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Article acknowledges that only rumours exist about the game at this point, then states that rumours are too ambitious.

... #8
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RE: non-fanboy - huh?

Have you asked everyone? How do you know? Do you have some kind of way to tell? It's his opinion - obviously you have your own. He's got no obligation to give the game a 10 if he doesn't feel it deserves it. You're not obliged to agree with him. #7.1.1
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Oh shit, somebody call the fire department, it's the return of Hate/10.

He liked the game - the extra half point was added to reflect that and the written review reflects that too. The added visual prowess, the extra content, the tweaked controls. Doesn't change that the original game wasn't a 10/10 to him. #7
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According to his review, the author also states that this game targets not only those who didn't play the game, but offers a nice bonus for people that did.

"While this is a great package for anyone who hasn't played The Last of Us yet, it also includes some nice elements for people who are already hardcore fans."

The analogy of the Director's Cut DVD seems pretty spot on.

Did you miss that? #1.2.1
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Nice try bros, I have 37. Not really, but who cares? #1.5
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Some quotation marks around the title would fix this right up. That and the excerpt - matching the actual nature of this article.

You might think you're being edgy, but I'd sooner not click on something than click on something I thought was homophobic and support the website.

So...good thing for comments I guess? #11
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Dude...just because one is a PC gamer doesn't mean that they've always been a PC gamer and have never played games from consoles. C'mon... #7.2
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uth11 - PC gaming is awesome. I've never run into issues that I couldn't fix, easily. Viruses? Have a regularly scheduled antivirus scan. Spyware? Same deal. Drivers that don't quite work? Nope - never been an issue. Games that don't work? That would be more the game's fault than the computer's.

The last time I did a major update to my PC was five years ago. And it didn't cost nearly as much as my PS3. #7.1.3
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NazKidA goes to the store and picks up a product off the shelf. Looks at the back of the box at what the package contains.

"Fucking spoilers," he mutters as he throws the package to the ground. #3.1.2
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Because sometimes the women are the better-written, better voiced, better animated option?

Why do some people prefer Coke over Pepsi? #25
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Sure you can.

You can play a game long enough to get a pretty good feel of what the game is without finishing it. If someone's critique on a game has nothing to do with how the story plays out and more about the general feel of the game, AI, controls and mechanics, then there's not really a need to finish the game at all as it's extremely unlikely that these things will change by the time the game is done.

Do I agree with this guy's opinions?... #1.2.1
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Yup. #3
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Even the best parents can have kids that have complete meltdowns in stores - it all depends on how the parent handles it. Did she actually get the game for him? Maybe she stood her ground and said no? Kids will push your limits and test to see what they can get away with.

When I worked retail, a kid wanted some Pokemon magazine. The mother said no because he was being a little shit (my words, not hers) and he continued to be a little shit by holding onto the end of the ca... #5
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I think you give your parents more credit than they deserve when it comes to what you like and dislike in a video game. Particularly if you base that on what kind of movies you watched as a little kid, thus resolving you of any responsibility for your own opinions or actions whatsoever. Your argument is like saying "Don't blame me if I don't like black people in my video games, my parents were racist and I never grew out of the phase of listening to everything they said."... #8.2
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I discredit insiders that post fake news deliberately. Thuway's trying to skirt around the fact that he made it up. You can feel bad for him for getting caught and made a mockery of, but don't feel bad for people who deliberately make shit up to get hits on their site or RTs. They're everything that is wrong with news mediums today. #3
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"As long as the media keeps making it out like it's a problem, it's going to seem like a problem." That's because it is a problem.

Kind of sad - some of the points you make are pretty good, then others are just ridiculously stupid. Doesn't matter if you're a female, if you don't experience this kind of thing, it is invisible to you. The article discusses previous incidents of sexism and misogyny at E3, directed towards journalists. E3 ca... #1.2
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TL:DR - Second-last paragraph explains that the person doesn't want to pay for a Wii-U because it's more than they think it should be. They want Super Mario 3D Land, but are upset that there is no bundle and that new things cost money. #5
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Satire site fails at being funny. #2
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It's the Sun. It has all of the journalistic integrity of a potato.

The article attracted attention - probably sold some papers. Mission accomplished. #11
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