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There's not much you can do about a closed mind. You'll wear yourself out trying. #8
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Links or it didn't happen. Even then, that's dubious. #6.2
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Escape Plan is a fun little game. Very addicting, too. #5
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I dislike how Capcom isn't releasing a collector's edition of RE6 in North America. RE fans more than likely have all of the games available in the Anthology/Archives bundle.

Capcom is going all-out for other regions, but North America gets a giant middle finger.

That's not awesome. #1.1
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There's a difference between throwing in achievements, and then throwing in achievements that you actually have to work for.

Not a fan of unoriginal achievements/trophies that you get for completing a level, or watching the credits. They lose their appeal when you don't have to actually work for them. #5
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By your logic, you're a sweaty, socially awkward dork, just like the rest of the gaming community. #1.8.1
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As far as Resident Evil games go, none of the games from 4 on are your traditional Resident Evil games. The point being? The series has evolved. That doesn't mean people shouldn't be excited about the next one. #1
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How could you get disagrees for asking a question? Bunch of haters here.

It also appears that this is not available in Canada. Checking out the BB Canada site, I don't see anything relating to it. Sadness. #1.2
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Bring Twin Snakes to PS3/360 #1.2.2
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You can't really review a game by today's standards. You always have to take into consideration the fact that it's an old game, that the technology that powers our games has changed dramatically. So to put it bluntly, you could have said that Max Payne has not stood the test of time.

Incidentally, if you wanted to be descriptive, describe the title and its characteristics in the first two paragraphs. If people have to read halfway through the review just to get... #3
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Good online journalism is a careful balance of attracting people to your site while trying to maintain your own credibility to keep them coming back. It's hard to consistently write quality pieces, particularly for small sites. A lot of these are people who aren't professionally trained and are often times doing it out of the love of gaming.

The sites that offer the sensationalist headlines with little content deserve to crash and burn as a hard lesson on how it'... #1.1
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I think the issue here is that game devs don't want to talk because of the competitive nature of the industry. It's called protecting your investment. The investment you spent hundreds if not thousands of manhours on. It's called building up hype for your product so that it'll sell come release date. #4
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Dead Space 1 and 2 breathed fresh life into a dying genre. It's got the teeth that Resident Evil 5 didn't have. Additionally, there are other settings, other than snowy landscapes. And it's been said time and time again that the CO-OP CAN BE TURNED OFF.

That's right. You don't have to play with an AI character either. Research, people. It'll save you a lot of egg on your face. #3
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Thanks for the giant middle finger, Capcom...

"We're offering you what you probably already have. Deal with it."

They should at least give us free DLC. #4
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I actually read "Final words revealed for New Super Mario Bros 2."

I was more disappointed than I should have been. #4
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Not a single mention to Mario for any jumping events? C'mon, the man was world renowned in Super Mario RPG for his jumping skills alone.

Snake for CQC - I mean wrestling.

Chris Redfield would be great for shot put, but I don't think that gigantic boulder was legal. #3
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I love survival horror, and I love Silent Hill, but in my experience, old school Silent Hill fanboys have to be some of the worst. I'm not talking about your general fan who appreciates the old games while still admiring the efforts of newer games. I'm talking the ones who praise the first three like they're the best damned things ever.

To them, nothing will ever even come close to matching the awesomeness that Team Silent created. Anyone who tries will fail. Yo... #15
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I still joke about Pokemon and make Pokemon references and I'm an adult. But I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm a huge fan. But I do get your point. It's almost kind of like MLP. #5.3
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I liked FF8, to an extent. But I didn't like Squall.

I liked him initially, but it didn't take long for him to grow on me as one gigantic douche. He has this great support from friends who like him despite the fact that he's a douche and this gorgeous girl is crushing on him to boot. And he's a massive prick. His animations didn't help with that, either.

Totally understand that he's got a troubled past and is insecure and battles w... #3.9
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This isn't all that rare. People who regularly steal from stores (which she probably did) will often be aided by their children or have children present. They already steal, we shouldn't be surprised that they're not Parent of the Year candidates.

A particular shoplifter at a place I worked at used his two young girls as lookouts. It was heartbreaking, because they were just little girls. They were young enough that they probably didn't know any better, th... #5
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