart. Is that also wrong?

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It seems like a great game for being a clone. Dante's Inferno in similar fashion was also a clone but still a great game.

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