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They really knocked this game out of the park. I laughed the whole way through. #1
lol Me too! #3.1
Definitely a rumor - fix this guys. #3
Expensive, but I can see the draw. My flight sim setup would benefit from a desk like this. #1
I think there is somewhat of a difference between platforms on this one. I have had friends say that their PS3 version is awful - worse than DNF. I have the PC version and, while it has problems, I am digging it as a fan of the movie.

Don't get me wrong - it has lots of problems, but DNF was far worse! #1
Go Kirkman! #1
Paradox Interactive is helping keep PC gaming alive. Kudos to them. #1
Word, Lovable. #1.1
Wow. That chick is a GM? There are girls in WoW??? ;) #1
It always has been. However, I believe this was their best year yet. Inclusions such as Journey and Half Life 2 give me some hope. I was convinced they were going to name Mass Effect or HALO as the game of the decade. #1
Always seemed like a game type that could be translated well on tablet devices. Hope it works for them. #1
I remember him from an episode of Supernatural. Good actor. #1
I had no idea he was the HULU voice. That guy is awesome. #1
No. But he is a journalist, right? Reporters report. He has flagrantly disregarded his journalistic responsibilities numerous times in order to become a video game industry "star". #8.1.1
I simply cannot stand Keighley. He went from journalist to game company puppet. #8
Jinkies, I think you summed up my feelings on this perfectly! #1.1.2
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I like the guy who's job it is to cut down the detail without looking like he is cutting down the detail. That guy is a magician. #1
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I would have liked to see Ellie his partner as well. I think that they went with a similar character for some sort of balance but, with Ellie, they could have played on the contrasts more. Each character really specializing in something. #1.1
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Not bad. I like Matthew Vaughn - he could pull it off if true. #1
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I have been using a mechanical jobber from Razer for a while now and really like it. There is something very satisfying about the "click". #1.1.1
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