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Yeah, it's OK -- *takes break from this comment to play a match * -- but I'm not addicted to it or anything.

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Wow. Big results for Ratchet.

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I use it!

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Far Cry, Street Fighter, and Fire Emblem can't even handle Evolve and Majora's Mask!

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That isn't necessarily the case. Xbox One gamers could be buying more Ubisoft games in comparison to the Xbox One install base than PS4 gamers are in comparison to the PS4 install base. That is equally as likely as the DLC theory, and it honestly seems more likely to me.

There are fewer Xbox One gamers. So if they spend $1.25 for every $1 a PS4 gamers spends, it's still going to be less money, because there are 90 percent more PS4s in the world.

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The article points this out -- although attach rate overal is very important to publishers because it shows that people are spending money.

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The article above mentions all of those numbers.

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Well, yeah. No argument here.

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There's definitely something to what you're saying here. But it's a chicken-egg scenario. The money is in mobile games. Why risk millions making Metal Gear and Castlevania games when you can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on iOS and Android apps, to use Konami as the obvious example.

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Commenting at its finest.

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Pointing out that The Institute is, ostensibly, the bad guy in Fallout 4 is like pointing out that the Empire is the bad guy in the Star Wars movies. Hardly a real spoiler.

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The info in the article is taking the trailer at face value.

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There is no "in the video game industry" when it comes to the fiscal year. That's completely incorrect. Microsoft's fiscal year goes from July through June. It just reported the results of its fiscal Q1 2016:

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Q2 of 2015 is more than a half a year ago. They confirmed 1.4 million Xbox systems sold in Q4 2015.

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This problem was fixed a long time ago on the Xbox One controller revision.

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Dude. This cord is on fleek. You don't understand!

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This is relevant to my interests!

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Sony has won every month of 2015 except for April.

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Multiplatform games sold better on PS4. Xbox One exclusives outsold PS4 exclusives.

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