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I think the idea here is to prevent more people from doing the same thing. Make an example out of them - I'm sure they don't give a rat's behind about Pirate Pete or Homebrew...Hank and their little community of hacked consoles, those can be dealt with. But when you post something like that for the entire world to see, you can bet that Sony is going to go after them. Like Karl said, most people will be too lazy to keep updating their systems like that...

The cf...

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Link never gets laid.

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I wanted to get this for my PC, but I heard that there were issues with it with Steam. I had pretty much forgotten about the extra content and just ended up getting the Ps3 version.

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I'd like to see this implemented in other games. Sony should have a Department of Banhammer with undercover operatives. We can dream, right?

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Actually, they won't be playing fair from now on - unless Mommy and Daddy want to shell out for another console.

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@ Close Second

A good buyer will always insist on a contract for anything over a few hundred bucks. If the seller won't agree to a) let the buyer check the console b) agree to the terms of a contract (i.e.: the console hasn't been banned, etc), then it isn't worth buying.

If the seller lied about the condition, they're legally obliged to refund the money, as it's what's been agreed to in the contract.

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That honestly would have been awesome. I thought that's what they were going to do when Blu-ray came out the victor in the format war.

However, if they did that, there'd be a slew of movie releases in the format like we saw with the UMD.

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@ Jazz

These are people that got pissed off because the console scratched their discs when they moved it. Honestly, I think swapping discs is just too much for some people.

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I fucking hate pirates. Theft is theft, whether it's a tangible item or digital download. If you didn't pay for it when others had to, you shouldn't have it. The whole "games are expensive and I can't afford it" bullshit is just that. Can't afford it? Too fucking bad. Gaming isn't like eating, either - it isn't a necessity.

The people that state that they'll buy the game if they like it? Also bullshit, why not just rent the g...

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There's economic crisis all over, not just in the States...

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You should play Amnesia: The Dark Descent. If you have an issue with overpowered protagonists with predictable scares, then this game will be a nice change.

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Nice article, but I'm thinking that if this is like the original Dead Space (with more features added) then this will be like...RE5?

There are aspects of the game that don't scare us anymore because we've seen them all before. What made RE4 great was that it was something that we had never seen before. If Dead Space 2 delivers some kind of monumental movement forward in games, I can see it being as huge as RE4. But I think it's too early to tell right now. ...

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I wouldn't trust him, Hackers 'seem' very seedy and underhanded.

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@ Outwar

Do you see what happens when you don't agree to the TOS? You don't get to use the console until you agree to them. Take it back to the store and get your cash back, tell them that you don't agree to the terms of service. If they don't give you your money back, take it up with Sony. But expect not to be able to use a Ps3 until you agree to them.

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This Internet tax still wouldn't be fair, unless the tax is an exorbitant amount.

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Yeah, first they blame a Sarah Palin political ad, now they're saying he's a game nut and having people draw their own conclusion.

He also read Mein Kempf and liked The Wizard of Oz. FFS, we should focus on the people that were killed or wounded, not search for blame where none exists...

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In some places it's illegal to have NOS in a car.

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I'm pretty sure that you have to actually select 'I agree' to continue using the console after the ToS comes up. And if you don't agree, you don't use the console.

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I'm glad somebody caught that...

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You can't possibly expect them to sue everyone and they don't intend to. Just the people that started it. Make an example out of them and people will be reluctant to follow.

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