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Capcom puts too much money into their games. Their profit margins are so slim because too much money goes into it. Just a broad generalization - it's great if your game brings in 10 million - what's bad is if your game cost 9 million to make. That's why we're seeing these articles of Capcom titles not living up to Capcom's expectations. It's not that they don't sell at all, quite the contrary - it's just that it's not well enough for Capcom. #16
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There are too many apostrophes here....

There will always be a niche market for full-fledged, powerful consoles. Even handhelds have their enthusiasts. I do however believe that mobile gaming takes quite a sizable chunk out of the casual market. People who might have bought a less-expensive or last-gen console might instead switch to mobile gaming. #5
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You can take the console apart to get the disc out. There are some guides online that show step by step. You just have to be careful with the BD drive.

My condolences. I just lost mine myself. I still choke up a bit. #3.1
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Congratulations on getting the World's Most Insensitive Parent Award! If this theoretical situation were true, she'd grow to resent you, cut off communication, suffer severe depression and possibly commit suicide. Congratulations! It's all your doing because 'you' want grandchildren to play with. Forget what makes her happy and feel right. #5.2
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Yeah, cause they can go and play 90% of the other games on the market. #1.1
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What the poster initially was getting at, the question posed on a message board, is seriously WTF-worthy. However the question posed in the article's title is off. Rape isn't exactly sex. #7
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First sentence of the article: It’s no secret that the gaming industry is dominated by men, but one publisher is trying to encourage more women into joining the field."

So suck it up, buttercup. #1.2
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She probably wouldn't let you have the V #5.2
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Pro tip:

Read the article. Not just the headline. #2.1
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Holy water? Crosses? Cameras? #4.1
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The difference is, RE5 sold millions more than RE6. #10.1
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But you'll pay more in taxes. #3.1
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Well, looks like the disagree troll has been here. #5
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@ Killzoner99 - you're joking, right? How have these characters be 'confirmed' gay? #8.2.2
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It's a Russian server. #1.10.1
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70.1% of people still abbreviate Final Fantasy to FF. So I guess that makes it pretty commonplace. #3
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Before she started working on Windows 7, she worked for Microsoft Office and had little to zero experience with operating systems.

She learned the audience and adapted quickly to suit their needs.

Not to mention that she probably has a bunch of people called advisors to help her with her job, people who offer different insights into the things she's doing. So anything that happens is the result of an entire team's work and decisions. She just happen... #20.2
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Microsoft exec1: so...Kinect camera on all the time?
Exec2: Wait, I thought people didn't like that?
Exec1: oh no, just look at all the pictures people post of themselves online! They totally like cameras being on them all the time. And convenience too. I'm almost like 99% positive I heard someone out there saying that they love it when commercials are tailored to their needs. #13
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Well, after you've heard so many great things about it, it's not entirely unusual that when you finally play the game, you'd think that there was a lot of fuss about nothing. #4.3
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Some people just don't dig weed. Everybody knows someone who suffers from some debilitating illness whose life was completely turned around once they started smoking and if it helps them, that's great.

Other people like to live their lives without it. No big deal. #5.1.1
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