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Ah, popularity is not the same as credibility. #3.2
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Exactly. If you're going to boycott Capcom, do it for their awful habit (read: business plan) of day 1 on the disc DLC and releasing the same damned game over and over and over again. #25.1
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@ Lucretia - I take it you've never had a job where you were treated poorly by your boss. If you ever were, I'm sure you just let it happen.

C'mon... #1.1.3
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To the point where she didn't alert authorities until her card was declined as she was filling up on gas! #3.1
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@ KwietStorm

It's ok. I know. You don't have to be defensive over someone else's silly decision in a video game.

HR was supposed to be gritty and emotionally trying, and that was by far the silliest aspect of the whole game, including the "press X to Jason!" #1.4.2
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That's not entirely true. While security does have the same powers of arrest as a civilian, a guard can legally make an arrest, just as a citizen can.

I'm sure the the US, it's called something different, but the same principle applies. IF someone asked this person, who is on their property (or rented property) to leave and that person doesn't leave, they can technically make a citizen's arrest. A security officer hired by the owner of said property act... #14.2.2
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Sometimes sex in video games just...let's call it 'definitely not hot.'

Spoilers for Heavy Rain

"My son is going to die. Also, I'm pretty sure you thought I was the killer like five minutes ago and were going to sell my story to a newspaper. But y'know what? You said you're sorry and even though I have no reason to believe you, I will. Also my son is dying. Let's have awkward sex on the floor.&quo... #1.4
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The fact that the first thing you offered 'watch your parents having sex' above anything else if people wanted to see sex was is a little disturbing.

Porn, anyone? #5.1
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If the guard was hired specifically for the party, then the guard wasn't doing his job by ignoring it. It's the guard's job to keep things orderly on Notch's behalf. Notch is paying him. So if there's a complaint, it's the guard's job to resolve it. Someone acting unruly? That's what he was hired for.

As a security officer that works events regularly, it makes me cringe when I hear these kinds of stories. The stereotypical security guard... #14.2
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@ killerhog

Even if she was drunk, that's still no excuse for that kind of behaviour. #6.3
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If you're comparing your personal experiences to what happened to this girl, you're deluding yourself if you think she liked it. She didn't like it at all. Particularly if you forced her to do it, like this guy allegedly did. #1.4.3
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This is a strange article.

It's safe to assume that gamers who just happen to be female are still female (gamer woman, gamer girl, whatever you like to call yourself). As such, some women are just not very nice to other women.

Digital catfight. #6
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I'm hoping that this will coincide with the release date of the last episode, seeing as how we just got the third episode and it generally takes two months for each one, maybe they'll speed things along for the next two?

But seeing how TT is with these episodes, it will probably be later rather than sooner. #6.1.1
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Garbage journalism is hardly unique to the gaming industry. Until *that* changes, I wouldn't expect gaming journalism to change. #6
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Homophobic much? #7.2
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@ Dragon Knight

"race, gender, creed, sexual orientation are irrelevant."

You can't tell me that you honestly believe that when people game, they enter a utopia where personal bias and deep-seated hatred suddenly disappear. Get real, man.

Gaming is as much a community as it is an activity. Have you ever picked up a controller and joined the online multiplayer community as a gay person? You'd better not tell anyone, you... #9.2
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If you really, truly believe that these conventions are about the games and not about sexuality, remind yourself of all the fluff on N4G and other sites about the sexism happening at E3. About the scantily clad women at booths and the like? Who do those women cater to? I wonder...

Incidentally, guys, straight people ARE welcome, it isn't an exclusive event. The fact that this will cater to gay people is completely different than turning away straights at the door, whi... #6.5
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There's a really excellent article about why this is important.

"Oh, and when you ask where your straight convention is, when you throw your entitled hammer around and demand that straights be catered to by the videogame industry ... well ... you know how infantile that sounds, right? You sound exactly like the... #6
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I think the problem is that Resident Evil 6 is trying to be too many things in an effort to appeal to a broader audience. RE5 showed them that people like action games and action games sell more than survival horror games. Survival horror is a niche market. Capcom likes dollar signs more than happy fans.

Capcom knows they're trying to shove something down their fans' throats that they don't want. That's why they packed so much into this game. Four confirm... #14
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There's not much you can do about a closed mind. You'll wear yourself out trying. #8
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