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Violence in video games is just like violence in movies and violent-imagery in music. It is a symptom of our culture's overall love affair with violence.

Correlation, not causation. #25
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No. No. Just stop with the Sandy Hook hoax bullshit. Nothing, and I mean 'nothing' is more offensive than having someone tell you that your child didn't die, that not was all a hoax and that you were somehow in on it.

Those kids died, and nothing has been proven a hoax. The YouTube videos are full of shit, trying to stir up controversy where there is none.They say that because not all tthe facts were reported, because the public didn't get a chance to actually... #1.1.2
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Sometimes the people who are most offended by homosexuality are the ones who need to do some serious soul searching. Oops, I said something that agrees with giving an oppressed group of people the right to get married. Gay rights help everyone move forward.

If you must live in denial, crawl back into your cave where civilized society can't hear your caveman grunts. #4.2
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Or both consoles could be 500 dollars. Or they could be making the same console! Or this could just be another click bait article. #7
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I'm a gamer. I have all the systems that I wanted and the games that I wanted, and I never had to steal any of them. Here's a rule of thumb that will help any of you financially. It will help teach you morals and financial responsibility. If you can't afford it, then you can't have it.

If I want a candybar that's $2.00 and I don't have any money, I don't put the candybar in my pocket. If I want a car that's $30,000 but I can't afford t... #4.2
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Yellow journalism has been around for quite a long time. It is not exclusive to video games, either. It sucks either way. #1.2.1
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A. K. A. Cheat your war to a hollow victory. #3
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This article is so terrible it hurts. Shit writing, awful attempts at humor and no fact checking. Goldeneye on the Super Nintendo? Really?

The only redeemable thing about this site is the cool sounding name. #8
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You could make the games $20 and some people still wouldn't buy them. #1.8.1
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I had so many bottles in Ocarina of Time... #4
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Wow. Well, if you can't be true to yourself... #2
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@ vickers500

People who buy used, who contribute something to the economy, are no better than free-loading pirates? Give your head a shake, man!

Those people who buy used might turn around and buy DLC, or an online pass. Maybe they just can't afford to buy brand new? Who are you to be critical of their purchase? They bought it legally, from a store, or they bought it from someone else online. #1.1.8
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Are you kidding me? Those are some of the most popular games on the system and therefore have the biggest advertising budgets.

I would think that the people you talk to about games still think that every system is a Nintendo, and every game is Mario. #1.1.2
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Whoa, check out this badass. #3.2
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Let me get this straight.

If I give my kid a refurb model instead of a new one, I'm somehow a bad parent?

Christmas is an expensive time - not everyone can buy things the week before, even if they are at a discount. #2.1.3
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I want to be hopeful for this, I really do. But everything that I've seen so far is not helping. I know it's still relatively early on in development, just looks bad.

*crosses fingers* here's hoping that I'm wrong. #3
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One of us. One of us. One of us! #2.1.1
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Look at all of these badasses... #1.3
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@iamnsuperman - it doesn't matter how tough the gun laws are. There will always be a constant and steady supply of illegal guns to purchase when legally purchasing guns becomes too difficult. It's easier for many, many people to buy a gun off the street than it is to buy one legally. If that illegal gun supply were cut off completely, then the stricter gun laws would make sense, were the second-amendment champions willing to let you take one punctuation mark away from their right t... #6.1.2
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The problem wasn't necessarily that the shooter was alone in his mother's basement, it's that he had a serious personality disorder. #4.2
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