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You have a fundamentally flawed understanding of what a review is.

It is not an objective analysis of a game. How well something works, aside from functional/not functional requires that reviewer's personal opinion.

You can cry "opinions not allowed!" and "bias!" all you like, but that's the way the world of reviewing games/movies/music/power tools/bicycles/whatever works.

Why don't you show us an example... #6.2
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A few years ago, gamers were just struggling for a kind of legitimacy among people who didn't game. We were angry because gaming was still seen as something that you did as a kid, not adults, not women or men, but manchildren and gurl gamers. You can't say that we really have that legitimacy now, especially with GG fallout, but you can't say that gaming is an activity perceived as being exclusively by basement dwelling dweebs.

If the gaming community ever wants... #14
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Typos? It's one thing to point out legitimately bad writing, it's quite another to be pedantic. In the world of online writing, typos are like a 2/10, depending on how many and how egregious they are.

Personally, I'm not a fan of walls of text without anything to break it up. #2.1.2
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lmfao - so apparently he's part of an agenda because he promoted an article he wrote, on a free website, and then clarified his opinion in a post? So people who write stories shouldn't promote or comment on them after they're published? That's...reaching. #1.3.1
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Definitely agree with you, but games journalism is one of those things that anyone can pick up and do. You get yourself a free WordPress site, troll through the news stories, post enough articles and properly vet your sources, write a few game reviews and opionion pieces and guess what? You've done more than 98% of the fly-by-nights that clog the Internet. #4.1
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Oh jesus... #9
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lol - sure, make that assumption. #11.1.1
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Sometimes bomb threats aren't publicized because police and organizers don't want copycats. Even if the threat wouldn't have been carried out, just the idea that 'someone' out there is bold enough to make the threat, might lead others to actually go through with the act. Copycats are a serious issue in public event security. #11
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Because these things need to be investigated. The Kotaku article claimed that they learned about it last week. #2.4
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There was a bomb threat emailed to 25 different organizers of the Game Developers Awards in March. Bomb threats are taken very seriously. It doesn't matter if you were joking, or if it's on the Internet, or if you were angry because you had a differing opinion with someone. Don't fuck around with bomb threats.

Consider this:
--not all religious people hate gay people
--not all atheists are assholes
--not all guys are d-bags
--not... #22
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She's not from Canada. #9.2
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I think I would label this as 'one in every 10 people owns a pc powerful enough to game on.' Which doesn't really say much, considering that there are some insanely popular games whose specs don't require a lot of horsepower. Talking about more than just browser games, too. #3
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There's actual porn on the internet, you know. And it's freely available to you if you so desire. Like actual women. And actual men. Basically what I'm saying is that when there's porn on the internet...

I lost my train of thought.

Bye. #2.3
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No Resident Evil game has been exclusively zombies. Even the original titles had other monsters in them. #7.1
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K....thanks for starting that out with a personal attack (dumbass is still a personal attack on her, even if pretty tame). Doesn't matter if you're angry, your anger and the way you choose to respond to these things taint your response as aggressive.

You seem to think that there is no problem here despite the fact that evidence has been presented to suggest that there is an issue. As I said in my comment, it's easy to overlook a problem if it doesn't affect... #20.1.1
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This might be the end of my commenting career here, but here goes....

What bothers me is the hate and vitriol that all sides seem to throw at each other, but particularly at her, which only goes to further the point you're trying to deny exists. If you want to respond to criticism, do it maturely. Names like "whore," "attention whore," "slut," and worse have been directed her way. That doesn't responsibly discuss the issue, it puts the... #20
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The young girls that played the original Nintendo and Super Nintendo and Genesis and PSX have grown up, you know. They didn't just disappear once they reached 22.

See, the stats come in that say that women play games, and people refuse to believe it. Why? Is it because women couldn't possibly play the same games as you? #7.1
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Wow, what a shitty article. And yeah, I read through the whole thing. #18
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neither was Heather... #8.2
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REmake is a remake of the original Resident Evil. Try again. #5.1
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