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Have you read most reviews? You can't say that most reviewers have no real integrity without reading most reviews on the net and knowing what the reviewer is actually thinking, what their motivations behind their review actually are. Furthermore, you're assuming that all gaming journos operate this way, which is false.

Just because you disagree with what someone's opinion of a game is doesn't make theirs any less legitimate than yours. Nor does it mean that... #3.1.1
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"People mock gaming journalists; they call us corrupt; they call us unethical; they see the ads everywhere and call us sell-outs, and that view cannot be changed anytime soon particularly when things like these happen. People tend to scrutinize everything a lot closely when such controversies erupt and the side effects of that are irreversible."

When people disagree with you, they'll call you every name in the book. Give a game a bad review? You're a hack,... #3
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I'm thinking that the moment Florence went too far was when he named Wainright. That kind of thing affects her working relationship with a lot of different companies. If you're going to call out obvious bias in the industry, that's one thing, but it's quite another when you go off naming names. It puts every published piece this person has ever done under a microscope, and now everything she's ever published will be called into question.

It's not as... #6
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I don't think many people realized that the game wasn't finished by the time the first episode released. They were still working on the following chapters. So given the fact that they're still relatively on schedule with their 'every two months' release plan, I call that pretty damned impressive. #1
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The author here seems a little bit offended that they weren't awarded some grand prize, other than a YLoD'd PS3. Give credit where it's due, man - you lent Stanford U your processing power, not your brain or years of education and research, or even grant money to fund the research.

I used folding@home as a passive-aggressive means to stick it to my landlord for sticking me with owing an extra month's rent at the end of my lease. Long story, but doing a littl... #2
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Just because someone doesn't visibly react negatively to that doesn't mean that they consented for it to happen. #1.10.1
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Look at all the legal scholars here! What are you people doing online?! Get back to your law offices!

There are a lot of things here that aren't being considered. Such as the fact that these girls had a camera shoved in their faces, which could act as a bit of coercion, which affects consent that everyone is so eager to point out.

The motorboating issue - he asked her, she agreed to do it. The fact that he asked in the first many other pe... #1.11
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Companies make up the loss with accessories, warranties and licensing. So Sony might have sold the Playstation 3 at a loss, but made up for the loss with accessories and games. #2.4.2
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@ knowyourstuff

Wanting things to be less expensive is not a concept unique to gamers (or young people at all.

Your comparison to the iPhone is flawed, as well. An adult, working a full-time (or even part-time) job, has a larger amount of disposable income than a young person working a paper-route or no job at all. The percentage of their disposable income compared to how much they bring in total might be smaller, but they still have more money to spend. <... #1.1.3
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Old-school Helena has some seriously pointy boobs. #9
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Just because another sector of the market is eating into portable gaming doesn't mean that Sony or Nintendo should abandon it.

I can't think of any modern cell phone that doesn't have a camera, but there are still point-and-shoots on the market. Or a better example would be that DSLRs still exist and sell well. There will always be a market for dedicated handhelds. Both Sony and Nintendo's issue is that they haven't pushed the consumer into wanting one... #6
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How do you know that it's not going to be scary? Are...are you from the future?

I mean you can turn off the co-op, and there's obviously more to the game than what we've been shown. #8.1.1
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That's true, however not everyone does. It should be one of those required things. #11.1.1
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I would rather they get an education. Turn them into productive members of society.

You might wonder why I would afford them something that many people sadly don't have access to. I'm from Canada, a place where prison sentences are notoriously short (if existent at all). I believe that offenders will continue to offend if they have nothing to rely on once they're released from prison. If they have no education, if they have no job prospects or experience, if t... #11
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As a hobby-journalist (read: I don't get paid), I try my best to avoid rumours and speculation. However when I do post them, I post them as such.

If it's a rumour, then state it as a rumour. If it's a speculation piece, then state it's a speculation piece. When you try to pass this stuff off as actual news, you not only discredit your name, but the site you write for too. #10
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The Telltale Heart was one of the freakiest side missions, right next to the side quest with the record player. #20.1
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As awesome as it would be for Team Silent to make a triumphant return, people need to realize that it's just not going to happen. They've moved on with their lives, are focusing on different projects, and they don't want to come back, or they would have done it already.

Besides, even if they did come back and make a game, that's not an automatic guarantee that it will be any good. Some people hold Silent Hill games to an almost unattainable standard. And I... #1.1.3
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No. You're not the first person to see the giraffe. #1.1
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Video games need to understand 'people' both men and women. They need to understand human interaction a little better. #1.1.2
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Coke font for the logo. I guess that makes me hardcore at brand recognition. #20
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