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There's a huge spoiler for The Walking Dead in this article. If you haven't (or don't) read the graphic novels and like the series, I'd advise against looking at the pictures here... #15
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Coins aren't free. #1.1
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Wow, what a douchey thing to say. #1.1.2
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I'm thinking that you're straight. Of course someone coming out wouldn't mean dip to you - your lifestyle has never been the subject of vitriolic hate. If you're lucky enough to have a family who is accepting of who you are then that's great.

Imagine if you had been living a lie your entire life. Suddenly, when you feel like it's time to come clean and accept who you really are and tell others who you really are, the people who have loved you and he... #14.2
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There's a huge difference in digging women sexually and standing up for women's rights. #3.2
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The title of this article is a little misleading. The petition only asks for status updates on the project. Maybe weekly is a little too often, but open lines of communication are suddenly being viewed as impatient? OK.

Edit: the article itself is a little misleading too. #6
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I think everyone knew (or should have known) that TWD was going to be receiving another season before TWAU was even released. #1.1.2
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Resident Evil 5 didn't have an 'ok' success. Resident Evil 5 is the highest selling Capcom game ever. That includes Street Fighter. That's definitely more than an 'ok' success.

There are a lot of people who think that they know what a company (or in this case, a game franchise) needs to be great again. The thing is, Resident Evil has a fanbase divided - the old vs the new, each with their own ideas on what would make it great. Some of them are val... #2
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Why? What is so appealing about static camera angles and tank controls? #4.3
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Sure it does. It's referring to people who post Let's Play on YouTube. #2.2
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Just ordered one of these. I'm giving up hope that they're ever going to get the 3DSXL charging base back in stock. At least not long enough for me to order it, anyway. #7
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Lol, I like how your opinion of a game completely invalidates my existence and my understanding.

The last of us was good, but far too overrated in my opinion. #2.2.1
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That word doesn't mean what you think it means. #2.2
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Because you are capable of liking more than one thing at a time. You have a favourite band, a favourite television show, a favourite movie - that doesn't mean that you only exclusively enjoy those things and ignore all others. #17
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Dear Remedy Entertainment,

We know you had your doubts about us. We were all set to go out, but then you cancelled your plans at what felt like the last minute. But you came around and eventually we had a great time together, now suddenly you act like you don't want to see us anymore. Please give us a chance, we'd at least like to be friends.


Valve :) #2
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Well, I went to Best Buy, A Link Between Worlds was sold out. So I guess it wasn't too bad of an idea.

Not everyone has the cash to put down for, or wants, a brand new console. #5
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Just because I write a long post doesn't mean that I'm upset. I just disagree with you.

You're calling me exploitative because I wait out a launch period? There are no games that interest me right now. I'm not going to buy the console and let it sit in my entertainment unit. It's not my duty to buy something as soon as it's launched - that's nobody's duty. People will, because they like having things first, maybe the launch titles excite... #1.4.3
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You're totally right. Competition betters the industry. #13.2.1
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Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are gaming company giants. They have millions of dollars in R&D at their disposal. I don't owe them anything - and I've already given. I've "invested in the industry" by purchasing previous consoles, accessories and games new. I've advertised for these gaming giants by suggesting them to friends and family, I've defended them - but I suddenly owe them 500 bucks because they just released a new system? Fuc... #1.4.1
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Probably because you could design this huge sewer system and normal people (sorry, people who don't regularly go into the sewers) would be like "yeah, that's what a sewer looks like, right?" Plus all the other reasons that people listed. #9
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