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The bundle comes with a year of PS+. It can download other games, but you buy the bundle and get a year of PS+ included, which advertises those games as being available for free.

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Oops, looks like someone didn't read the article and automatically assumed that these women were just complaining because they couldn't get a job in the industry.

Go back and give it a read, it's alright. Too bad it's too late to change the asinine comment you made about it.

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A lot of this article feels pretty far fetched. There were plenty of things that the older Hitman games did to lessen the impact of the fact that your sole purpose is to kill people (i.e.: pretty much everybody was a bad guy) but making them purposely like robots wasn't one of them.

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*gamercard is a picture of a penis ejaculating*

Wouldn't put too much stock in any of that.

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Probably a blood clot in his legs broke off and gave him a stroke or heart attack.

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Maybe they don't know the difference? Like how the iPad is synonymous with 'tablet computer.'

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Since our Thanksgiving falls on a Sunday/Monday, Black Friday wouldn't exactly make sense, would it? Plus, we still have Halloween after Thanksgiving. I don't think that Black Friday has anything to do with Thanksgiving, it's just a tool to get people out shopping. I wouldn't call Black Friday a culture point, either.

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There's very few Black Friday sales in Canada. Give us just this one please?

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Because someone was quick to do some bashing without any actual research.

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Because Heaven forbid that people have differing opinions.

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Right under the image there it says 'opinion piece.'

I'm sorry I was the first person to tell you this. I really am. I would have thought that you didn't need to be told that there is a boat load of opinion pieces on N4G.


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This kind of thing happens on Twitter all the time. Someone writes a really awesome joke and a zillion parody accounts eat it up and regurgitate.

What's odd is when people respond to the parody accounts, expecting a response back. Particularly when it's obvious that the account is just a bot account.

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So...the "from a girl gamer" wasn't part of the original title.

I was beginning to wonder if the author titled all of her articles "from a girl gamer," because I really can't see how your opinion on OoT would change depending on your gender. It's a good thing the poster helpfully pointed that out. Because it really matters!

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Maybe they'll reboot the franchise? That could go either way though, making it awesome, or terrible.

*rocks silently back and forth in the corner*

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All of that.

From a game you haven't played yet.

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I did a little bit of research. SuicideGirls (IDK why they call themselves that) is just a site where women with tattoos and piercings can display their tasteful* nude pics, and other people can look at them.

Some of them happen to be gaming enthusiasts. Thus, it's only natural for the Enquirer--um, I mean The Examiner to feature them on a gaming website. So this isn't so much about a girl gamer as it is about a woman who has nude pictures and just so happens to ga...

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Wrong, Ult iMate, and everyone who doesn't understand the meaning of a review.

In the most basic of terms, a review is an elaborate opinion of a game. You cannot write a review without offering your opinion. A review without an opinion is a description of a game.

I don't understand how people don't grasp this.

There is a difference, however, between being an unfair douche and offering a legitimate, fair opinion on a game. Y...

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LOL I believe I've said this before. Sometimes, you really can't win either way. Say something overly nice about a game and you're a sell-out. Say something demeaning to the title and you're obviously a no-talent hack.

People want to believe that the reviewers who disagree with them have been bought out. That all games journos are corrupt, whether they get paid to write or do it because they're are just enthusiasts.

Hmm. Got a lot o...

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When you feel so depressed, so utterly and hopelessly lost that you feel the only way out is to end your suffering, it's really hard to find 'anything' to live for. Suicide hotlines, the 'numerous friends and family members' don't drown out the voices and feelings inside your own head and what works for some doesn't work for everyone. That's why some of us understand and others simply do not. Thankfully you've never been in that dark place, and I hope yo...

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