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Daryl and Merle are hicks, your stereotypical hillbilly. They're well-suited to apocalyptic life.

I find Daryl in the second season to be crude for the sake of being crude and nothing else.

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Because Apple sucks. Obviously.

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A review is a subjective piece. There is no objective 9/10 or 10/10. Every single review of a video game ever written is subjective. Even the back of the box writing is slanted.

There is a difference between being offering an opinion and being horribly slanted and letting that bias affect your entire review.

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I'm glad you've used up all of your bubbles, deno. You can stick your fingers in your ears and try to drown out the fact that people are gay and other people 'do' accept them and their lifestyle choice.

It's okay - they can live their lives the way they want. Accepting that won't make you suddenly want to start doing dudes.

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Although your writing skills are terrible, you do make some good points.

I think if anything, this trophy name makes me want to play the game even more.

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Not a regular woman. A monster woman. Come on, how many one-liners have you heard in action movies where people get their heads blown off?

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Question - who has actually been outraged by this? This is the first time I've heard about it and it seems pretty weak.

It's God of War - the same God of War that tasked players with beating your father's skull in and even allowed you to do it so long as you pleased. The same God of War that lets players rip off Medusa heads and jam swords into the eye-sockets of Minotaurs. The same God of War that went through a slow animation of Helios' head being ripped ...

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@ Yi-Long - you act like Christianity and Catholicism are the only ones who peddle religion. Last time I checked, there are a bunch of them, and religion, belief in a higher being, has been around for a lot longer than 1800 years.

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I found that in AC3 the de-sync after assassinations and huge events was too quick. It lessened immersion and made the events feel cheap. Lost major points from me there.

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I read it, just to see what it was. It was terrible.

Get a second job, you would have made more money and got to keep your collection. However, some things, in some situations are worth selling. This doesn't seem like the time or the place.

Also... Has this guy not lived with his fiance yet? Living with someone before marriage tells you exactly how much time you will ha en to yourself, how that person really acts and what they are really like. It helps ...

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There is already a sleep timer for the controller on the PS3. Also, some of the things you're suggesting are impossible. Square Enix makes both Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. I doubt they would just ditch Microsoft in favour of a Sony-exclusive games. Maybe for Kingdom Hearts, but definitely not for Final Fantasy.

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She can write it and people can post it and other people can read it, but just because she wrote it, just because she said it, doesn't mean that everyone has to like it or keep quiet if they don't like it.

The second amendment protects your freedom of speech against the government, not private agencies or other citizens.

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I felt like, aside from the glitches, AC3 was a pretty good game, but fell right on its face in the last few sequences.

What the hell happened?

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You could play the entire game as Desmond. Would that be better?

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Yeahhh, but that's like saying all your hard work in God of War 1, 2, 3, Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta was for nothing, too...

How did you expect it to end? What would you have changed?

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Confirmed, PS3 will look like a shoebox.

I'd still buy it.

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I think they gave Resident Evil 6 a 4/10,but they gave Silent Hill HD collection a 9/10. The HD collection was considerably broken. Those games, in and of themselves are pretty good, but the collection itself was not. Konami even acknowledged this.

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Right. Because Telltale Games has deep pockets. Deep enough to pay off loads of reviewers and advertisers and the VGAs, which are a joke to begin with.

The Walking Dead is a good game not because it does everything every other game does better than every other game, but because of the things it does different than every other game it does extremely well. The focus is on story and not on action, but there's still interactivity. This is what Telltale does best. The gore in...

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It is possible to use 'its' when starting a review/article, provided that you use the name of the subject matter. For example, "Since its introduction, Dead Space..." I agree that "since the first game" in that very sentence is redundant.

You wrote Dead Spaces' instead of "Dead Space's." You also use apostrophes where you intended to use quotation marks (I think). 'Centre' is a regional spelling of "center." ...

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LOL, no you didn't explicitly state that. But why do you think the reivewer gave it a 9/10? Do they just get really excited about games? Or that they were paid off?

Either way, a hack.

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