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I could see how it could be turned into a rape joke, but you have to be reaching pretty far for that.

It's only good PR to apologize for something that could be considered offensive. No offense was intended, but it happened regardless. #17
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It'd have to be in development first for them to announce it at E3. #21
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Hence the word "exclusive."

There are a lot of games for the PC. Ask anyone who's ever looked through the Steam catalogue #4.2
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I'm sorry. That is the worst excuse ever...You won't let your friends borrow your games? Cause "support the devs?" Your friend borrowing a game could lead them to buy the game for themselves later on down the line, or buy new when the next game from said developer is finished and hits retail.

Everyone should be allowed to buy used and not be guilted into the 'you're destroying the industry' rhetoric.

The 'used vs. new'... #1.2.3
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I was being sarcastic. The man made a broad generalization of a group of people who, let's face it, many of them do fit that description, like it or not.

Just because you don't fit the mold, doesn't negate the fact that there are many people out there that do, perpetuating that generalization.

That's what I was getting at. #21.1.2
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And then because nothing happened, they got bored and left the building...

So a panic button goes off, the cops show up, there's no sign of anyone there but a mannequin of a sniper on the roof...and the cops are still in the wrong here? They still have to go in and determine that everything is okay.

I hope the employees who decided it'd be cool to test the panic button are severely reprimanded. #11.1
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Yes. Because your current situation in life is indicative of everyone. #21.1
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@ zealous - The Razer isn't meant to be a mid-range gaming laptop. You're paying for the name, too, hence the heafty price tag. #2.3.2
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Hey, that's the best response you can take to something you don't like. Just don't watch it.

Problem solved. #3.2
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@ Kreate

Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon also sell products other than games. If their gaming section has a shitty quarter, than they can just bolster the sales of other departments and funnel the funds towards video games.

Gamestop is a specialty store for games, I wouldn't count on them going anywhere. #1.1.3
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Yeah...this surprises you because...? Apple did the same thing with all of their accessories for the iPad 3.

There will probably be an adapter. #1.1.6
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There's not enough cheeto dust on the hands. #25
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That's the benefit of the television shows. In a movie, you have maybe an hour and a half to two hours to get everything in. In the television shows, that stuff can be brought up each and every episode. #8.1
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If you really have never been emotionally moved by a video game, then that would certainly suck for you. #19.4
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There are games I tear up at and then there are games that I downright bawl at. The Walking Dead had tears torrenting down my face. #4.2
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I disagree with that idea. #1.4.1
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I looked at the video, it doesn't sound like he's doing anything but joking. #1.2
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Because what makes a great movie and what makes a great video game are two different things. #4
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Do mechanics do the same thing to women posing for pictures with cars and wrenches? Concern themselves with whether she's really into it or not?

If you're really getting your panties in a wad over a poser, then you need to step back, cool off get yourself a drink and reflect on your life.

There was a brilliant Jimquisition about this. Required viewing. #19
There is a huge, HUGE difference between an optional difficulty in a game and a menu. Give your head a shake. #18.2.1
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