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Whoa, check out this badass.

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Let me get this straight.

If I give my kid a refurb model instead of a new one, I'm somehow a bad parent?

Christmas is an expensive time - not everyone can buy things the week before, even if they are at a discount.

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I want to be hopeful for this, I really do. But everything that I've seen so far is not helping. I know it's still relatively early on in development, just looks bad.

*crosses fingers* here's hoping that I'm wrong.

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One of us. One of us. One of us!

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Look at all of these badasses...

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@iamnsuperman - it doesn't matter how tough the gun laws are. There will always be a constant and steady supply of illegal guns to purchase when legally purchasing guns becomes too difficult. It's easier for many, many people to buy a gun off the street than it is to buy one legally. If that illegal gun supply were cut off completely, then the stricter gun laws would make sense, were the second-amendment champions willing to let you take one punctuation mark away from their right t...

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The problem wasn't necessarily that the shooter was alone in his mother's basement, it's that he had a serious personality disorder.

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Still pretty disgusting that he starved his hamster :(

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I think that one of the textbook symptoms of depression or PTSD is that things that once brought you joy no longer do so. He might say that he doesn't like violent games anymore and has a really great reason why, with a whole article, but to me, it just reads classic PTSD and depression.

The author has a kid, and I get that's something that hits a little close to home for him and it's perfectly natural to want to keep your family safe from harm. But he's goi...

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Very inspirational story. It reminds us that life is too short to spend it being unhappy. Even if you're not lucky enough to land yourself a job doing what you love, spend time doing what you love anyway.

Great read, Sebastian!

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If people think that game trade in values are bad, buy a new car, drive it around for a few weeks, get a real good couple of drives in, then take it and trade it in for a new one.

GS is a business just like any other. Just because they happen to deal with games doesn't make them a champion for the little guy.

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Actually, there are a few people panicking. Genres are changing, old games we used to love are turning into something they never were in an effort to achieve 'broader appeal.'

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It doesn't matter what you do, you simply cannot please everyone. Gamers are a unique bunch in that there are so many different games that cater to them and that have catered to them for so long. If something comes up that they don't like, the vocal minority make us all seem bad.

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The Walking Dead really isn't a game for everyone. You have to have an open mind going into it and understand that it's a game that has zombies in it, but it's not a zombie game. If you go into it thinking that you're going to run and gun your way through every decision, you're simply not going to have a good time.

If anything, TWD winning GOTY gives me a renewed hope in gamers. It means that they're looking for a little more than the same old same ...

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You guys are leaving out a lot of games from 2012, big games. You also happen to be overlooking the fact that The Walking Dead: The Game is know, a good game.

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That's kind of the point...

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Not anymore...

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If your kids like games then fine, but there are kids out there, just as like when we were younger that simply do not like video games.

That's like saying that you like pancakes, so you want to make sure your kid would get just as much joy out of pancakes too. Let your kid get joy out of what makes them happy, if it's playing video games, playing music or out running around in the yard.

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But what if your kid doesn't want that? What if they don't like video games at all?

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For people who are claiming that a 16GB card should be standard...dream on. Sony charges a lot for proprietary memory, they always have. A 16GB card is $60, no way are they going to slash $60 off of the price of every console, particularly when you consider a lot of consoles come with game vouchers.

Sony is a business just like any other. Would it be great if the memory card prices were reduced? Absolutely, but a 4GB card is nothing to scoff at. An 8 is decent, seeing as ...

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