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It's a Russian server. #1.10.1
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70.1% of people still abbreviate Final Fantasy to FF. So I guess that makes it pretty commonplace. #3
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Before she started working on Windows 7, she worked for Microsoft Office and had little to zero experience with operating systems.

She learned the audience and adapted quickly to suit their needs.

Not to mention that she probably has a bunch of people called advisors to help her with her job, people who offer different insights into the things she's doing. So anything that happens is the result of an entire team's work and decisions. She just happen... #20.2
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Microsoft exec1: so...Kinect camera on all the time?
Exec2: Wait, I thought people didn't like that?
Exec1: oh no, just look at all the pictures people post of themselves online! They totally like cameras being on them all the time. And convenience too. I'm almost like 99% positive I heard someone out there saying that they love it when commercials are tailored to their needs. #13
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Well, after you've heard so many great things about it, it's not entirely unusual that when you finally play the game, you'd think that there was a lot of fuss about nothing. #4.3
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Some people just don't dig weed. Everybody knows someone who suffers from some debilitating illness whose life was completely turned around once they started smoking and if it helps them, that's great.

Other people like to live their lives without it. No big deal. #5.1.1
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Wow, look at all the people that don't get it. Must be the font. #1.2.4
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I'd have to disagree. There are people out there who absolutely 'have' to have it first, regardless of what it costs.

This is particularly true at Christmas with parents who are desperately searching for that one thing that their kid 'must have.' #1.2.1
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I would hardly call RedEye a news program. They're a satirical late-night show, they even acknowledge it when they get themselves wrangled up in controversy.

These guys were pretty nasty about the Canadian military a few years ago, three days after four Canadians died fighting for US interests in Afghanistan. It was in particular poor taste due to the fact that four deaths in one attack just doesn't happen all that often. They said a bunch of other stupid and inse... #1.1
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That's kind of a spoiler image there, Mezzo. Think you could have grabbed a different one? #1
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I like the game, I like the game a lot, but I can still acknowledge problems with it. The game was gorgeous, the score amazing and it was pretty challenging, but I found a few glitches, a few draw-distance issues (which admittedly weren't that far away), and a few nitpicks with the story. The blood hilariously squirts out of people like strawberry jam and then just pools around outside of them in a perfect circle.

My main complaint with the game is the character develop... #16
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That's not exactly how reviews work... #4.2
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@ slinky - that's...incorrect.

Read the article and the tumblr page, not just the title and not just the comments. You will find all the 'correct' information.

Additionally, you're wrong about photographers too. #8.1.2
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It would be different if he were at least credited for the map, but he wasn't. #9.2
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He didn't "steal" anything. #1.1.2
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@ Mr. Nuts - You're STILL upset about L4D2? The game has been available on Steam for about $5 on multiple occasions, and it pretty much includes L4D1 in its entirety. It'd be unlikely that any of the previous characters would make a re-appearance.

L4D2 is like the Saints Row 2 of open-world crime sims. Not completely off the wall insane, but still fun because it doesn't take itself too seriously. There are enough gritty zombie games out there to last a lifetime. #1.1.3
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The issue here, judging by many, many comments is that the review was too opinionated. Which shows that they don't understand what exactly a review is.

Have any proof that he really just doesn't like violence or gore? Then maybe Polygon got the wrong person to review their game. Get this guy to keep on reviewing Fisher Price toys. #24.2.1
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That sounds like a ridiculous rating system. But it certainly reflects what the author writes in the review over just doling out a number. #9.1
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@ Winter47th

Reviews ARE opinions. It is the opinion of the reviewer who is reviewing the game whether the game is good or bad. There are no objective qualifiers that make a game good or bad, it's all about personal opinion.

There is a serious difference in a blatantly slanted review, bashed or praised heavily for minutiae reasons, as the Polygon review appears to be. However, you can't have a review without an opinion.... #1.1.7
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@ SeanScythe

The fact that so many people agreed with your second comment makes me weep for humanity.

BTW, a feminist is anyone who calls for equal rights for women and depictions of women in the media.

So there you go. #1.1.3
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