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He's still an actor, still works, writes, etc.

It's cool though, I'm sure he's got lots of haters.

Anonymity encourages dickotry. #5.4
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There's one piece of work on Amazon by that author. That doesn't exactly qualify as "regular." This piece is a very, very thinly veiled rape fantasy.

The name is probably an alias anyway. #1.1.1
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The fact that there aren't that many gay characters in video games would seem to indicate that people do care. #5.1
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She's an actress getting paid to peddle a product. I wouldn't be terribly upset if the answer to that question was a resounding 'no.' And why would you be? That's like asking if the guy selling you Doritos actually eats them and then getting offended when he says he doesn't particularly like them. She wasn't picked because she knows a lot about the game... #16
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No do-overs, you reap what you sow. If this game gets a re-review, it pretty much tells devs and publishers "sure, release your broken game, we're okay with that and will recommend it to our friends, so long as you fix the bugs after."

It's a real shame that it was released in the state it was, because a lot of people put a lot of hard work into it. #27
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No, still sound like sour grapes, because your comment doesn't even make sense. You know we're screwing over kids in China, so hey, let's sell a console for super cheap! But it doesn't matter cuz I've got waaaaay more money than I know what to do with!

I'm not defending Black Friday and I've never participated in it because I know it's crap. You sound bitter cause the stuff is still moderately expensive. All the posturing in th... #2.2
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"you're a stupid bitch and I'm going to cut you."

Yup, total criticism there. #1.4.1
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Victim-blaming. Classy. #1.3.1
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It's a game that promotes the hatred of others. Sure, it's a person's right to think and believe whatever they want, but nobody has the 'right' to make money off of that kind of intolerant bullshit.

And no, I didn't copy and paste it. I just answered your question. #7.3
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For something trying to be homophobic, they certainly went with a game that was decidedly...well, it speaks for itself. #8
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The Play store can remove content as it sees fit. There's no 'right' to buy anything that isn't essential from an online store. #7.1
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I get it - Black Friday is everything to hate about mass consumerism bundled up in one day, but it sounds like you're just sour grapes over the fact that stuff is still expensive. #2.1
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I think that the announcement that was originally made was that Revelations will try to pander to the crowd that is perpetually unsatisfied, while the numbered entries will try to evolve.

Kind of a leap to assume that RE will deliberately try not to be a horror game. Might want to do some stretching before you try that... #31
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Yeah, old news is old. #8.2
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Like it or not, there are people who rely on reviews to help them decide whether or not to pick up a game. And there are also people who want to get the game first, either via a midnight launch or a going to the store first thing in the morning to buy it, or pre-loading it through Steam.

A review embargo prevents any sort of criticism from someone who's actually played the finished game, because before that review everything that you've heard about the game has bee... #4.2
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The article is talking about embargoes that lift on the release day, not embargoes entirely.

"getting invited to fancy hotel to play a game."

Hahahahahaha! About 90% of the time they're given a review copy of the game. #3.1.1
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But they still included that it's a satire article in the summary. One wouldn't have even needed to click on the site to know that it was satire.

If they were truly reprehensible, they wouldn't have included that at all. #3.2.1
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There's always something to be said for taste. The game will be extremely restricted, and probably banned in countries if it pushes for an international release. And good luck getting it out to your audience, because major storefronts won't sell games that are rated for adults only.

People don't feel comfortable with wanton violence, and that's okay. They have every right to hate it as you do to enjoy it.

One of the developer's response... #19
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You have a fundamentally flawed understanding of what a review is.

It is not an objective analysis of a game. How well something works, aside from functional/not functional requires that reviewer's personal opinion.

You can cry "opinions not allowed!" and "bias!" all you like, but that's the way the world of reviewing games/movies/music/power tools/bicycles/whatever works.

Why don't you show us an example... #6.2
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A few years ago, gamers were just struggling for a kind of legitimacy among people who didn't game. We were angry because gaming was still seen as something that you did as a kid, not adults, not women or men, but manchildren and gurl gamers. You can't say that we really have that legitimacy now, especially with GG fallout, but you can't say that gaming is an activity perceived as being exclusively by basement dwelling dweebs.

If the gaming community ever wants... #14
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