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AedanClarke must be of the mentality 'if you're not with us 100%, you're against us 100%.'

Guns are manufactured and designed with the intent to kill other things. All of those other things you listed have other legitimate purposes. A weapon is anything that can be used as a weapon, but a gun is nothing other than a weapon - it has no other purpose. You can call it a defensive tool all you like, but its 'defense' comes ...

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Looking at the last earnings report, I think there's going to be a lot of on-disc DLC and the cheapest kind of DLC (to develop) that there is. They want to bring those earnings back up, so get ready to be expected to fork it over.

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Why would you brag about the achievements on pirated games? Getting an achievement in a pirated game isn't an accomplishment at all. Getting an achievement in a game you actually paid for is something worth boasting about, do. And good for you.

The thing about your original response is that it's just another excuse for pirating. "I pirate games that I don't like." That's still pirating. And then you follow it up by saying that you h...

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Yeah, but they will probably use a lot of the pilot assets for the rest of the game.

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You know you have really no way of proving what you say is true, right? You could just pirate every game and then 'claim' that you buy the ones that you like.

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Right...because how can you change your practices that people disagree with if you don't have any finances to change with?

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There are certain sites that are paid by certain publishers for favourable reviews. Movies or games, it's not exclusive.

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You're never too old to game. That's like asking if you're too old to watch movies or read a book.

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My point is that 'everything' is falsely advertised to some degree. You can't sue McDonalds because your burger was falsely advertised as being neat and proper.

There was no guarantee that any of the pre-release footage would actually be in the game. Even if this makes it past the first stage, all Gearbox has to show is that they made an honest effort to include it, but due to time constraints or technical issues couldn't be included. Things that were out o...

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You guys seem to be forgetting that it's their job to actually advertise the game. Every single advertising agency does this sort of thing. Do you really think that Clearasil can make your face look like some porcelain doll? When was the last time you bought a hamburger from McDonald's and actually had it turn out like on the advertisement?

I'm not defending the game by any means - it's a terrible game and one I'm glad I didn't spend money on, but y...

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It doesn't matter if they knew the game was terrible or not. It's their job to sell the game to potential customers. Does someone who says "the game will be great" suddenly become financially liable when you don't think the game is great?

Besides, 'terrible' is a subjective phrase. They could have thought it was great. How, I'm not quite sure.

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Wow, what an insightful comment you have written. /s.

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Loved that game! Just wish that the original music from the SNES game was an unlockable.

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They're gigantic mutated turtles and you're talking about them being "realistic" looking?

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Turtles live a really long time, so they're probably technically still teenagers.

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Aww, the page glitched up as I was commenting and it posted a reply to the wrong comment.

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There's a slash there. It means "or." Derrrp!

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This happened with me with Fallout 3. Oh man, the hours of sleep lost.

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GameStop selling used games, or any person selling used game, is not a form of piracy.

No other form of used product on the market requires part of the purchase to go back to the original company. If I sell a used car, I don't owe Chrysler a chunk of the profit.

That would be double-dipping by the companies that make the game, which is anti-consumer.

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I don't know what's worse. Lying about your mom making you apologize, or actually having your mom force you to apologize.

And then 'actually' apologizing.

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